The Church of the Wood: A Faerie Story

      E.J. Weber
The Church of the Wood:  A Faerie Story

An enchanting tale of romance and adventure. Father Jared is bored with Palace life until he receives a mysterious letter from a place that doesn't exist. The Church of the Wood needs a priest, but everyone knows that the magical woods have all been cut down. Only faerie stories remain, dark and foreboding. Surely even Father Jared isn't imprudent enough to wander off in search of one of those...Old Father Brion has been a priest at the Church of the Wood for what feels like forever when he comes across the faerie child. The faerie herself is a creature out of a frightening tale; one of the powerful race of beings that used to live in Calundra’s many woods. People say that the faeries were evil and hated humankind. Of course, they also say that all of the woods are gone. It just might be that this old priest knows something more than the superstitious Village folk who brave the dark Wood to come to his church. As his fate becomes entwined with the faerie and her Wood, not even the distant Palace will be able to escape the inevitable outcome.

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