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     Unsent Letters of a Broken Heart, p.1

       Demi Bernice
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Unsent Letters of a Broken Heart

To all broken hearts, and tears shed,

Commit that after you read this you will move on,
shattered pieces away, tears wiped.
It’s okay to cry once, twice, thrice,
But not forever. Let it all out. But after it, make sure all of
these are over.

Don’t be afraid to love again.
Love is beautiful, keep that in mind.

(Write your commitment to yourself below.)

I want to be embraced in your feathered arms of forever,
In your voice soothing as the heavens.
I want to be enraptured by you, within you,
in your capability of making me melt, making me smile,
even without your presence.
I want to be the one that’s going to finish your sentences,
the owner of the hands you are going to hold on for long,
the kiss you’ll ever remember that you’ll trade your life & time.

I wonder if I can ever carry on.
I’m weak.
I’m insatiable.
I’m dying,
for you are absorbing my breathing.

Demi Bernice

I remember every sensation.
Every inch of your skin touching mine.
I remember everything you told me,
From the first to the last sequence.
Of how you arrange your words
like a magnificent array of flowers,
Of how your jokes make me giggle
like I’m being tickled with a feather in my ear.
I remember how often I showed you
how would it feel to be loved by me,
And I wish I can do more.
I wanted to do more.
I wish I have kissed you before I went home.
But if I did, then it would only come as a torment
in each days that passes by without you.
Like how this day goes
with this thought--torture.

Demi Bernice

I made a huge mistake.
That is, falling for you.
I drowned in your ocean of sugar-coated words,
sweet as sugar in your coffee and cream but dreadful when tasted.
You did not pull me out from drowning.
You left me, dying.
Demi Bernice

Of course, you would not miss me.
Of course, you would not care.
Of course, you would not text me.
Of course, you would not dare.
But at the end of everyday, I always think..
Maybe, you miss me.
Maybe, you care.
Maybe, you will text me.
Maybe, you will dare.
Maybe, you love me.
And maybe, all of these things are uncertain.
Demi Bernice

So I’ll stop walking behind you.
Of course, you’ll never know. You’ll never look back.
I was there, behind you, seeing how your footsteps brisk
from one step to another.
I’m sorry if I insisted in tagging you along.
But no worries now, love.
I’ll stop walking.
I’ll let you walk on your own now.
I will be walking away.
I’m walking away from you.
If you come looking for me,
I’m just opposite where you went.
I’ll be walking, but I’ll still be waiting.

Demi Bernice

I fell for you when I thought I would not.
You came into my life when I least expected you would come.

You must be my kismet.

A fate I’ve waited for do long.

Demi Bernice

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