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           David Papa-Adams
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Valour of the Spirit People
Valour of the Spirit People


  Adam David Papa-Adams

  Copyright 2012 Adam David Papa-Adams all rights reserved

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  For Thomas Papa-Adams my Godson

  Who loves this type of thing.

  Table of Contents.

  The Book of Sorrows

  Prologue The Battle of Helleos Prime.

  Chapter I – Michael.

  Chapter II - The Shadow People of Turtle Island.

  Chapter III – Olaf the Viking.

  Chapter IV - Chey’ Tanka the Longfoot.

  Chapter V – Anaki.

  Chapter VI – Enter the Djinn.

  Chapter VII – Malachi.

  Chapter VIII – The Mustering of the Longfoot.

  Chapter IX – Flight.

  Chapter X – Battle of the Green Wood.

  Chapter XI – The Hidatsa.

  Chapter XII – Fenrir.

  Chapter XIII – The Higher Wold.

  Chapter XIV – The Great Council of Nations.

  Chapter XV – Shadows of the Night.

  Chapter XVI – Red Snake.

  Chapter XVII – Valley of the Dead.

  Chapter XVIII – The Might of Black Buffalo.

  Epilogue – Sentinel.

  The Book of Sorrows

  In the beginning there was the Way and the Way was the Great Chakra in all things - also it was called the Great Spirit. But there also was the Void - an unbounded emptiness of space, tranquillity and silence. The Way was an indivisible power, an omnipresent ubiquitous consciousness that held all wisdom and which bestowed upon the universe The Great Equilibrium of life, a perfect symmetry and harmony. And with The Way came the light from which originated stars, worlds, universes. And also The Way brought forth beings of natural energy - the Angelos, who made the Djinn in their own image and who could take upon them any form appearing mortal, if that was their desire, and in time they learned much of the Firmament that only they had knowledge of. The Angelos were wise then and begot truly from the ways of Chakra spiritual devices of such wonder that some of them became proud; being able to traverse the cosmos with ease. For they knew the passage of time affected them not.

  And the Angelos grew to be mighty craftsmen and at their height were able to create The Sacred Seals and The Blessed Codexes so that the Great Equilibrium could be maintained eternally. To each Seal and Codex was given a guardian known as a Watcher, and the line of Watchers was immortal. And as time passed the Lord of the Watchers cried out to learn the ways of making the Blessed Codexes, and the Angelos taking pity on him, showed him the way of how all things came into being, and from that his understanding of the Art grew until he surpassed even the Angelos, shaping in all its beauty a Master Codex that knew creation. The Angelos saw what he had done and became afraid; for such a thing was never meant to be and realising the power of the Watchers they were all of them touched by the Codex of Death and made to have mortal lives, and the Master Codex in all its glory was taken so that it might be undone…

  But one Angelos spoke out saying why should they be so troubled by the Watchers who were like them in so many ways? And it was the Equilibrium that was called to answer. For what right did any have to bind others and keep them from their craft? And so it became that only by their descent the line of Watchers would live on, until such time that a thousand generations of the August people should pass and after that they would return to the Angelos as one of them and gain once more immortality. It was not seen the danger that had begun there, this was the beginning of the Schism.

  From the power of The Way came many sons of light, the trees, the flowers and all that gave Worlds life and breath. And then came many beasts of the deep oceans and seas and finally came the creatures of thought, of which humanity was one. The Way was pleased with man and saw that such beings needed instruction and so sent to them The Enlightened one to be their teacher.

  Some of the Angelos desired that they should also be illuminators but their lot was to guard the Equilibrium and maintain the vision of the Cosmos. And before then in ages past the Angelos settled on the world of Haven where they made their capital Edun - and that was the time of Harmony.

  But a seed had been spawned in some of the Angelos that they should not be bound by The Way and follow The Equilibrium. And in their hearts a shadow grew - a darkness not yet seen or felt before in any Universe.

  And so it came to pass in the age of harmony that some Angelos wished not for their power to be so fettered and they turned to the Mages who were wise and fearful, the mightiest of whom was one called Moloch who desired above all the secrets of the Djinn for his own and went to them with Azazel, an Angelos who was their father, so that they might turn against The Equilibrium and do their bidding. But the Djinn in their virtue went and told Gabriel and Michael, who were of the Angelos, what had taken place.

  And Michael and Gabriel went to Azazel so that he might answer for what he had done and there was War in Haven and the City of Edun was sundered by fire and flame. Near all The Sacred Seals and Blessed Codexes were taken by The Watchers so that they might be hidden and kept safe and so they fled and were thought lost forever and there was great destruction and great trembling. The Wold were mighty and fair at that time but Azazel unleashed the Codex of Pestilence on them and they were defiled, all withering and becoming savage fearful aspects to look upon and their minds were overturned.

  And Azazel could not so easily be overcome for so strong was his Chakra that none seemingly could stand against him. Still the Angelos would not be defeated and at the final Battle on the plains of Ithica they smote him to his ruin - or so was thought. Yet it was not Azazel that fell that day but a Mage who was made in appearance like unto his master.

  The War for a time ended and the silence that followed that should have been harmonious was in its stead something ominous, then after an age had past Azazel who was long thought vanquished returned as The Dragon. And he went at that cycle of the turning of the skies unto a race whose world Nibiru was dying and the Angelos would not intercede to save them letting them fade to nothing to maintain The Equilibrium for they had had their time, but the Dragon saw their lament or so was said and told them of a place called Terra Azure that had the source of their salvation a rock so pure that it would enable them to cover their world in a protective cloak so that the rays of the sun would be shunned. The inhabitants of that world called them the Ananaki which means ‘those from whom the heavens came’ and the Ananaki took Men and made them captive to their will so that they might delve in deep chasms for the source of their hope. But the Angelos heard their cries and seeing the tribulation of those that were enslaved delivered to them in secret one of their own who was to become a mighty Sage in the eyes of Men; they named him after their once wondrous city, but to humanity he became known over time as Adun or Adam and the Ananaki with their world saved were driven from Terra Azure by the Angelos and by men for the breaking of The Equilibrium; even so there was a prophesy that they would long after return. But little did any grasp the truth of what the Dragon had done at that time for he had wanted to take for himself that perfect feature dug from the bowels of Terra Azure and no one could foresee such a purpose as he had; and so while the Ananaki
slept in their trust of him, he crept into their most secret vaults for he was a craftsmen of mighty stature whose desire was to create a Greater Codex that had power and dominion over all the Sacred Seals and Blessed Codexes. But the Ananaki seeing his treachery drove him from their world and made an alliance with the Angelos that has yet to be broken. And the Dragon fled into the realm of the Mages where none would dare follow him, for theirs is a Dark Universe.

  And as eons passed and the Dragon remained unlearned of and The Schism unaltered, who knew whether he had crafted the Greater Codex and as memory fell to history and history turned to legend and legend became myth; until that time when all recall of those elder days failed and fear of the past was no more. The Angelos forgot about the line of Watchers and the Sacred Seals and the Blessed Codexes that were not in their keeping; and thought of them no more.

  Then as the millennium of the seven heavenly sisters arose a menace was perceived. The Equilibrium was shaken as that which was not meant to be chanced in the emptiness of space. Something that had no explanation or understanding cried out from the vastness to be heard; the age of sorrows had come and what had never been known before was conceived; a Universe had ceased to exist. And so it was that War had returned to the Angelos.


  The Battle of Helleos Prime

  Michael and Gabriel stood on the plain. Its once lush grasses were traumatised by a recent violent encounter and it was now more reminiscent of a congealed hardened barren bog. The army Michael now led was laying siege to the last bastion of the one they referred to as, and feared as, the Dragon. Above, the two moons over the world of Helleos Prime shone down like mournful tombs. Like so many other worlds before this one was aflame. The war had reached its climax as the Legions of the Angelos marched slowly forward waiting for the final signal to strike. Beneath dull battle hardened winged helmets, long silver hair rested wearily on tired shoulders, and armour which had appeared so proud looked less in its dignity than ever before. Once bright eyes now surveyed the culmination of years of conflict. Shields of energy burdened sagging tired backs, swords hung at their sides. As no hand held photonic discharger could penetrate their shields they had been reduced to using more archaic bloody methods of battle, and their swords were a testimony to that fact. Both Michael and Gabriel stood over seven feet tall, their eyes firmly fixed on their target. They had chased the rebels across space and time and had fought for what must have been a thousand millennia. Entire worlds had been ravaged - some even destroyed - as the tide of war had raged one way then the other; surely now there would be final victory. A third of the army had already been lost; an unimaginable number and they did not know or wish to guess at the number that had first bound themselves to the Dragon. The two stood, grim faced, waiting to give the order for the final offensive of the campaign. The assault troops formed up on either side of them. Gabriel gave a nod to his trusted lieutenant, Uziel, who spoke into the small communicator in his helmet. Suddenly photonic cannons blasted out, unleashing a devastating barrage, a raging inferno that crashed against the protective shield that surrounded the city of Dredion, weakening it. As each photonic missile landed the shield lit up and fiery bursts flashed violently in all directions. Both Gabriel and Michael were grim faced and pensive as they waited to see if the shield could be breached. Then, to the dismay of all, there was a mighty eruption and a dazzling display of fractured light as the shield around the great city collapsed.

  Like a mighty tide, the army surged forwards with a shattering roar across the plain. As the first soldiers raced into the city they were met not with on rushing defenders but with silence as the only shouts and cries came from the pursuers. The inhabitants were simply gone, the city deserted. Had the Dragon once more unbelievably outwitted them?

  Gabriel and Michael had entered that mighty citadel - which they had thought was the last refuge of their enemy - and immediately dispatched their scouts throughout that great fortress city. Houses of stone, metal and glass appeared unblemished, untouched by the war that had continued millennium after millennium beyond its energy wall. Bewildered, they filed past buildings empty of life; the culmination of a thousand years of trial had come to naught. Was that it? Thought Michael, had they been deceived once more; had the war really not ended? They waited patiently as runners brought news, the city had been emptied; finally there came word that they were to make for the great pillared hall at the heart of the city.

  Michael, with Gabriel at his side marched past the deserted homes of their vanished rather than vanquished foe. Eventually they came to a thoroughfare which led right into the heart of the City. It was wide with imposing statues on either side of heroes and kings of old. Michael stopped a moment in front of one of them.

  “Azazel,” scoffed Michael, pointing at it.

  “I guess he got his throne,” replied Gabriel.

  “Was it really worth it?” asked Michael grimly shaking his head. He was staring up at the statue as if talking to it; Azazel - the one known as the Dragon - was there perched on his high seat looking impassively back at them. Even now it was as though he were mocking them.

  They walked on beneath the twin moons of Phobos and Tane, whose haloed spectral gaze shone down, sending them a haunting path to follow. At its end was a commanding domed building with large stone steps to the front. An ornately carved architrave rose up before them as they made their approach; they quickly climbed the wide princely stairway. As they entered that silent untouched hall, its vastness extended beyond sight; large unfurled banners hung from the ceiling to greet them; inset in some was a hydra that leered down at the intruders. They strode purposefully forward. The knights milled around a shattered edifice; collapsed pillars the size of the tallest trees with trunks to match lay at their feet; a large beam, cracked at its centre, leant desperately against one of them. Everyone backed away as they approached. Michael’s jaw tightened at the realisation of what confronted them. It was the remnants of a colossal Portal to other worlds, other dimensions, even other times.

  “He is certainly a worthy adversary,” said Gabriel as he removed his helmet, “thousands of years of conflict and he slips through our fingers.”

  On the wall in Angelos script was an ominous message. ‘I shall vanquish all that has been.’

  Gabriel gestured toward the message and wryly smiled, “That’s promising.”

  “We need a better plan,” said Michael. “Obviously a frontal assault is not going to win the day.”

  “Really,” asked Gabriel. “After all this time you think we need a new strategy. We could always ask him to give up his foolishness, but then again we did, and if I recall he took the opportunity of peace, to strengthen his ties with the Ananaki. So what is it you suggest we do now?”

  “Do we know where they’ve escaped to Uziel?” asked Michael.

  “It’s coming through now,” replied Uziel who stood by the side of the broken portal. From its fragments they had created another one, and the instrument in his hand pulsated with a rhythm that appeared to grow. He was a tall figure whose long dark hair hung loosely and reached below his shoulders; his, pale blue eyes blazed in the half light. His burnished armour remained untarnished by previous struggles.

  “It’s the third planet in a solar system in a galaxy at the edge of the universe. It’s a blue planet. We know it as Terra Azure.”

  “Earth, to the locals. It’s where Abraham’s children reside,” replied Michael. “If the Dragon is there, that’s not good news, I’m afraid. He’s seeking something, it is not out of chance that his affairs turn there; I wonder if it is specific to the Sacred Seals or Blessed Codexes.”

  “If it is; then our war goes to Earth?” asked Gabriel.

  “I’ll go first, I’ll need to go alone, and in secret,” said Michael nodding quietly to himself. “I will need to be unrecognisable, which means rebirth.”

  “Rebirth,” Uziel began to fidget quietly, “that’s a bit desperate, don’t you think? Even if your Chakra survive
s the transition, you might end up like our great adversary.”

  “It will survive; but the thing is, where will you go?” asked Gabriel dubiously. “Are you sure this is the right thing to do, once you’re reborn anything could happen to you and we can’t afford to lose you.”

  “It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s the only thing to do, we're out of options,” said Michael. “As for where, since we’ve got a trace signal of his Chakra, I’ll simply follow it.”

  “Well I hope you are right but that signal could be a trap,” replied Gabriel.

  “I’ll be fine,” said Michael, “besides we have no choice - we need to go after him and we cannot allow them the time to recover, they must realise that defeat is close at hand.”

  “They’ll never believe that,” Gabriel shook his head as though he were feeling some discomfort.

  “There’s something else,” said Uziel, the disquiet in his voice drawing Gabriel and Michael toward him.

  “What’s that?” asked Gabriel holding back his breath.

  “The Dragon,” replied Uziel. “If he’s gone to Terra Azure it must be important - maybe he’s finally discovered the Mythical Master Codex or perhaps he’s trying to recover the Legendary Greater Codex.”

  Michael tiredly rubbed his forehead.

  “The Master or Greater Codex,” replied Gabriel, “it’s been a long time since anyone has mentioned them or even thought of them. Why speak of them now?”

  “His message to vanquish all,” replied Uziel.

  “Do you really believe that that’s what he meant? I think not.” Michael reached out, placing his hand on the portal. “Those Codexes must have been destroyed long ago and that’s why no one has ever had news of them, only a fool would think to look for them now. Having said that he is a fool, is there anything else?”

  “Yes,” said Uziel with a sigh, “according to our readings he’s escaped with his entire army intact.”

  “Now that is bad,” said Gabriel, “but with the city the way it is I guess that was to be expected - there’s not much we can do now but follow him. There is just one thing; the Dragon does not just randomly do things. I’m telling you this has all the aspects of a trap about it.”

  “You could be right,” replied Michael, “it would not be the first time he’s outmanoeuvred us, he does after all have some very powerful allies. The problem is we have no time to second guess him - I see no alternative than an extreme one and if there truly be design to his flight other than fear of capture, then we need to know it.”

  “And yet what you intend is wrought with difficulties; even should you get the right era and right earth,” replied Gabriel, “it’s a big planet.”

  “It is at that,” said Michael, “but he’s not the only one that can seek out Sacred Seals or Blessed Codexes; there is a place I might go to first that will lead us to what the Dragon’s after.”

  “You’re referring to the Watcher, it will be a hard and maybe treacherous journey that one, and to protect the Equilibrium his help will be minimal; nevertheless I’ll inform him of your rebirth, but you’ll still have to rely on your senses to survive,” replied Gabriel.

  “Well - late twentieth century earth it is then. Uziel, is everything prepared?”

  Uziel had adjusted the energy frequency for the makeshift portal and stood dubiously by its side. As it became active a reflective silver stream of light shimmered and came alive.

  “I don’t know how long it will last,” said Uziel, “if you’re going to go, you had better go now while it’s stable.”

  Michael took one last look at Gabriel and entered. As he passed between the two pillars there was a surge of energy and he was gone; within seconds the glowing energy field buckled and disappeared.

  “What happened?” asked Gabriel, taking a step closer in concern.

  “It’s alright,” replied Uziel, “his Chakra has transferred across to the other side without incident.”

  “I’d better contact the Watcher and tell him to keep a lookout for him,” said Gabriel. “Come, there’s nothing more for us to do here. Signal the army to withdraw - the sooner we leave this place the better.”

  With that the two departed. The high chamber echoed sullenly to the sound of their feet as they left. Above their heads the many standards of the enemy contemptuously stared down at them. The Dragon, their ancient adversary, stoically watched them from on high; it was as if he were mocking their efforts to subdue him. Gabriel kept to his own counsel and imperceptibly shuddered, and only he knew whether it was from a blast of cold air or from the noxious stain of being in such a place.

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