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     Mind Verses

       Deena Mehjabeen
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Mind Verses


To my mother--
You pull me up and inspire me every single time I falter

To my readers,
I am not writing anything that hasn’t been said or written before. But I’m writing them in my words. I write just how I feel or observe events and moments in life. Every poem I write is raw and honest; without any ornamental words.
My only wish from this collection is that my words resonate with you and that you feel like these words have helped. I hope you find what you need in time.
All my love,
May, 2017

‘Just let go. Drift. Drift like a cloud in the sky. Drifting, into that special state, that state of peace. Don’t hang on to thoughts, don’t hang on to anything. Your mind is getting quieter and quieter. Bliss is taking over you.’
—Marlon Brando



This is for us
All of you in this layogenic world
This monologue is for us
We feel too much
We love too much and too soon
We worry too much
We give too much
Unknowingly to the least deserving candidate
For all of us who are too good for this often cruel
Tedious journey called life
That goes on in tandem
I hope these words glue us
To the feeling that we are normal
That we are a treasure
For all of us,
In love with boketto
You know, just gazing into space
Without a thought in the world
And not feeling silly about it
This is for all of us for whom
Just existing is exhausting
Living every day and
And going through each day
For us for whom
Dealing with life is difficult
It is to show you that
There are more of you
And there are more of us
And we’re in this together

Barrels of guns aren’t
The only ones that
Fire bullets
Bullet shrapnel
That sear through
Our mind
Words can do that too
Thoughtless hurtful
Words create in
Our hearts permanent wounds
Harsh words pierce into our soul
It forms a gaping hole in our heart
Mean words scar us
Like bullets, they disfigure us
We don’t stay the same
Negative words defeat us
Insensitive words take
Something away from
You who says it
It makes you less of a human

Kind words
You know how powerful
Words are, right?
Words that light us up
The kind words
Said with a smile
The encouraging phrases
Someone says to you
Those words make our hearts
Dance with happiness
Just one word
That’s all it takes to
Break us or
Build us

Meaningless Words
Why do we say things we don’t mean?
Why do we do the things we say we’d do?
Is this what it means to be the most evolved creature?
Does it make us the most civilized being on the planet?
So, that we trick people and manipulate situations?
Does this make us feel clever?
Does this make us feel superior to the ones we make a fool of?
Does this make us happy?

You’re toxic
And you don’t even know it
There’s an evil twin
Inside of you
It comes out
When you least expect
In front of the person
You don’t really mean
To hurt
This meanness
That’s in your words
The hatred
That’s in your eyes
You have a black
Heart growing
In that chest of yours
Beating silently
Behind the bright red
Heart that we all have
You say words
That would upset you
If someone else said
Them to you
You know all this
But you still want
Your words to
Hurt this person
Who loves you
As unconditionally
As she can
You are sorry
When the rage isn’t
Blinding your senses
And judgements anymore
But you’ve already
Left a scar that
Unkind words
Leave on your soul
Your ‘sorry’
Doesn’t fully
Heal that wound
It just numbs the pain

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