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The weekend spark, p.1
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       The Weekend Spark, p.1

           Diane Barry
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The Weekend Spark
The Weekend Spark

  (C) Copyright – Diane K. Barry, 2013

  This e-book constitutes a work of fiction. Characters, names, incidents and locales are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictional way. Any similarity with real people (living or dead), events or locales, is purely coincidence.

  Friday: An Attempt to Save the Marriage

  “Move Dora, we are going to be late!” Daniel said as they put the bags on the car’s trunk.

  “Calm down, I just need a few more minutes to pack everything I need for our weekend at that fabulous hotel in the New York City you told me last night.”

  “It’s the Royal Hotel; they inaugurated it two months ago. Hurry up; don’t take too long I do not want to arrive there at 10 p.m.! Bring the entire house with you if you wish...”

  After a few minutes, they were ready to drive their way to the hotel. Daniel drove the car this time. This romantic weekend at the hotel was an idea of Daniel in an attempt to save their marriage, a marriage of about two decades. Twenty years of a union that was almost coming to an end. After one hour or two of silence, they finally arrived. Daniel was exhausted, as always. Dora with her 45 years-old was 4 years older than her husband; however, she appeared to have much more energy than he did. Daniel scheduled this weekend at the hotel to try to spice their relationship, a couple of weeks ago Dora started to talk about divorce, something Daniel feared. In fact, Dora loved her husband but something between them wasn’t going well.

  Looking at the fabulous hotel’s reception meticulously decorated and the sympathetic staff, Dora was impressed and decided to enjoy the weekend alongside with her husband, it appears that Dora was going to give an opportunity to Daniel. The receptionist was a very attractive man, with his green eyes, brown hair, a tall figure, a muscular body and an impressive sympathy capable of melting the heart of any woman. When his and Dora’s eyes met, a special feeling started to attract them to each other, a physical attraction, like a telepathic connection between them; they were thinking the same “what a wonderful person, I would like to meet!” meanwhile, someone interrupted their connection:

  “Mr. are you deaf or what?!” Daniel said in an arrogant way. At that very moment, the hotel staff looked to Alex, the receptionist.

  “Sorry Sir, what were you saying?” The receptionist replied a little embarrassed with Daniel’s high volume voice.

  “I was telling you that I want a suite for two!”

  “O.k. just a moment please; I’m checking the available roo…” Alex didn’t even have time to finish his sentence, Daniel soon interrupted him.

  “Check faster! Your incompetence is making me hate this hotel.”

  “Daniel! Enough! You see, this is why I want the divorce!” Dora screamed.

  After a couple of seconds, the entrance of the hotel that before had only one or two persons; now it was full of curious people trying to know what was happening there; there were almost two dozens of persons. Alerted by a member of the hotel staff, the owner came down to see what was happening, after all, this kind of discussions were not good for the hotel’s reputation.

  “Alex, I will take care of this client, you can try to disperse all these people.” Philip Vance whispered to Alex.

  “Hello, I am Philip Vance, the owner of the ‘Royal Hotel’ can I help Mr.…?”

  “McKenzie, Daniel McKenzie, I want a suite for two.”

  “Mr. McKenzie, it will take only a second; you have room number 107, third floor, is it good for you?”

  “Sure it is.”

  “How many nights are you planning to stay Mr. McKenzie?”

  “Just two, today and Saturday, we will leave Sunday afternoon.”

  “All right then, so, two nights, room 107. Here you go. Have a nice day.” Mr. Vance delivered the keys to Daniel and then he and his wife walked to the elevator without saying a word.

  At the elevator they were going to the third floor where their room was located, before they get there, the elevator stopped in the second floor. Guess who was there when the door opened? Exactly, the receptionist, when the elevator’s door opened and Daniel managed to see Alex’s face, an incredibly strong rage took control of his actions and he shouted:

  “Here you are again, I will take the stairs because I’m starting to feel annoyed with your presence!” he stepped out of the elevator hoping that his wife would follow him.

  “Are you coming or not Dora?”

  “No Daniel, I’m not going, I guess you can reach the third floor by yourself.” As Dora said that she pushed the button to close the elevator.

  “What is your name?”

  “Alex Mrs.”

  “My name is Dora. Well Alex, accept my apologies for my husband’s behavior. He is particularly rude today.”

  “It doesn’t matter Mrs. Dora. I am getting used to it; most of the people here treat us badly.”

  Suddenly, when the conversation was starting to get interesting the elevator arrived at its destiny, the door opened and Mr. McKenzie was stood there waiting for his wife.

  “What are you doing here Daniel? I wouldn’t get lost.”

  “Dora, I was just…”

  “Yes you were just… just being possessive, again; I thought we already talked about this matter. But you insist on being the same.”

  They were arguing as they entered into their room. Alex left, this time, using the stairs.

  Meanwhile, at the hotel’s entrance a couple of employees were talking about the incident that happened a few minutes ago. They have had their share of arrogant persons but that strange man, Mr. McKenzie was a lot ruder. The gossip lasted several minutes. Alex finally arrived to the place where the hotel’s staff was talking about Daniel; instead of staying there fueling the gossip, he decided to leave and continue his job.

  In the third floor, at the room 106: Janet and Larry were worried about the argument happening in the next room. Janet was a very inquisitive woman and was trying to convince Larry to go with her and knock on their door so she could ask them some questions and satisfy her curiosity. Larry didn’t want to do that so, they remained in the room. Although, Janet didn’t give up, she even got to the point of getting a glass and placed it against the wall in an effort to hear something of the McKenzies’ argument. Happily for Larry and the McKenzies as well, she couldn’t listen to any clear word, if she managed to do that, the following day the entire Royal Hotel would know every sentence about the McKenzie’s discussion. Larry was smiling; after all, his spouse was very funny and also very persistent what made her a humorous person. Eventually, Janet stopped but she was thinking about another way of hearing the argument in the next room. Larry noticed that and decided to distract his wife; otherwise she would put them both on trouble with her “innovative” ideas. Larry managed to distract his wife, of course he heard some complaints, but he handled it well.

  Back to the room 107; Dora’s cell phone rings, she quickly opens her purse and searches for the cell phone; it appears to be lost between so many assets. Inside Dora’s black purse you could expect to find a varied list of items: from different types of lipsticks, countless agendas, various notepads, makeup, books, among many other things. After a minute Dora finally finds the cell phone and quickly answers the call.

  “Hello mum, how are you? How’s dad?” Asks Sophie; the only daughter of the McKenzies.

  “Oh dear, we miss you so much! We are fine honey. What about you?” Dora asked.

  “I am also good mum. Did you and dad stop that divorce idea?”

  “Well, your father took me to a hotel this weekend, here we will have time to think and decide if our relationship is going to work; but don’t think that your father is behaving, he was rude to a receptionist here at the hotel;
you know I can’t stand this sort of things and he knows that too.”

  “Mum, you know him, just try to do not worry too much about those issues, let me talk to him.”

  “I’ll give him the cell phone.”

  “How’s Paris Sophie?” Daniel enquired.

  “Paris didn’t move since I’m here, dad.”

  Daniel laughed.

  “Your sense of humor is unstoppable, darling.”

  “I know dad. My travel to Paris was quite good; tomorrow will be time to visit the city and its monuments. Then, it will be time for me to taste some of the impressive Parisian cuisine and try to overcome my phobia at the Eiffel Tower.”

  “I am sure you will do it!”

  “Daniel, give the mobile phone.” Dora said.

  “Here I am again Sophie, have you been eating well? You know how much I hate that fast food you usually consume.”

  “Yes I know mum, don’t worry, I’ve been eating what you advised me to eat. I have to go otherwise I will lose the bus, a kiss for you and for dad. I love you.”

  “We love you too honey!” Daniel and Dora said at the same time. For the first time in months they both agreed with something, for the first time in months they said something at the exact same time. This apparent worthless action caused them to feel a little closer to each other and they forget about the argument. Some seconds after that, the room’s phone rings, Dora picked up.

  “Dora McKenzie here.”

  “Mrs. McKenzie, the dinner will be served in ten minutes, you have the table number 16 reserved for you.”

  “Thank you, we will be there in two minutes. Goodbye.” Dora said, she hung up the call and told Daniel that the dinner was almost served. Both left the room and went to the restaurant. Just when Daniel was about to push the button and call the elevator, Dora stopped him.

  “No, no, no, no, we will go by the stairs now.” She said with a smile in her face.

  “You are punishing me, aren’t you?” Daniel asked.

  “Me? No. I’m just remembering you about the importance of practicing a little exercise before eating that caloric dinner down there.” Dora replied and then she laughed slightly.

  Obviously, she was “punishing” him for his behavior some hours ago. Soon they arrived at the restaurant located at the first floor, the restaurant was almost packed and Dora was looking for their table which appeared to be an impossible mission.

  “Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen…” Dora kept repeating while she was looking for their table number.

  She found it rapidly, Daniel and Dora sat. At that very moment their mind recalled the romantic dinner they shared several years ago. A romantic dinner followed by an even more romantic night. While they were thinking about that and missing that moment, their eyes met and a spark of hope rose within Daniel’s eyes, Daniel was generally a negativist person he always seemed to be so hopeless, but that night, something changed, hope was rising again. From that moment onwards, he decided that he would save his marriage. Dora was saying to herself that she would give an opportunity to his husband; after all, their loved each other.

  At that moment, Alex was going to serve the dinner to the table number 16; he was distracted and when he came back to the reality he saw the McKenzies at the table. He returned to the kitchen:

  “Martin, can you please deliver this to the table number 16?” Alex politely asked.

  “Why’s that Alex? I am very busy here as you can see, I can’t stop now!”

  “I know, I know, it’s just that man who argued with me this afternoon, he is there at that table. I can’t risk another argument, the restaurant is packed, and Mr. Vance wouldn’t like to hear that another argument took place in front of so many guests.”

  “O.k. I will take care of that.”

  “Thanks Martin, thanks, you are a great friend.”

  While Daniel and Dora were enjoying the dinner; across the Atlantic Ocean, in Paris, their daughter wasn’t so happy:

  “Peter, I am losing my temper! Your silly behavior at the café was unbearable.” Sophie said to her boyfriend at the apartment were they were spending their weekend.

  “Unbearable!? Unbearable was your attitude! That stupid boy spent all the nighty minutes we were there looking to you, he also tried to get your phone number. What I’m supposed to do? Stay there quietly and smile? No!”

  “You have to trust me Peter, you know I would never give him my phone number, I barely spoke to him.”

  “Yes, you barely spoke to him, but you were constantly smiling to him! I saw that!”

  “There was no reason for what you have done. You stroke him, Peter. You have to trust in me.”

  “You know what? I will do the same; I will do exactly what you did. Let’s see if you like it!”

  Peter left, Sophie McKenzie was left crying alone in the apartment. While her tears run across her face, she remembered what happened a few hours ago in that café, suddenly a strong rage took the control of her thoughts.

  At the Royal Hotel, Dora and Daniel were about to leave the restaurant when Janet and Larry interrupted them.

  “Hello, I am Janet Jackson, this is my husband Larry; we are staying in room number 106. I think it is next to yours.”

  “Yes it is Mrs. Jackson; I am Daniel McKenzie and this is my wife Dora McKenzie, our room is the 107.”

  “Nice to meet you Janet, now we have to go.” Dora said, and then she called the elevator.

  Janet was a little disappointed, she was trying to know more about the McKenzies and naturally she would make questions about their argument. Unfortunately for Janet, Dora did not enjoy the conversation but Janet was determined to satisfy her curiosity anyway.

  The McKenzies went to their room but they soon returned to the hotel’s entrance, both were very elegantly dressed and ready to attend to the opera performance happening that night in New York. Daniel gently held Dora’s hand and after that moment some kind of special comfort and warmth heated their hearts. Dora turned her face to Daniel and smiled slightly to him; Daniel did the same. Apparently their relationship was getting better and better.

  Alex was observing the McKenzies, silently. A fury wave emerged within is body, he had to make Daniel suffer. He wanted revenge for what had happened the afternoon. Alex appeared to be a calm person, but in fact appearances can be very misleading. Two hours later the McKenzies arrived at the Royal Hotel. They were in a very good mood, they didn’t take long to reach their room; after all, they were exhausted.

  Saturday: The Ball

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