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           Emily Asad
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  Emily Asad

  Copyright 2003, 2011 by Emily Asad

  All Rights Reserved

  3rd Edition

  * * * * *

  Dedicated to my amazing husband, who provided the soil for his Rose to bloom

  * * * *


  Over the years, many people have read my drafts and offered support and advice. I'd like to thank the following students for believing in me enough to help make this story reach its potential:

  Gaither High School: Camille Maia, Gigi Graniela, Sophia Ruple, Jayson Palacio, Jenna Puertos, Justin Jordan, Yeniby Fernandez and Alexa Marrero

  Sunlake High School: Katie Walters, Shelby Arnold and Alex Birtwell

  Peoria Academy: Sarah Antonacci, Emily Antonacci, Aubrianna Radee, Sofia Rhode, Ariel Montieth (a fellow ginger), Anna Puterbaugh (glitter child), Shruti Pattekar (silent artist), Lina Aldadah and her mother May Abhouhouli, and my colleague Kayla Anderson

  And to my friends: BJ Sisk, who helped me refine my juggling skills; Sarena Castorino, the most brilliant person I know; Melissa Grubbs, whose poetic sensibilities make me envious; and especially my fellow author-friend Janice Strand (who writes as Lynne Hansen) for getting me started and keeping me going.

  Finally, of course, to my own mother, a strong and generous woman, and an excellent grandmother to my beautiful girls. I love you, Mom.

  * * * * *

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  * * * * *

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1: Before We Start

  Chapter 2: Unpacking

  Chapter 3: The Steps

  Chapter 4: Introductions

  Chapter 5: My Heart on Paper

  Chapter 6: The List

  Chapter 7: The Shenton Zoo

  Chapter 8: Not So Alone

  Chapter 9: Tryouts and Blow-ups

  Chapter 10: Gallant Rose

  Chapter 11: The Fall Play

  Chapter 12: The Concert

  Chapter 13: Confrontations

  Chapter 14: Darcy

  Chapter 15: Friends Forever

  Chapter 16: Inward, Not Onward

  Chapter 17: Confidence Builders

  Chapter 18: A Valentine Discovery

  Chapter 19: Spring

  Chapter 20: The Explosion

  Chapter 21: Moving On

  Statistics and Fragments

  Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.

  Chapter 1: Before We Start

  Okay, I confess. I’m not comfortable with you reading this. Especially knowing you’re going to judge me, and probably hate me like everyone else does. Or at least, like they used to. I know I went to the trouble of turning parts of my diary into a story for you, but now that you’re here, I’m getting cold feet!

  Why am I letting you read it, then? Put it this way: Last year really changed my life and I just have to share it with someone. And since I’m still not good at this whole friendship thing, that someone gets to be you. A perfect stranger. Call it therapy, if you like. At least I have enough guts to keep fighting.

  By the way, I’m calling myself Margerly now - not my real name, but you’ll figure out why later. It’s July, I turn seventeen next week, and Luke will be back in time for the new school year. He’s still my only friend – well, the only one still alive – but the guys in the juggler’s club have been nice. I’m hoping this “therapy” helps me find some new friends this year, you know?

  You won’t find vampires or schools of magic or superheroes with their special powers in my story. I’m just an ordinary teenager, the kind you’d probably never notice, the kind you pass in the hallway every single day. I can only offer you my shreds of dignity – my dairy goats, my Satanic stepsister, my moody mother, and my nerdy little List. All I ask is that you not hate me, yet, until you get to know me better. Even my enemies have learned to respect me. Besides, I gave myself a second chance – maybe you can, too.

  So here it is, my heart on paper, from one teen to another. I even included the statistics I’ve battled so you can see what everyone expected, plus some favorite poetry quotes that got me through the tough times.

  Enjoy. Or not. Whatever.


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