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           Dupur Mitra
Poor Moon
Poor Moon by Dupur Mitra

  Cover By Charu Pintu

  Copyleft 2015

  This poetry book is copylefted. This book is free. It may be copied and distributed only for non commercial purposes.


  All events are not the same

  so all events do not create cry

  some events


  create the cry

  but not all the time

  some events

  which are creating cry at this time

  tomorrow are not

  which failure made me cry

  today is not

  which rain made me cry

  today is not

  which love made me cry

  today is not

  So after many days

  i want to love you again 


  If i start begging,

  If i start a song,

  shall i get love?

  can i play along?

  If i start driving without destination,

  If i see you in a rail station,

  will you talk with me,

  having a cup of tea?

  I don't know,

  i have no trust.

  I am flying in the air,

  like my emotion is covered with dust.


  i can love

  i can do everything for love

  what i can do for love

  you can not believe

  you can not believe

  or you can not receive my love

  i can love

  but you are not appropriate for my love

  you are not credible or reliable for my love

  just see

  when i touch the dew on the leaves

  dews fall down

  or when i touch the touch me not plant

  you are shy

  i am afraid of your shyness

  i am afraid of your falling down

  so now i know i can love you

  but you are not eligible for love me

  Wise man

  - Who is your friend?

  - Loneliness.

  - What were you doing at that time?

  - playing flute of holiness.

  - I am also and then?

  - Clouds appear at the sky again and again.

  - What were you doing then?

  - After putting the dry clothes I roam from home like a wise man.

  I want to touch you

  Just for once I want to touch you 

  Then I will be something new 

  something like a green leaf 

  or may be grass you don't believe 

  may be beat of your heart 

  may be the colours of your art 

  may be rain or wave of the sea 

  may be the loneliness of a tree 

  I want to touch you just for once

  Then i shall be the history of one's 

  history of loneliness or history of a rain drop 

  or the paddy field of a farmer or crop 

  If i get love

  If i get love

  i shall sing

  like a gentle dove

  i shall walk and walk

  at night

  i shall fly

  like a kite

  If i get love

  or if you love me

  i shall swim at the sea

  i shall be blue of the sky

  you will see me at your eye

  Red eyes

  Why are you tensed 

  to see my red eyes

  What are you thinking 

  about our lovely ties 

  Don't look at me 

  see the skies 

  also see the red colours 

  when the sun rise 

  Why are you tensed 

  to see my red eyes

  see the red flower 

  no sign of cries 

  look at the dawn

  Is not your surprise 

  day and night meet there

  you can revise 

  Give me a word

  Give me a word 

  that is simple and like water 

  to occupy love 

  as a squatter

  Give me a word 

  that is free and like a flower 

  and my happiness

  want to spread over 

  Give me a word 

  that is white and sharp 

  i am that hero 

  playing the harp 

  Male chauvinism

  Boy said-

  You are beautiful like a bird, 

  flying in the sky, sky is my heart.

  Girl said- 

  You are smart like a sky, 

  everyday, every times I want to fly.


  yesterday it was full of moonlight 

  yesterday she was by my side 

  yesterday moonlight lay down beside me 

  yesterday another was sleeping at my bedroom 

  that was she 

  yesterday i roused from sleep 

  yesterday she was not at my room

  seeing moonlights that weep 

  Poor Moon

  Everywhere where i am going

  moon is also with me

  I want to play a hide-and-seek

  but don't

  wherever i go

  see that

  moon is laughing to see me

  Moon is always at my side

  watching me

  caring me

  talking to me

  i can not hide myself from moon

  Moon is as my mother



  Every movie have to take a rape scene

  Because it is commercial

  Because people want to see this

  Movie will not be commercially benefited

  if rape scene is not taken

  So we want to see the rape scene

  want to get pleasure to see the rape scene

  The girl was seen as a loud piercing outcry

  The girl was seen to drown at the sea

  The girl was seen to save herself at last  

  The girl was seen to cry for living

  We got pleasure from these

  We get pleasure from these

  We shall get pleasure from these...

  Love me

  A man was shivering with cold

  wrapping up a torn bed cover

  on a road

  Many peoples are passing the path

  They are dressy

  But the man was shivering with cold

  I am that man

  Lovely girl

  Please love me

  and embrace me with kiss

  I am going to die with cold

  So i should always look at me

  [When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

  -Friedrich Nietzsche]

  Someone try to hack my mail account

  sometimes someone hacked the account

  someone knows the everything of my mail

  someone try to know me

  someone try to know everything about me

  someone may be know everything about me

  i don't know who hacked me

  i don't know how to know them

  i know only me  

  so i always look at me

  so i should always look at me

  I have no time for love

  i have no time for love

  because someone has bought me

  i am busy not for me

  for others

  who have bought me

  i have no ti
me for love

  sometimes i fall in love

  but trust me

  this is not me


  who has bought me

  i have no time for love


  love is now the matter of buy and sell

  trust me

  i have no love

  only have the techniques

  how to buy and sell the products

  A Scene

  When the dew is going to be disappeared

  he just prays for the leaf

  where he was

  when i am saying you

  Good bye

  just pray for you

  where i was


  sometimes i think i miss my life

  i miss my love, emotion and laugh

  sometimes i think i am OK

  i am all right now

  and better

  when i see

  a blind couple is talking with each other

  with laugh


  Government needs huge land for building art academy.

  For this,

  government has been uprooted us.

  Now we have no land.

  No land to live.

  Government needs police,

  Government needs army,

  to protect the art academy.

  Although they know we have no arms,

  we have no voice,

  we have not a simple power to say that,

  these lands are our.

  Many artists,

  many poets,

  many philosophers will come to art academy.

  Administration is fully concerned.

  No incident will happen there.

  Government needs more lands for constructing art academy.

  Shirt's pocket

  Your heart is not far from your shirt's pocket

  where you put money.

  You have given many times for the money,

  for depositing money,

  for better living.

  But not a single moment for your heart.

  Look into your heart

  how to feel,

  how to view the world;

  you can live more better.


  All advertisements are beautiful.

  All advertisements,

  model girl and boys on the bill boards are so nice.

  their smile,



  everything is beautiful.

  Even the poor people,

  advertisement for aids,

  are beautiful.

  but no faces are real,

  and also the poor people are not true.

  These are only advertisements.

  Only advertisement are real.

  Advertisement can hide everything,

  also the human civilization.


  wherever he is poor

  may be he is hungry today

  may be his face will be pale after taking photograph

  Yet he laughs

  laughing like a dew drops in the leaf

  nobody understands his poverty or hungriness

  by seeing his photograph

  although poverty

  although hungriness

  although struggle

  Man always want to see his face


  Poor Girl

  poor girls are not beautiful

  because poor girls are weak

  poor girls are shrunk

  their body has emaciated

  even their boobs are sapless.

  and also their smile

  does not laugh like flowers.

  because they are poor.



  i know when you place your hands on my hands

  when you put your eyes on my eyes

  i know you take many loans

  but cannot pay back

  your child has gone to the spoiled

  i know your girl doesn't return home at night

  your wife doesn’t want to speak you lovely

  you cannot sleep at the night

  i know

  please place your hands on my hands

  put your eyes on my eyes

  and cry

  only crying can make you light

  you will be more light to speak with me

  Slum tourism

  Many telephone cables

  over the slum dwellers

  many many words are passing

  over the slum dwellers

  but nobody knows

  or want to know

  about them

  You and me

  when i am going to sleep

  want to embrace

  but you bothered

  may be you don't know

  i don't want to a dream

  walking lonely

  when i am going to walk in the park

  want to walk hand on hand

  but you feel disturbed

  may be you don't know

  i don't want to loose you

  even for a single moment

  When a man dies

  When a star falls, a man dies

  star becomes the tree

  tree has the green leaves and beautiful flowers

  flowers spread from one place to another

  one man dies

  but laughing thousand flowers


  I wait for many things. My lover, dream or revolution. I wait for that boy who once called me dad subconsciously, I wait for that river, where I learned how to swim. I wait for that stolen friend, who once said I should be with you all ever.

  Sometimes I wait sitting at the bench of a park, sometimes at the rail station or sometimes at the main road where people wait for their relatives or others. I wait, because I think, may be, I shall get of those.

  I feel good when I wait. May be, I shall never get of those, therefore i wait. Waiting which is like a poison for someone, becoming honey in my life day by day as dream.


  You have also backbone

  trust me

  you have also backbone

  just see

  the standing of grasses

  after crushing by foot


  Flood wash away all

  my memories, my love, my thinking

  Flood wash away all thing in such a way

  Nobody knows

  which type of water has come here

  in my room

  Nobody knows

  which type of words in my hearts

  creating boom.

  Emotional tree

  I want to climb a emotional tree

  where i want to laugh

  want to cry

  want to speak

  I want to climb a emotional tree,

  where a snake comes to bite me.


  You look nice

  like a kingfisher

  will you kill me

  oh my dear


  Changing can rob everything

  You, your wife, your child

  everything  slowly

  and changing laugh boisterously

  Two lines

  I have made a dark place

  I want to see here your face.

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