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     Diary of an Abducted Space Seed

       Debbie McKelvey / Actions & Adventure / Science Fiction
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Diary of an Abducted Space Seed

of an Abducted
Space Seed

Debbie McKelvey

Copyright 2017 Debbie McKelvey
Clanbrassil Publishing

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Watch out for Space Salad

The adventure doesn’t end here!
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Chapter 1 - 2 September 2015 - The day the trouble began
Chapter 2 - October 2015 - Working on a plan
Chapter 3 - November 2015 - D-Day
Chapter 4 - December 2015 - Horror scene
Chapter 5 - January 2016 - Blooming marvellous
Chapter 6 - February 2016 - Space life
Chapter 7 - 2 March 2016 - Abducted again
Chapter 8 - 18 April 2016 - Unkempt, smudgy-faced, clotpoles!
Chapter 9 - May 2016 - Be on stand-by!
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2nd September 2015 -
The day the trouble began

Please help me!
Anyone out there reading this I’m begging you, get your act together and come rescue me – A-S-A-P!
OK, so I know you’re not going to believe this – but let’s give it a try…
I’m a seed - (that’s the easy bit to believe) - and I’ve been abducted and taken to space!
Yes, yes, I know – you’re thinking why would anyone kidnap a seed and take it to space?
WELL, I DON’T KNOW! But if I did I’d be the first to tell you! In fact, I was rather hoping you’d be able to tell me!
I had bright prospects before all this happened, you know.
I belonged to a company - a very reputable company - a British Vegetable Breeding Company. These people are experts in their field (no pun intended there!) and with them - I was destined to be one of the best.
Yes, I am a rocket seed and for me the only way is up! (Pun definitely intended there!)
I had been picked by the company to travel to exotic places like Kazakhstan where they were running tests on me to find out just exactly how brilliant I am.
As a rather handsome seed, I and my cousin Arugula (or Argy as I call him for short) were real charmers with the girls (or so we thought anyway).
In the evenings we used to have a ball, hanging out with the other seeds and the big boy vegetables, and we’d crack jokes and have fun.
We kept the tomatoes going, saying they’d turned red because they saw the ‘salad dressing’ and we told the salad leaves if they became ministers they’d start their Sunday services by saying ‘lettuce pray’!
We told the herb seeds that if they didn’t like our jokes they were going to have a bad ‘thyme’of it, and said if we ever met a sick lemon we would give it lemon aid!
Ah, we thought we were so funny, but now look where I am - a rocket seed on a rocket – ok, so there’s a joke in that somewhere, but I’m NOT laughing!
Yes, life was sweet – right up until today –when I was bundled into a package, smuggled onto that rocket and propelled into space!
I wasn’t alone either – there were a whole 2 kilograms of us kidnapped!
You would think someone would have noticed 2 kilograms of salad seeds go missing! But oh no!
So there I was feeling all claustrophobic and cramped and we were crammed in so tightly I thought I was going to be sick.
Then suddenly I heard a crackling radio transmission say “LAUNCH COMMAND ISSUED,” then a few seconds of silence and then “LIFT OFF.”
Lift off!!! - I was frantic.
I thought - somebody’s having a laugh with us! But then I heard the most deafening roar and I was thrust back with sheer acceleration.
As the speed increased, I was jiggling about violently. It was like being pushed up by a gigantic, invisible wave.
The force felt unbearable – like a baby elephant sitting on your face, and when I looked round cousin Argy was wibbling like a washing machine on spin cycle.
Just when I thought I could take it no more, suddenly it stopped and everything went eerily calm and floaty.
Look, if you don’t believe me there’s a rumour going round that stuff like this always ends up on YouTube, so go check it out and see if you can find anything about a Soyuz TMA-18M Rocket launching today!
You might find some clues there to help me, like just who’s responsible for this!
Expecting to see you here soon to rescue me,

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