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       The First American Pope, p.1

           Donald Michaud
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The First American Pope


  Donald Michaud

  Copyright © 2013 by Donald Michaud

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  I wish to thank my brother Ron, for his editorial prowess and constructive recommendations in helping me to complete this novel.


  CHAPTER 1 The Revelation

  CHAPTER 2 A New Pope Is Chosen

  CHAPTER 3 Pope John XXIV’s Installation

  CHAPTER 4 Pope John XXIV’s 1st Pronouncements On the Occasion of the Celebration of Ecumenical Sunday 2014

  CHAPTER 5 Sunday Noon after the Prayer of the Angelus, Pope John XXIV Calls For A New Ecumenical Conclave For The Universal Catholic Church

  CHAPTER 6 The Sistine Chapel

  CHAPTER 7 A New Day

  CHAPTER 8 Pope John XXIV Seeks Out Christians, Protestants, Jewish, and Other Denominations

  CHAPTER 9 In The Den Of Co-Conspirators

  CHAPTER 10 Global Newscast: Pope John XXIV’s Vehicle Is Blown Up

  CHAPTER 11 The Church is Euphoric

  CHAPTER 12 Rumors Abound of Various Attempts on Pope John XXIV’s Life

  CHAPTER 13 The Sistine Chapel Bells Rings

  CHAPTER 14 The Gang Of Five

  CHAPTER 15 Controversial Decisions By The College Of Cardinals

  CHAPTER 16 Pope John XXIV’s Address At Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 16, 2014, Marriage & The Family

  CHAPTER 17 Pope John XXIV’s Address At Gelora Bunk Karno In Jakarta, Indonesia on September 28, 2014, “Controversies of Grace VS Free Will”

  CHAPTER 18 Pope John XXIV’s Address at United Nations General Assembly, New York City, New York on September 5, 2014, “War And Peace”

  CHAPTER 19 Pope John XXDIV’s Address at Athens Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece on October 19, 2014, “Vatican Treasures & Library”

  CHAPTER 20 Attempt on Pope John XXIV’s Life

  CHAPTER 21 Pope John XXIV’s Address at Abjuja Stadium in Abuja, Nigeria, “Purgatory”

  CHAPTER 22 Vatican Conspirators

  CHAPTER 23 Pope John XXIV’s Address At Michigan Stadium, Ann Harbor, Michigan USA On September 4, 2014, “Controversies”

  CHAPTER 24 “Gang Of Five” Disband

  CHAPTER 25 Conclave Begins



  As the College of Cardinals is locked in the Sistine Chapel, after three intense days of deliberation, we find Cardinal John Meyer in quiet contemplative prayer, when he hears his name called. “Cardinal John Meyer…” “Yes!” As he slowly raises his head and opens his eyes, yet not noticing anyone speaking closed to him, except he notices that all the other Cardinals in the Chapel seemed to be motionless. How could this be? As he gazed among his peers, he notices a white robed individual walking toward him.

  “Who are you sir, surely you are not a Cardinal, and how can it be that you are in this locked Chapel?” ‘Oh but John, don’t you recall Pentecost, when I appeared to your predecessors in the locked upper room.’ “But…but you can’t be?” ‘Oh and why not, John?’ “But, you’re to appear in majesty at the end of times.” ‘Well John, that’s not for some time!’

  ‘Thank you, John, for your prayer of concern on who is to be elected as a new Pontiff in these times of great strife, wars and imaginable environmental catastrophes. But, I have seen your great wisdom, and faith, and have come to ask you, John, to accept this new challenge to redirect my church. But you must also understand John that this will not be without personal and physical risks to you. For the Devil and his consorts, including the Illuminati and others will be there at every opportunity to try to stop you and the people you will rely on to make this request possible. There will be fatalities, but not your own; my legions of Angels will be forever at your side protecting you, until I call you to your heavenly reward’. “But Jesus, how can I ask people to put their lives in danger?” ‘Like all good soldiers who believe in me, they will gladly give their lives, like the martyrs before us.’

  Upon hearing this request, John, falls to his knees, and pronounces, “My Lord Jesus, I am but a humble servant. How, can I possibly be able to fulfill such a challenge?” ‘Oh, you can and must, John, but I need you to be my representative Shepherd for my flock. I will be there for you, whenever you ask. John, will you take up my Cross?’ “Yes Lord, if it is your will.”

  ‘John be not frightened by the events that will soon occur, for My Church needs to change dramatically if it’s to enter the final era of my reign. It has to become an inclusive Universal Church for all who believe, not an exclusive one as it has become. You will be instrumental in continuing John XXIII’s ecumenical vision to bringing all believers into union. I will announce you as my chosen Pope, so all will know whom to trust. But from then on, you will be the only one to see me when I appear so that we can converse in privacy.’

  ‘It will fall on you to dramatically change the College of Cardinals after your election, for many of your fellow Cardinals, their death is near. You will promulgate the message that woman will be ordained into the priesthood for the first time, and allowed to be ordained as bishops and later elected into the College of Cardinals. Some of the women and clergy are to come into the episcopacy from ordained ministers of other churches that acknowledge the Primacy of Peter. You will be scorned and defiled for your actions, but know that you will be doing my work, and that of Our Father’s.’

  ‘Upon your election, instead of going to the balcony, as has been the custom for new pontiffs, please put on the habit of a simple monk, and walk out secretly into the plaza among the people. For it is to be among the people that you will be known.’

  “When the other cardinals awake they will be asked to cast their ballots without further discussions and the election will be concluded.”

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