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           Edwin Betancourt
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Samus' World: The Series (Season 1)

  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used

  in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the

  publisher/author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  The stories in this book are works of fiction. Any references to historical events, or

  real places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places and scandals are

  products of the author's imagination, and any resemblance to actual events,

  places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  Copyright ? 2017 by Edwin Betancourt

  Created in the United States of America

  First Printing, 2017

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  Behind Samus' World

  I came up with the idea of Samus' World five years ago and it went through various changes that probably would make anyone's head explode.

  Now originally it was supposed to be a web series that would have premiered on Youtube. Two years ago, I met an amazing Producer and together we were going to cast the roles and start shooting this bad boy; unfortunately everything fell through on the Producer's end and I was just left with a script and a broken dream.

  I stared blankly at that script for months trying to figure out a proper way to share this interesting story with the world and especially with the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Questioning community.

  I tried turning it into a book but no matter the narrative, the magic that was in the screenplay was completely lost. Not even Edgar Allan Poe could help me write the book adaptation. Then something hit me like lightning striking down an oak tree, I had the idea of just uploading the entire screenplay- as a book!

  Now I could have wrote it like a play but the final episode leaves the show open for another season aka another book. Instead, I set my mind to the final product you are currently reading.

  When I searched for something similar to this on Google I came up with no results and that ultimately made me nervous, but at the same time it showed me that Samus' World would be something unique and different; just like me ?.

  This story is not only entertaining but it is also very relatable to many young Gay men trying to navigate the shallow waters occupied by Gay Men.

  If you are interested in probably bringing my vision to life please feel free to email me at, after all this story is trademarked and we can talk business.

  Thank you again and I hope you enjoy your visit to Samus' World!

  Eternally Grateful,

  Edwin Betancourt

  SAMUS' WORLD CHARACTER LIST (in order of appearance)

  Samus Ortiz - (Mid- Late 20's). He is the protagonist. A writer for 'L&G Daily'. He is openly Gay. He's smart, sarcastic, cunning, headstrong and honest. He has a soft tenor speaking voice which he is very self-conscious about.

  Dylan Bregar- (Late 20's- Early 30's). He is a Freelance photographer who enjoys looking at the world through the lens of his camera. He is from New Jersey and that is evident by his accent. He is a mystery that not even Sherlock Holmes can solve.

  Belky Allen- (Early 40's- Late 50's). He is the founder and Editor-in- Chief of 'L&G Daily'. He is smart, headstrong and hates surprises. Although he is founded New York's top selling LGBTQ Paper, he does not identify as LGBTQ but he is a strong ally.

  Gustin Allen- (Late 20's- Early 30's). He is Belky's only son and he is the calmer one in the family. He is the Editor of 'L&G Daily' and has many new ideas that could renovate L&G but his father shoots them down at every chance he gets.

  Ursula Bextor- (Late 20's-Early 30's). A free spirit who wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn't care who knows. She is fierce, sassy and doesn't hold her tongue for anyone. She identifies as Pansexual but doesn't like to label herself as anything. She is best friends with Samus and has known him since they were 3 years old. For some odd reason she speaks with an English accent and nobody knows why, since she is from Detroit.

  Phillip Ellis- (Mid 20's). Samus' online date. He is tall and a bit of an emotional wreck.

  Carlito Reyes- (Early 20's). Samus' foil. He was best friends with Samus until he slept with Samus' ex Ethan, causing Samus and Ethan to break up. He is still dating Ethan. He is a contributing writer for L&G Daily's competitor Hesh'e Magazine.

  Parker Myers- (Mid 30's-Early 40's). A very handsome man who often gets called a 'DILF' by people and it's a term that he hasn't embraced because he's shy. He is an online date for Samus.

  Mary- (Late 50's). An older woman who strongly believes romance is beautiful. She loves seeing two people, no matter their sexual orientation, in love.

  Tara Angler- (Mid 20's- Early 30's). She is the owner of the LGBTQ club 'Guilty Heart' a club notorious for its 'Speed Dating Extravaganza', which has a proven track record of helping people finding love. She is a kid at heart and enjoys being everyone's friend. She is in a serious relationship with Ursula. She identifies as a Lesbian and is not afraid to announce it to anyone who asks.

  Thomas Redfield- (Late 20's). An active gaymer with very bad manners and no self-awareness of his behavior. Another online date for Samus.

  Speed Daters (In order of Appearance)

  Greg- (Mid 20's). A cocky Pervert who thinks his jokes are funny.

  Matty- (20's-30's). Believes his best approach should be asking a Gay man their sexual position rather than introducing himself.

  Will- (Late 20's- Mid 30's). Hates Effeminate Gay men.

  Daniel- (Late 20's). A clueless Gym Buff.

  Doug- (Late 30's). Just a man in need of drugs.

  Hector- (Early 30's) A man who wants a hookup with no strings attached.


  Setting- New York City



  We approach the apartment door of SAMUS ORTIZ and footsteps are heard on the other side. The footsteps are loud and frantic.

  After a few seconds the door swings open and someone rushes out of the apartment and runs down the flight of stairs. The door closes slowly.

  Cuts To:


  People are walking past the theatre chatting and laughing with each other. It's Friday afternoon and everyone was thrilled to get a jumpstart on their weekend. The New York City Summer weather of course made the afternoon even more magical.

  The sun is shining and only hours away from setting but that didn't seem to concern DYLAN BREGAR. He took another look down at his watch located on his right wrist and he let out a nervous sigh once again looking at everyone who passed him by.

  Dissolves To:

  INT- A NYC Street- MID DAY

  We watch as SAMUS ORTIZ makes his way down a crowded block doing his best not to bang into anyone. He was walking fast and breathing heavily already sweating a little bit.

  [During this scene the V.O (Voice Over) plays.]

  SAMUS (V.O.)

  Time, is something we never have too much of. Especially here in New York City. We try to make it through the crowds of people. Carefully navigating through business men on their lunch breaks, adults who are trying to text and walk at the same time to no avail. Wannabe supermodels thinking the sidewalk is their red carpet and of course the tourists taking pictures of everything they come across. We try to do this daily while maintaining our sanity and in this crazy city; our sanity is something that is very vital to keep.

  SAMUS makes it to the theater and sees DYLAN a few
feet away. DYLAN was too busy looking at a movie poster on the window that caught his attention to even notice SAMUS walking toward him.

  SAMUS straightens his posture and smiles as he starts to walk toward DYLAN in a calm and collective state showing no indications that he was practically running to see him. He took one last second to wipe away any remaining sweat on his face.

  SAMUS approached DYLAN and taps him lightly on his right shoulder causing DYLAN to look at him and smile widely.

  DYLAN opens his arms and tightly hugs SAMUS catching the protagonist by surprise.


  (pulls away from the hug)

  I am so sorry I'm late. The 5 train ran express skipping my stop, so I had to take it Uptown then transfer to the Downtown train, for the stop I missed. (sighs trying to catch his breath) I expect nothing less from the MTA always robbing us but never improving their services



  It's fine. You're not actually that late. Just a mere three minutes and twenty eight seconds. (Jokes) But who's counting?


  (gasps and lightly slaps DYLAN's right arm) So how did the interview go?


  Eh, it went great, but the paper isn't too interested in my pictures. Apparently, they're looking for something more 'grim' and 'punk'.


  Are you serious? They do know they're a Gardening Magazine and not Hot Topic right?



  Apparently not.


  Well, it's clearly their loss. (Beat) I told you like eighty times, L&G is hiring for a photographer. I can talk to Belky to set you up for an interview.


  And as I have told you numerous times, I don't want to be under contract with anyone. I enjoy freelancing. Seeing the world through different angles with no restraints.


  (puts hands up in defeat)

  Well excuse me, Peter Parker.


  (Chuckles and shakes head)

  Hey, nothing wrong with trying to expand my portfolio.


  Nothing wrong at all. (smiles and points to the theatre) Ready to see this new Uma Lohan film?


  Sure! Um, why are we seeing this film again?


  Belky assigned me to write a review. It's Uma's first film since she ran over her ex-boyfriend, then shaved her head and stabbed her assistant's cat. So Belky wanted to make sure, I was the first one to review this film before Hesh'e Magazine does.


  Ah okay. So in other words, we're going to enjoy a free movie?



  Damn right!

  DYLAN nods and he opens the door signaling SAMUS to enter and SAMUS thanks him and walks inside. DYLAN couldn't help but sneak a quick peek at SAMUS's rear before he follows him in.

  Dissolves to:

  'TWO HOURS LATER'- Appears on the screen.

  The sun was no longer out and instead the stars in the sky were being outshined by the city lights. We watch as SAMUS and DYLAN walk out of the theatre with a look of dissatisfaction on their faces. They start to walk down the block slowly.


  Well, that was dreadful. (Looks at Samus and changes his demeanor) Unless you liked it then it was-great!


  (smiles shaking his head)

  No, no it was awful. There's no way I can pretend it was anything but.


  And you have to write a review based on that? What are you going to say?


  That's the thing I don't know. This film is kind of a conflict of interest for L&G Daily.


  If I was you, I'd be as honest as possible. I don't mean brutally honest like your last few articles I read.


  Oh? (smiles impressed at Dylan) So behind all that New Jersey fa?ade, you do read papers?



  Eh, only the good ones.

  DYLAN lets out a chuckle as they continue to walk down the street together. He secretly glances at SAMUS and stops walking, causing SAMUS to do the same.


  (turning to him in concern)

  Is everything okay?


  Yeah, it is?I just wanted to tell you? that aside from the horrible movie, I really had a great time. It feels amazing to finally get to be in the same space as you after we've been doing nothing but talking, texting and messaging each other for the past two months.


  (in a cutesy voice)

  Don't forget we also shared all those cute kitten videos. Especially the one where the black kitty was dancing to that Taylor Swift song.

  DYLAN smiles and slowly leans in toward SAMUS. SAMUS nervously does the same and we watch as both men stand in the middle of the NYC sidewalk kissing each other.

  During this scene the VO plays.

  SAMUS (V.O.)

  Most stories begin with 'Once Upon a Time' or 'In a Galaxy Far, Far Away'. Dates are quite similar to the beginning of stories. You get to start a new adventure with someone. But how? Well you have to establish chemistry and after you have successfully done that, the entire night depends on a kiss.

  A kiss so magical, so strong and so amazing that it isn't until your lips press against the other person's, that you feel the electricity coursing through your body. Awakening your heart, causing it to beat again...Sadly I don't think I'll ever-

  We look away from the men still kissing and gaze up at the beautiful stars in the sky.



  "THE NEXT DAY"- Appears on the screen.

  We meet BELKY ALLEN seated behind a large wooden desk. He's reading something on his computer screen.

  We see SAMUS seated in front of him nervously listening to his boss read the article he spent the entire night typing. Next to SAMUS is GUSTIN ALLEN. He's sitting in a cool and calm state listening to his father's every word.


  (reading the computer screen)

  -experience that magical kiss again. Maybe I'm not meant to ever find love. Either that or the Magic isn't meant for me. (Stops reading and looks at Samus without showing any emotions.)

  (to Samus) I have re-read this article eight times this morning.

  I thought it was my lack of caffeine so I got my large coffee, then drank it and re-read the article again. I still cannot find any-any hint of the movie I told you to review.

  Can you remind me of your position here at L&G Daily, again?



  I'm a contributing writer for the Entertainment section.


  (claps his hands together)

  That's right! How could I forget? You've been writing for this site for exactly three years now. So why on Earth is there no mention of 'Drowning Love' in this post? Do you have an explanation for this weird-and I'm sure accidental- absence of that film?



  Yes I do. You see- (pauses) The movie sucked. And I don't mean suck as in 'Oh maybe it's bearable the second time', I mean suck as in, 'Shoot me in the eyes!'.


  (Gives Samus an understanding nod) You see? You just gave me an amazing ten second review. So why couldn't you type all that out in one thousand and six hundred words?


  Well there is the obvious factor that Pablo Ellen is the head of FireRat Studios and he is also married to the man who finances and sponsors L&G Daily aka your business partner. He sent me an email yesterday morning for me to write an amazing and- I quote (uses his fingers as air quotes)"riveting review". As you know, I may lie about being sick when I call out but I would never lie to my readers about a movie review.


  (nods in agreement)

  He's right dad. I was CC'ed in that email as well. It's a conflict of interest to review his films. The readers will think we're bias.


  (lets out a sigh of frustration and speaks less like a boss and more like a father figure.)

  Remind me to send a very stern email to Pablo. When it comes to personal matters we leave all that crap at the door.

  GUSTIN nods.


  (to Samus)

  Most people who submit something like this would be fired, Samus.


  And if that's what you intend on doing then I totally understand.-

  SAMUS gets up from the chair and slowly makes his way toward the door as BELKY and GUSTIN watch him. GUSTIN is smiling shaking his head admiring SAMUS' theatrical performance.


  (over dramatically)

  I had a fantastic run here Belky and I have no doubt that you will miss me.

  But I must go forth and ride into the Sunset, where the stars are now my friends, the wind is my blanket and the night guides me to my untimely death of starvation and dehydration. (touches the doorknob and turns around as if he was addressing a large audience in a theatre.)Farewell L&G Daily! How I loved thee, now I must venture into the cold cruel world! Farewell Gustin! Farewell Dahlings!(whispers) Farewell.

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