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The state statecraft an.., p.1
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       The State & Statecraft: An Essay, p.1

           Edward E. Rochon
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The State & Statecraft: An Essay


  Edward E. Rochon

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  The State & Statecraft: An Essay

  Copyright © 2014 by Edward E. Rochon

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  Table of Contents

  Title Page


  Chapter 1: Prince & Shaman

  Chapter 2: An Honest Man

  Chapter 3: The True Goal of the State

  Chapter 4: Resurrection of the Family

  Chapter 5: The Collapse of Vanity

  Chapter 6: Misers of the Mind

  About the Author


  Babel and confederate cities in Mesopotamia is the primordial state of The Book of Genesis. It is said that they built a great tower to bind the community together “lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.” Such a tower could only be a waste of time and effort with respect to communal prosperity. It could not contribute to civic virtue, but rather appealed to vanity at great expense to the community. We are told that God scattered the people, we are led to believe, out of jealousy or anger, as the project would expand the capabilities of men. I can only see this as divine irony. The people of Easter Island destroyed a beautiful island and impoverished themselves building useless monuments to great excess. Can anyone doubt that this would have been the fate of Babel? And they would have been forced to emigrate to avoid starvation and economic deprivation. But God intervened and spread them abroad by sowing confusion among them, creating many languages. Unfortunately, the idiots took off on the same ill-fated course in Egypt and elsewhere, wasting time and wealth on monuments to human vanity. The rabbis consign the blame for this on princes such as Nimrod. They make up things that are not imputed to Nimrod in the Bible. The more likely candidates for these wasteful monumental monstrosities are the priestly class, the rabbis of other realms. The pharaohs, the Chinese and Japanese emperors were nothing but puppets of theological oligarchies working through parliaments and courts (the parliaments within the palace.) Caesar was a parliamentarian as was Hitler. The Habsburgs were seedy politicians who sold their souls to the devil for their status and prostituted their children. Metternich was a glorified pimp. Napoleon was an enemy within the nation of France. Karl Marx was a tool of the City of London. Napoleon's nephew was an English lodger who ran French foreign policy in the interest of the City of London and the associated international financial classes throughout the world. They place the Rothschilds in prominent position to take the heat off of themselves, encourage the Jews to enter the media and Hollywood. If things go bad, blame the Jews. Aren't the Rothschilds well paid for their troubles? The fact is that it does not matter how much gold the Rothschilds have in their vaults. Who controls the gold is he who controls the British armed forces. And the Rothschilds do not control the army, no matter what the British oligarchy would have you believe by devious means. So religion, the stock exchange, parliaments and courts are the tools of the shaman clique that rule the world, if this mess can be called rule.

  Perhaps this essay can make a step in the right direction, away from shamanism and fraud, into a new age of golden opportunity rather than base coinage in the service of embezzlement and treason.

  If you were wondering about the bookcover image, Thomas Hobbes perversely called the prince the Leviathan and Parliament the Behemoth in his famous work on monarchy. This is ass backwards, as anyone familiar with the Book of Job and other biblical books could have pointed out to him. While not shown in William Blake's painting, the Leviathan has seven heads, indicative of parliamentarian factions. The King ruled with one head claiming authority from God, as Behemoth is the favorite beast of God with a ring in his nose as indicative of God's power over him. When Charles II was offered the work of Thomas Hobbes on the subject, he politely declined any help from Hobbes' perverse and dangerous view of Charles' position. Hobbes wished to lift the king up in stature. The King saw the raising up of a gallows with the sudden drop to follow. Hobbes was a scoundrel or/and an idiot. Back to Table of Content

  Chapter 1: Prince & Shaman

  I view the world drama in terms of the prince and shaman as opposed to economic systems, national rivalries and brigandage in general. There is no evidence for the fancied matriarchy that is said to have existed in long times past by the current apostles of academia and the international world order. While princes and kings are seen as despots due to their modern incarnations as essentially stooges of a shaman oligarchy, they were most likely democratically elected leaders in the past. Their sons followed in the family business by the general consent of the governed. The princes as tyrants is a lie spread by the ancient oligarchies of Greece and Rome and elsewhere as justification for their treasonable revolutions and usurpation of legitimate power.

  The oligarchies were the tyrants and enslavers of the great mass of the ancient world. They corrupted morality, the courts and the very foundations of communal life. They encouraged a division of the sexes based on artificial exaggeration of sexual differences. This was aided by segregated religious and communal rites, sports, clubs, homosexuality and the like. And the extreme in one direction invariably boomerangs to the extreme in the opposite direction, the erasing of sexual distinctions through dykes and queens and so called third sexes. These are flip sides of the same coin. The shaman was always supported by the witch behind the priest. They ruled through deceit aided by criminal thuggery from the underclass of pirates, brigands and gangsters. They drugged and corrupted the morals of princes, reducing them to titular heads, and used their debauched behavior to make themselves look like virtuous men and women, though their crimes and misdemeanors were hidden by subterfuge. We have the irony of the priest as the paradigm of morality and the prince as the paradigm of immorality, when the truth is in the opposite direction. Morality is the foundation of princely power as fraud is the foundation of priestly power. Show me a prince without integrity and I will show you a puppet of oligarchies. Show me a priest with integrity and I will show you a priest in name only.

  Other tricks used by shamans include destructive behavior disguised as healthy behavior. Meditation is a case in point. It is the height of folly to close off the mind from the multitude of potential troubles that afflict mankind. Yet they try to calm the anxiety of men by reducing them to mindless incantations. It is grace under fire that the people need, the military virtue of remaining calm under duress and prioritizing threats in an orderly manner. To blind yourself in any way as to what is going on about you is madness. They often raise animals to the level of men, showing sympathy for the mosquito who would suck your blood at your expense. Is it blood sucking mosquitoes that concerns them, or their own vampiric nature? They encourage pacifism, an immoral encouragement to violence and gangsterism. They encourage asceticism and mortification of the flesh while encouraging the construction of wasteful temples and monasteries. Asceticism invariably swings around to debauchery, two traits common to the monastic tradition. Don't be surprised if your devout monk solicited you for oral sex during your monastic visitation. They prom
ote sado-masochism, fatalism, euthanasia as means of degrading men to the level of chattel. This is done at the expense of the only temple that should concern men and a just God, the human body. “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again.”

  The prince needs healthy men to defend the state and produce prosperity, the hallmarks of successful government. The priest is only interested in relative wealth as a means of controlling society for corrupt purposes and illegal machinations. They speak of the law and are lawless outlaws. They set up the innocent and hide behind ruses to veil their evil deeds. They conspire with shaman elites in other states in a treasonable fashion. What Jefferson claimed about merchants, that they have no country, is true in spades concerning priests. They infiltrate the diplomatic corps, intelligence agencies and the like, where their natural talents for deception and corruption work to their advantage. The Fouchés, Talleyrands, the Himmlers all have the stench of the priest about them, whether actually wearing clerical collars or not. They are cynical liars and conspirators at the expense of whatever country they may pretend to serve.

  Well what is to be done about all this? The next chapter offers some suggestions. Back to Table of Content

  Chapter 2: An Honest Man

  The vaunted Diogenes searched Greece looking for an honest man. When asked by Alexander the Great what he could do for him, he asked him to stop blocking his sunlight. He needed only look into a mirror. If an honest man failed to look back, it would have made little difference whether he found an honest man or not. Evidently, the ingrate and madman failed to appreciate a courtesy as well, since it was clear that he had already had far too much sun for his own good. Looking for an honest woman would have made a great deal of sense on the other hand. Try as he might, with costumes, makeup and posture, Diogenes could not have found an honest woman there.

  The world needs to be ruled by honest men and sane men as well. What is that? First of all, he must be a paranoid. For only those who look through the world with rose tinted glasses are not, and so mentally ill. He must be a megalomaniac. No man of sense and character could fail to be anything else, after enduring the innumerable insults to his dignity that come with life on this planet. Naturally, he would wish to have the power to mitigate or eliminate these. His primary personal interest in life should be the personal glory, grandeur and honor of himself. If he is a prince, this is achieved by advancing the glory, grandeur and honor of the state he rules over. Is there really any glory in graft, rape, greed and debauchery? What odd glory, grandeur and honor is that? Is that what the world considers to be glory, grandeur and honor? Then why should they suppose any true megalomaniac would? The standards of megalomania have slipped quite low it seems. Africa does not need a tutorial in parliamentary government 101, but a primer in megalomania 101. They won't find it in the curriculum of The Kennedy School of Government or the Fletcher School of International Intrigue and Lawlessness.

  If America is so enamored of George Washington, so-called father of his country, they should stop voting for party politicians, since he disapproved of these plagues upon civic order. Too bad he helped promulgate a constitution that virtually guaranteed that that was exactly what the country would get. The separation of powers is incompatible with efficient and honest government. These are like three unclean frogs out of the mouth of the dragon. It is an armed populace, the militia that Washington so disparaged, that guarantees honest government. Separation of powers is ludicrous, irrational and contrary to the interests of good government. Without Congress and and independent judiciary, things will go much better.

  Capital cities have been a plague on every land they have ever existed in. They undermine legitimate authority. The center of government must be wherever the chief of state resides at any given moment. Washington D. C. must go, at least as a capital city. We need to form a third republic to initiate these needful changes. Back to Table of Content

  Chapter 3: The True Goal of the State

  Men joined together to promote the commonwealth. That being said, the chief purpose of the state is the generation of wealth, by encouraging private initiative and public initiative as well. In the past, the native warrior was both hunter and soldier. The same skills worked to both ends. Defending his people without the food, clothing and artifacts of the hunt would have been vain. The expense to the tribe would have been great to simply rely on the woman to produce crops and plant fiber.

  The armed forces need to be instructed that they must reconcile military requirements with the requirements of the country to sustain the armed forces. All other government agencies need to advance in that same direction. The people must not be bankrupted by the state. The meat and fish of today are the power resources and materials needed for industry. The ocean depths and the moon are potential candidates for achieving this end. The ocean depths are at the core of this and the moon will be a great auxiliary in this endeavor. These will keep the country secure and prosperous. There are no Indians on the Moon or at the bottom of the sea. We should behave responsibly and with respect for the needs and interests of other nations.

  If poor nations want to share in this bounty, we should give them equipment to extract what they need themselves. Giving taxes to corrupt governments will not help these lands, and much of the wealth that is not wasted in debauchery, plots and civic corruption will end up in London banks, Zurich banks and the rest. The ocean depths are better dumping sites for waste than the surface land. Ultimately, any pollution problem can be cleaned up with enough power. We must focus on extracting power from the ocean depths, the moon, space in general and other areas to improve the quality of life. The stranglehold of petroleum must come to an end. What petroleum we continue to use, can be sanitized with more power from elsewhere and from the oil itself.

  All the crap we learn in our public education system must be dispensed with. The world needs to eat right, get a good night's sleep, exercise regularly, comprehensively and safely, and maintain good posture. Screw the political party platforms, and dump the parties for good measure. We must do away with both hard labor and sloth. These two parasites feed off of each other and wrongly justify each other.

  We should dispense with electronics to the greatest extent possible by converting to fiber optics and optical technology. It is likely that our modern gadgets are causing health problems. These should be mitigated or eliminated with optical equipment. We should convert our power grid to direct current. It appears that Thomas Edison was right after all and that Nikola Tesla was wrong. A/C power is more dangerous in ways than Edison knew. Moreover, it is now more efficient to port large amounts of electrical power using direct current than alternating current. The use of hydrogen gas will expand the use of fuel cells. Solar panels produce direct current electricity. Windmills can be converted to direct current. D/C energy runs machines quite well, if differently. Cell phones using infrared in-house and telephone pole pickups can help replace current cell phones in many cases. It is doubtful infrared has any adverse effects as the world is permeated by it. The directed electromagnetism of our gadgets is focused and different from the similar background electromagnetism in nature. Infrared is always focused in nature; we dwell in a world of light. The laser light in cables will not jump out and harm us, being sheathed.

  Organized religion should be discouraged. People must not be inhibited from reading sacred texts and the like. God will remain in heaven if all the churches and temples collapse into the dust. Does God even care? We must do away with the current state religion of atheism, the de facto state religion of America that justifies the pseudo-science of Darwinian evolution, the pseudo-science of relativity and quantum mechanics and the rest. Above all, we must not allow religion to be replaced with that most insidious religion of all: atheism. It is devoid of reason, patently untrue, idolatry and destructive of public order. Idiots can go on spouting their drivel, but not at the expense of truth and good government. The state religion and its educational tyranny must end in America. Back t
o Table of Content

  Chapter 4: Resurrection of the Family

  The model of the family farm is more conducive to public order and harmonious family life than the family destroying society that we presently live in. The public educational system should be replaced with tutoring, computer instruction and self-instruction with the aid and encouragement of parents. Children should be encouraged to work commensurate with their health and overall well-being. Children working is not bad in itself and should be encouraged. Parents should make children earn their keep.

  Society should encourage family work groups in offices and factories. The assembly line does not produce the best products and its economies of scale have been overstated. Modern computers and design allow for customized production. Taxes and laws should support employers into hiring family units. Family business should be encouraged. Homes with workshops and extra space for the elderly to continue to help out should be encouraged by society. The only retirement good for the elderly is in the cemetery after interment. The elderly have much to offer in spite of failing memory and strength. Exercising these assets should be encouraged to mitigate their decline. Work should be cut back with age not eliminated. And the young who are sick should have employment commensurate with their strength and vitality.

  Thomas Jefferson wanted a world of self-sufficient estates. Someone estimated that only six percent of the world could do that, with the remaining ninety-four percent in the role of slaves and servants, landless and dependent. However, the federal system of government works best when the local community controls everything that pertains to it. It is only those matters that pertain to the larger community that should be dealt with at a higher level. So the city controls the bulk of affairs locally, the state or larger administrative districts determine higher order affairs. For example, a city on a river cannot expect to do anything it likes with the river as it passes by, because this affects the towns downstream and may affect the upstream communities as well. Problems involving world climate must be dealt with at the world level. So we will have world governance to the extent needed for world order and prosperity. But the bulk of governance should be local, and the world should mind its own business in these matters. Anything else produces injustice, tyranny and civil strife. As for the bogeyman of the one world order, note that the second coming of Christ will produce a world governance as well. In the mean time, the devout Christian should endeavor to produce heaven on earth as best he can with what we have. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you? World matters must be dealt with on a world level. This cannot be used as an excuse for tyranny, totalitarianism and corruption, nor can these vices be used as an excuse to impair the public order of the world. Back to Table of Content

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