Biker Faith

      Ellie R. Hunter
Biker Faith

Jason 'Sparky' Carter is the new Vice President of the Lost Souls MC. All he wants is to enjoy life his own way with no dramas.

Just as his club is settling down and putting the betrayal by their former president behind them Bonnie Hamilton stumbles into the club and into his life.

The war she declared wasn't over with the Ghost Riders becomes a personal war of his own.

When he first saw Bonnie he wanted to have her, but all that dissolved when he discovered she was the enemy's daughter.
Now he has been given the task of watching over her, with the two of them being so close can he figure out if she is a threat to him and his brothers before he gets in too deep, or will his desire for her blindside him to their enemy?

Just as Sparky finds out what he wants in life so does Bonnie, but will Sparky be a part of her future?

And with the threat of the Ghost Riders hanging over them, who will survive?

Biker Bait was about betrayal, Biker Faith is about learning to trust and for some trust is not as easily earned as others.

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