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The secret of the ninth.., p.22
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       The Secret of the Ninth Planet, p.22

           Donald A. Wollheim
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  About the Author

  Donald A. Wollheim was bitten early by the science-fiction bug. As aboy, he filled many thick notebooks and scrapbooks with clippings,pictures, and facts about the planets, and astronomy in general.

  He grew up in New York, graduating from New York University, and at oncebegan a successful career as a free-lance writer of science fiction.Since 1946 he has been editor of a publishing house specializing inpaperback books. A number of anthologies of the fantastic are the resultof his editing.

  Aware of the wide-spread interest in this subject, Mr. Wollheim decidedto inaugurate science fiction conventions, and founded the FantasyAmateur Press Association as well. He considers himself a true sciencefiction pioneer.

  Among his hobbies are model soldiers. He is considered an authority onthem and has a fabulous collection.

  _Other Winston Science Fiction Novels by the Author_


  _The Secret of the Ninth Planet_

  On the day that the theft of the solar system's light begins. BurlDenning is with an archaeological expedition in the Andes, only a fewmiles from the source of the "disturbance." Within hours the UnitedStates Air Force has ordered the expedition to investigate the strangephenomenon that is causing a dimness and a drop in temperaturethroughout the world.

  This is the start of a fantastic adventure that eventually takes Burl, ahigh-school senior, on the first circumnavigation of the solar system.On planet after planet, he and the crew of the _Magellan_, a gleaming,powerful, and virtually untested spaceship, discover the weird trappingsof a brilliantly-designed Sun-tap station. Each planetfall bringsunexpected hazards, as the ship draws closer and closer to solving themystery of the theft.

  The author has based his story on science fact. Researchers are actuallyat work on the possibilities of just such a circumnavigation, and onanother surprising theory brought out in this book.

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