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           Elizabeth D'Onofrio
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Charm of the Gloaming

  by Elizabeth D’Onofrio

  Little Pebble Press

  M. M. XI.

  Charm of the Gloaming

  Copyright © 1991 and 2011 by Elizabeth D’Onofrio

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of the author.

  ISBN 9781465791177

  The Khryterdon Saga

  The Saga chronicles two noble houses in the land Khryterdon, a medieval kingdom on the shores of the Oriome Sea. The royal House of Magneric has reigned over the kingdom for more than 150 years. The noble House of Meinrad rose from modest origins to rule the Duchy of Grenechey.

  The Saga begins with a love story: Book 1 Distant Eyes. At the edge of womanhood, Princess Sabrina Magneric meets newly knighted Sir Holbrook Meinrad. Love follows quickly but so does separation when the princess must sail across the sea to wed a foreign prince. Sabrina embarks on several journeys: the most important one takes her inside her heart to learn her life’s purpose. Yet, resentment has also been building against her father King Roderick for keeping Sir Holbrook away from her. To win back her affections Roderick gives her an unprecedented gift, but it is one that has perilous consequences for the next generation.

  The Saga continues with the adventure of young Lord Brant coming of age in Book 2 Sword Striker. From as early as he can remember assassins have been threatening his life. Only reluctantly has his royal cousin been keeping him alive. Lord Brant is wise to the circumstances and feels no gratitude about the conditions. Escape from a gilded prison, enabling him to shape his own destiny, is Brant’s plan. But in doing so he finds himself far afield from his intended destination. It is a time of rebellion where battles, both inward and outward, must be waged, where courage and self-control must be found. Friendship, prejudice, and forgiveness pull Brant in different directions and lead to choices that balance Khryterdon on the cusp of a new age: one of blessing or woe.

  The Saga concludes with political intrigue in Book 3 Star and Sun. Khryterdon has been a peaceful and prosperous kingdom for twenty-five years but new adversaries are on the horizon. Spies lurk unseen, conspirators pass under cloaks of respectability, and greed threads with arrogance to weave a shroud of turmoil that threatens to smother Khrytish liberty for decades to come. It is an age that calls for wisdom to navigate through the hazards of murder, madness, and political mayhem, where events and motives may or may not be as they appear. The attendees at the King’s Jubilee will discover that choices have consequences…and being innocent may not be enough to escape a death sentence. Star and Sun is serialized in four parts (Part I: At the Ball; Part II: Thrones in Turmoil; Part III: The Sun; Part IV: The Star).

  Charm of the Gloaming is the short tale of Gwynnan the Great, fabled hero beloved by the people of Khryterdon. The legend tells of his battles against a dragon and the foul sorceress Malsaire. Also chronicled is the downfall of Gwynnan’s friend and fellow warrior Wælhlem, as well as which of Princess Myrgena’s sons is able to break the curse blighting the land. References to this legend weave into the fabric of Khrytish culture in the way the Arthurian legend continues to weave through ours. Enter the age of heroes in this epic fantasy adventure, a must-have companion to the Khryterdon trilogy.

  Discover the land of Khryterdon in all its dimensions: Romance…Adventure…and Intrigue!

  Click here to view a map of Khryterdon.



  Charm of the Gloaming

  A legend in three parts:

  The Great Gwynnan

  The Spear

  The Halest Heart


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