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  Copyright © 2017 by David Santamaria

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  January 23 at 6:44pm

  Special Alert: Forbid watching Obama’s hands daily. Look at his jaw anytime. Fire.

  January 28 at 2:06am

  I wrote to the President. Robots will impress, a wall will make laugh. Go Darpa! I will write here now. Wall Street 2.0 just humiliated me for good, impersonating honesty again, be stealing me 0.5BTC. So I am an American Novelist now, good bye working in finance. You cannot trust those men. Better breach a tropic, beating topics. Eagles wrote. You see it in their glance. They saw. They won't tell you. They scraw. I guess it is writing.

  Now I am trying to buy 0 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, and I tell you, because it is so cool trying.

  Electro stratus report, in Fen Major, for whoever reads. A straight jacket is what Obama needs most, or drink himself to death in Las Vegas. But he will barely taste a beer in Munich, he only drinks alone. Smart drinker he says. He wants a blond now, this is what he asked for in real, and in his life. Tired of this fat ass he has, as he used to think.

  And Germans love him. Here is your piece of information. It is him they want, not your servitor. They are so proud he is the original Satan. It takes a hella lot of cops to save his tiny jeans.

  You know, in Africa, he was the first one to fill women's teeth, for following him. He needs cops around. It is not like he can walk alone in the street, like a Man. The fear would be intense, for him, not for me, he is a little man in the end. Me, there are reports of Miracles everywhere I land, that is even inside a jail, in its courtyard or not. He should have talked about that, but he was really born in Africa, and not 2000 years ago, like he tries to make believe now.

  To the Guilds, teams, V.I. P’S. persons and even Armies thinking about visiting tours to assist me, be wary of the locals. Suppose the mayor will suicide, like the previous one, and that I only want the arrest, and handcuffing of at least priest Onfray, and the mayor, including the archbishop, and the priest nearby, who takes himself for Neo, like threatening to kick my ass. He takes himself a bit for that, "stronger than me." He wants to prove a thing, but then of course, once I would have kicked his ass, he would call the police, exactly like the guy below did in 2011... It's complicated. We're on Facebook. I am calling him gay. Lol.

  The best is to do not shake any hands, before mine, or you shake Satan. The inhabitants of tours became like a skin for him. Only me understands them, they are all crazy. They pretend they teach at NASA, if you want to understand them. Whatever you talk, they will tell you they know better, and it is just Obama talking, but with their vocabulary. It is pathetic, they went to hell with him, for persecuting me relentlessly, and me alone.

  It is better to email me in the end; I say it especially to Madonna. Woman in tours extremely tortured, for evil, it is better to do not see one. None is a Christian ever. And the men completely evil, totally asleep. Never talk to one, or he lie to you, and take your identity. They became the demons for sucking souls, and I emptied them of theirs. You see a population completely in hell, walking like zombies, when you are in tours. They all pretend they do not see me. And it is this magical the instant you step in the city lines. Do not come tomorrow if it is you plan, just write me an email.

  Obama wants coke, by the way. Like in the day. He wants to show you the clown. He needs a starter like all sodomites. Let him meet his dealer at least. There must be a body guard who has that. I say to the people, do not say I temp, I report. I saw. I am the boss. Angels report to me. Keep that Coca-Cola for me.

  You are going to see him very nervous suddenly, and on stage, it will be me. The doc gave him the pill. Coke like that, but for specialist; you do not see the red eye. Those guys have all the pharmacopeia. Presidents are drugs addicts themselves in many places. Some are even proud of it. Obama, him, will look like I am giving him anal, on stage. Very nervous. Shocked. He forgot to say something. His career is over. People wants to call him negro. The Africa, again. And this time, everybody knows who he is. Satan is super surrounded for once. I cannot wait what you will do to him. Expect no mercy from me, not even for the woman who gave me a son, to torturing him then, and me, trying to make me pass for the torturer. Like I need that to make a living... basic alcoholic... more her portrait by now, this Natacha. She was not that flight attendant from the Belgium cartoon.

  Thank you, by the way, to everyone torturing him with questions about me. Try near bananas, to see if he tries juggling with one.

  January 28 at 12:01pm ·

  Retirement update: Start using Om only.

  -I forbid to all Christians to use bitcoin, autistic scene now.

  You will see, they will only create problems with.

  -Bitcoin is the money of the Muslims, consider that, bitcoin users only lie.

  Uninstall it from your PC like me.

  -Om America (Americom) can perfectly totally replace the current success

  that bitcoin has, thank to one programmer, like me, I mean not a thief,

  even of success. But Americom can lead the real industry; bitcoin can die.

  -Now there is another scene, desperately trying to steal my passwords (my retirement money).

  Recall that now in Jan. 2017, I still cannot even afford for a washing machine, at soon 45 years old.

  So I stay away from the internet for a while. Expect no updates, nowhere. Om is now in your hands.

  I just got stolen what is a month of food for me (0.5BTC), for I got scammed, I did not noticed

  the detail, so why continue and lose everything? I am sick of being humiliated.

  End of memo, go to hell.

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