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       Confessions of a Prayer Slacker, p.1

           Diane Moody
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Confessions of a Prayer Slacker

  What Others are Saying About

  Confessions of a Prayer Slacker

  “Written to the slacker in all of us, Diane Moody turns our ‘tired’ into triumph by helping us clear the path to meaningful time with God.”

  —Nicole Johnson, author and dramatist with Women of Faith

  “I’ve read several books about prayer over the years but this one is by far my favorite! Diane is a gifted writer who will help you uncover so many misconceptions you’ve picked up which have damaged your prayer life over the years. I can’t tell you how many ‘ah-ha’ moments I had in the midst of this enlightening, inspiring, read. I’ve been inspired to start an entire new prayer journey!”

  —Pete Wilson, pastor of Cross Point Community Church, Nashville, Tennessee, and author of Plan B and Empty Promises

  “With fresh writing and transparent stories, Diane Moody has done more than craft a book. She’s shared her heart in a way that I was inspired to seek to know God better, deeper. I have to admit once I started reading Confessions of a Prayer Slacker, I couldn’t read more than a few pages at a time. Why? My heart was so pricked I had to put down the book and PRAY! Success indeed!”

  —Tricia Goyer, author of twenty-four books, including Blue Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God

  “For many years, I have watched Diane’s passion and commitment to prayer. Forged by fire, God has given her a deep love for prayer which is contagious! This is not your everyday, ho-hum look at prayer. You will find yourself smiling . . . okay, maybe outright belly laughing. But you will also be challenged, motivated and (prayerfully), radically impacted in your relationship with God. Prayer Slacker may just kick-start your conversations with God in a way no tall latte ever could!”

  —Teresa Nardozzi, Director of Women's Ministries at First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks at Largo, Florida

  “Confessions of a Prayer Slacker is phenomenal. It offers a new perspective on prayer in such a straightforward, genuine, and visual way. It grabbed and kept my attention from start to finish, through both laughter and tears. You have inspired me to stop being a slacker and start praying. Thank you for making it personal.”

  —Cathy Weisbrodt, Nashville, Tennessee

  “As a homeschooling mother of four, it is very easy for me to have a litany of excuses not to have a regular, daily prayer time with God. Diane Moody’s book has greatly encouraged me to meet with God daily and remember that prayer is a very meaningful way of developing a deep, committed, awesome relation with my Maker.”

  —Anne Connell, Tallahassee, Florida

  “Diane’s style is easy to read and honest. Prayer slackers beware! This book will grip your heart and challenge you to go to the next level.”

  —Dennis Hayford, Director, Greater Mobile Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mobile, Alabama

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