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           David McGhee
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Free Kittens

  David McGhee

  Free Kittens

  By: David McGhee

  Copyright © 2011 David McGhee

  Cover design copyright © 2011 by David McGhee

  Book design and layout copyright © 2011 by David McGhee

  Author photo copyright © 2011 Tammy Ealom

  This is a work of fiction, and the views expressed herein are the sole responsibility of the author. Likewise, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are represented fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events or locales, is entirely coincidental.

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever without written permission from the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either of the authors own imagination or are used fictitiously. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of the various products and brands mentioned in this work of fiction which have been used without permission. The publication use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners.

  Cover design copyright © 2011 by David McGhee

  Book design and layout copyright © 2011 by David McGhee

  For Tina Dix, James Williams, and Amber Williams. You guys took me in during my darkest hour… Thank you!

  “You’re my brand of heroin” – Edward Cullen, Twilight: by Stephanie Meyer

  Prologue: That was the best sex I've ever had!

  On Tuesday, when the Hi Dive is slow, she talks about strippers and the Rabid Ragdolls. The latter was her band, the prior just an odd obsession she’s had since age four. Her name was Tara and she had to be the coolest female bartender at the music venue / bar. Standing at a meager 5'2" she was just barely tall enough to reach over the counter of the bar. Not that this bothered anyone, she was such a blast that no one cared that she had trouble reaching across and giving people their drinks. Being a hot bartender with a great demeanor meant that she made very, very good money, despite the efficiency problems.

  Malcolm was a little more than drunk and he was dead set on taking Tara home tonight (at the current moment at least). Even though he had no chance in hell with her he still tried his best all the same every time he came around when she was working. Tara thought it was cute such a tall handsome individual would give her attention. She was taken though, but still flattered.

  Also, he was also a little too pale for her tastes. She liked her men with a little tan, which Malcolm sorely lacked like a skinny person without food.

  "Could I buy you a drink, baby?" Malcolm slurred, leaning against the bar.

  Tara smiled and wiped off a martini glass with her dish rag. "I don't drink while at work sweetie."

  Malcolm took out a crumpled ten dollar bill from his pocket and pushed it toward her. "Well, this would be a good time to start!"

  "I'm good. And you sir, are cut off." She motioned for Malcolm’s drink and he begrudgingly let her take it from his right hand.

  Malcolm frowned and pouted his small light blueish pink lips. He took back the ten and put it in his wallet, in defeat he went out into the dance crowd to find another fresh victim for tonight.

  He spotted a hot couple, a tall red headed guy and a somewhat shorter (but still tall) blue haired girl and decided that they were worth his time. He stumbled his way, slowly but surely through the throngs of sweaty hipsters. He came not even two feet from the two when they noticed his presence. The guy was caught off guard but the girl looked up and smiled.

  "Hey there big boy." She said. She was obviously as drunk as Malcolm was, at least she appeared to be and appearances are everything right? She steadied herself next to the elevated stage up front where they stood.

  Score! Malcolm thought.

  "Hello." Malcolm extended his hand, nearly falling over in the process from both the alcohol and the fact that a very pretty girl was giving him attention. He wasn’t sure he was this drunk but it did make rejection a little easier to cope with if he told himself that he wasn’t in his right mind. "My name is Malcolm. And you are going to go home with me tonight, right?" He asked no one in particular, he smiled and looked from the girl to the guy and back. The boy put up his hands and backed away, then went back into the crowd, leaving the tall blue haired lady all to Malcolm’s lonesome self.

  She took his hand. "My name is Sarah." Malcolm shook it a little too enthusiastically but she saw potential in him. He had nice clothes on and what appeared to be a real gold cross necklace around his long thin neck. This one would be easy she thought.

  "You want a drink?" He asked, pulling out the crumpled ten dollars.

  "No thanks." Sarah held up a half drunken lemon sour martini above her head and laughed. "I think I'm pretty sloshed as it is." She took a sip from it and spilled some on her shirt, leaving a yellow stain on her white Fall Out Boy t-shirt that poked through her black zip up hoodie. She giggled and put the drink back on the stage beside her.

  Malcolm ran his long fingers through his short black spiky hair. "Well, how am I to take advantage if you aren't crawling on the floor?" The girl laughed and Malcolm felt confident that he was going to get some tonight.

  At six foot three and one hundred and sixty pounds, Malcolm had an easy time attracting attention from potential mates. That and he felt that he was great in bed; at least that was from the testimonials of many a satisfied customer. Self-esteem had to come from somewhere.

  The girl was only about four or so inches shorter than he was, which was cool, but he preferred shorter girls and guys. Most tall people do.

  They talked about the local music scene and how the dance party they were at was the coolest in the world.

  "Sara T's Dancetron is the best show there is that doesn't involve live music." Malcolm said, his elongated arms now holding the small of Sarah’s back as they slow danced to the fast, pulsating house music. The mass of bodies around them gyrated violently to the beats and occasionally knocked into the two, who just laughed and shrugged it off as if it were no big deal.

  "I think I should get going soon." Sarah said softly into Malcolm's ear. Malcolm felt a pang of sorrow and let go of his potential beau. He looked down toward his converse shoes and let out a long, tired sigh.

  Sarah giggled and took his right hand. She stood on her tip toes and spoke into his ear again. "I mean, I need to get going…” she paused “with you!"

  Malcolm's head shot up and he grinned, barring his heavenly white smile. Sarah noticed his abnormally large canines.

  "You could be a vampire!" She said.

  Malcolm cocked his head and became serious, a long worry line formed in the middle of his forehead. "I've been told that I suck particularly well." His frown turned into a smile and they both laughed. He took her hand and led her out of the hip music venue and out onto the sidewalk of Broadway.

  "Actually would you mind if I took my car?" She asked.

  "Yeah sure, how about we go separately to my place?" He took her hand and kissed it. For the first time that night she became aware of just how cold he felt.

  "Um... Ok. Where do you live?"

  "Off of Boulder and Platte. I'm in one of those new condos."

  She smiled. "Those are expensive. What do you do for a livin

  This time it was Malcolm's turn to give his best smiley face "I am a graphic artist by trade. But professionally, I'm a lady killer." He grabbed a hold of Sarah and hugged her hard. She could smell the strong tinge of alcohol permeating from his every pore. The bitter aromas of ethanol and this odd cold sweat had made her stomach contract and expand with the contents being pushed up her esophagus.

  "I bet you are." She said, trying to catch her breath as he held onto her with more force than she was used to. He pulled her closer and could feel a big erection in his pants. It would have been exciting if he weren't so damn cold. Alcohol constricts the blood vessels, she reasoned, it's just his blood circulation slowing down and the frigid January air.

  "Let me text you my address." Malcolm got out his Blackberry cell phone and asked her for her contact info. Once he procured the ten digit number he dutifully gave her the directions. "I'll be waiting outside the indoor parking lot for you." He grabbed a hold of her head with both hands and kissed her on the lips. She made a move to slip him her tongue but couldn't get passed his teeth. He let go and happily told her "Not now. Save it for later." With a salute he stumbled down north on Broadway toward his car on sixth. She turned around and headed to the parking lot in the rear of the Hi Dive.

  She got into her red Sedan and waited for about fifteen minutes, listening to the new Death Cab for Cutie album on her MP3 player. After some thought she turned the ignition and pulled out of the parking space and onto Broadway, which is a one way street going south. With some deft maneuvering, she got onto Lincoln one block east and headed north toward the city.

  When she got there he was standing in the parking garage next to his new white Volkswagen Rabbit as promised. She parked and got out and he seemingly floated toward her as if he were on a cloud. It was entrancing and when he got to her he kissed her on the forehead. "I'm happy you got here safely." He looked her into the eyes. She never noticed how bright green they were until now. "Any damage to be done should be done by me." He smiled and took her hand, leading her through the entrance and to an elevator on the right of the lobby. She was struck by the fantastic white and green paint job of the walls and the soft manila shag carpeting.

  She decided to get him good and excited before they even got to the apartment and grabbed a hold of his crotch. He just stood there against the hallway wall, enjoying himself while she groped around his dick through the tight denim jeans he had on. He couldn't wait to get up to his room and get out her out of those hip hugging pants and t-shirt. She had left her black zip hoodie in her car.

  Once they reached the fourth floor he led her by the hand toward room 430. He fumbled for his keys like a drunken, horny frat boy and opened his front door. To her amazement she could see that he barely had any furniture. All that was present was a thirty two inch flat screen TV supported by a blue milk crate and a small black futon.

  Sarah cringed. "You have a bed, right?"

  Malcolm pulled her toward him and wrapped his body around hers; again her breath was taken away by the embrace. "Of course I do." His lips locked with hers. "And it's a nice bed too." He paused. "I'm not sure if my roommate is here though." He went down the dimly lit hallway and knocked on the second door on the left. After about a minute of heavy pounding he turned back toward Sarah and laughed. "He's a low level office assistant for a big shot lawyer. Probably out of town helping sue God knows who."

  Sarah smiled.

  Malcolm took off his navy blue sport coat with all the band buttons and threw it on the futon in the large living area. Without the coat she could see just how skinny he actually was. He looked borderline anorexic and she could imagine his hip bones poking her in her legs during sex. The thought gave her shivers.

  "So where's the bedroom?" Sarah asked. The place looked like they'd just moved in, except there were not boxes to be seen. The only sign of wealth was the flat screen and about six or seven Blu Ray DVD's on the floor.

  "Um..." Malcolm was at a loss. "Don't you want to do anything else first? Are you sure you want to go straight into there?" He didn't necessarily object to the idea but it was a first. Usually he had to work for these sorts of things. The fun of it was the chase (at least that’s what he told himself when the other party wasn’t as eager as he was at that particular point in time). He liked to romance a little, he wanted to feel like a gentlemen before he got his dick wet.

  "Nope, I felt what was down there and I'm all excited now." She blew him a kiss. He smiled in response. "Do you have any rope or anything that could be used as rope?" She asked.

  "You want to be tied up?" He asked cautiously. Although after a second of thought he seemed to get excited by the idea.

  "No." She said, her grin grew into a straight and serious face. "It's for you." She walked over to him and put her right hand on his cold, pale face. It sent electric shocks throughout her, like biting into an electric eel. She had to pull away before she went into little convulsions.

  "But..." Malcolm said, disappointed. "I like being on top." He looked very disappointed in the idea. She would have none of it though.

  Sarah came closer and grabbed his balls through his pants and held on tightly, making him get harder than he already was. "You want to fuck me right?" She whispered into his ear.

  Malcolm gulped a bubble of air and nodded his head nervously without saying a word. He wanted some tonight and he was willing to do whatever it took to procure it. It’s just that this was going a little fast for him.

  "Then I'm in control." She said. Malcolm accepted these terms and showed her the way to his bed room down the hall. Once inside she was pleasantly taken aback by all the electronics he had in his room. iPhones and Droids littered the top of his dresser drawer, there were two big, expensive looking laptops on the floor, Dell and Hewlett Packard respectively, and he had a nice bed like he said he did. It was a queen sized mattress with a fine white silk looking comforter that was so thick it could've passed for a mattress itself. She saw potential in the electronics and was happy that he was at least worth the trip over. There had to be about a grand worth of stuff in this room. The thought made her wet down where the sun never shined, that is of course unless she had a job that involved fucking on the beach or something, exceptions can be made.

  Malcolm left the room in search of something that could be used as a restraint and came back a few minutes later grinning and dangling two pairs of shiny metallic handcuffs in the air with his left hand. "Will these work?"

  Sarah smiled and clasped her hand over her mouth. "Yeah! Where did you get them?"

  "I killed a highway patrolman and stole them from his belt." His happy demeanor did not waver. Sarah took it as a joke. She went over to Malcolm and retrieved the cuffs from his hands. He lifted them high above his head, out of her reach. She played along and jumped up to nab them, but every time she did he would raise them higher and higher above. Getting annoyed she put her hands to her side and grunted. Malcolm's smile turned upside down and he gave her the two pairs of restraints out of apology. She placed them on the bed and began to undress. Malcolm followed suit and was naked before she was. Sarah paused in the middle of taking her panties off and was aghast by the size of his genital region. He looked uncomfortably big and she wondered what she would do once she had cuffed him to the bed.

  Would she sleep with him?

  Could she sleep with him?

  She wouldn't sleep with him. She was here for a reason and it wasn't to fuck a well endowed pale skinny white boy hipster. Even his dick and balls were whitish in hue. A major turn off if she had ever seen one.

  "Well?" Malcolm said, waving down toward his private area where there was a thick patch of groomed black pubic hair covering the surrounding area his unmentionables. "What do'ya think?"

  Sarah had to think fast to keep the momentum going."I think you are the most perfect man I've ever come across!" She lied. "Get on the bed." Malcolm did as he was told and climbed onto the queen sized mattress and laid down on his back. He smiled and
extended his arms toward the poles on the head board and kept them there. Sarah went over to one side and slapped on the cuffs, they made a loud scraping clink against the wood when she did so. She made sure they were tight enough where he wouldn't be able to wriggle out. As if his big hands could even do such a thing. Big men were good for certain reasons some times. She went to the other side of the bed and did the same to his other wrist. Malcolm's erection was rigid and sticking way out into the open.

  "The key to the cuffs are in my pants pocket." He cooed.

  Sarah picked up her panties and put them back on. Whatever drunk facade she had been playing was completely gone now. She hastily began getting her clothes off the floor.

  "What are you doing?" Malcolm asked, confused. "I thought we were going to..."

  "No." She said matter of factly as she got her shirt up off the floor and held them with the rest of her effects. "I'm not here to fuck you." She turned toward him and smiled. "You have a lot of nice things in this room. I was worried when I saw your living room but as it turns out, this trip wasn't a waste after all."

  "You cunt licking bitch!" Malcolm tried to break free but it was no use. The headboard held steadfastly and the cuffs would not falter. Sarah laughed and got fully dressed before taking the smart phones from his dresser and putting them in her pink Gucci purse.

  "I wonder if you are the kind of loser who keeps cash in his wallet?" Sarah picked up Malcolm's jeans and looked through the pockets. The wallet was a small brown leather number and had two Wells Fargo credit cards, fifty six dollars in cash, and some loose change. Not a lot but she supposed it was enough to get home and buy some pot from her neighbor in Deer Trail. In her purse the money and cards went.

  She looked through the other pocket and found the key he was talking about. She threw the pants down and then waved it in front of Malcolm's feet. He growled and for a moment she could swear it was an animal sound. It was too deep and guttural to be human. She let it pass and placed the key on top of the dresser, which was a good four feet away from her target.

  "Looks like Mr. Roommate will have to get you out of this one." She sang. Sarah grabbed both laptops and held onto them, one on top of the other with both arms. "If you have password protection on these things I'm going to be very disappointed." Malcolm was beyond words and just lay on the bed as the scene played out before him. If he were able to grow red with rage, this would've been the time he would have done so. He felt embarrassed to still have a huge erection during a time like this.

  "I'm going to kill you..." He said in a low, scary voice that spooked Sarah. She stopped mid stride and turned around, dumbfounded to hear that animal growl again.

  "Yeah," Sarah replied, now unsure of herself. "I'm totally sure you will." She paused for almost a minute and went for the door, but before she left she turned back and faced Malcolm. "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me." And with a nervous, laugh she left, slamming the door behind her.

  Malcolm struggled against the wooden poles of his bed, cursing and growing wild. It groaned and creaked with the pressure he was exerting on them. After almost ten minutes of his anger building and building the headboard poles gave in.

  Sarah had left the apartment and was in her car within a minute. She sped out of the underground parking lot and within twenty minutes was well on her way toward Deer Trail off of I70 east bound. Particularly proud of her booty she relished the accomplishment. She had the new Bloc Party album playing on her MP3 player and was getting into a groove of sorts when she heard it. A scratch on the roof of her Prius, at first it was just a minor annoyance but soon it grew louder and louder. She ignored it the best she could but after almost ten minutes of it she decided to pull into the nearest exit and into an all night Conoco gas station. She parked in the front and got out. Sarah got out and examined the roof, saw what looked like claw marks. Whatever had been on top of the car had scratched the hell out of it. Silver metal shown through the scratched up paint, it was as if somebody had keyed it with a Goddamn rake.

  "Awe, fuck all!" She shouted, causing nearby motorists who were filling up their cars to look her way. Embarrassed she ducked her head inside her arms and went inside the convenience store, where she searched for something to eat.

  Maybe something to drink.

  Anything to take her mind of the fucking car.

  Anything to take her mind off of those horrible claw marks.

  Anything to get her mind off how much it would cost to get those damn marks removed; she had just stolen it not even three months ago. Having done the same routine with Malcolm but that time with a straight razor, she had been able to permanently incapacitate the man and had searched through his house until she found the title and all of the papers for it. She forged his name on the right ones and had gotten the car legally put in her name. The insurance was being paid by one of the few people who she hadn't screwed over, well, not totally. He was her sugar daddy and he treated her well.

  The thought made her smile as she perused the chip isle of the store. She picked out some Rold Gold pretzel sticks and grabbed a Diet Coke from the refrigerated drink section before heading toward the cashier. The lady up front was a short, pudgy, with long brown hair down to her ass. Sarah thanked her stars to be as lucky as she was to be so tall and beautiful. Even with her blue hair she considered herself a catch.

  She placed the items on the counter.

  As the lady scanned them into her register she asked "So how are we tonight?"

  Sarah smiled. "I'm doing excellent. Just got done with a job and I'm finally heading home."

  The lady returned the grin and pulled out a plastic bag from underneath the counter. "Well that's good to hear. I'm getting off at five this morning myself."

  That reminded Sarah, it was nearly three am and she had yet to call her man to ask if she could come over in the morning to get some ecstasy pills. She took the brown plastic bag and said goodbye to the homely cashier. As she walked back to her car she took another long look at the damage to her roof. As she surveyed the destruction she couldn't help but think of Malcolm's low and frightening animal growl.

  ‘I'm going to kill you...’

  "What the hell could of done that?" She asked herself. The opened the driver's side door with her free hand and she placed the bag on the passenger side seat. She got in and fumbled inside her purse for the keys. She always lost her keys in the damn thing because it was so cluttered with knick knacks and such, souvenirs of conquests past. One was a tiny ceramic teddy bear she had stolen from a lesbian a few months ago; another was a small glove from this short guy with long dark hair who claimed to be a war hero. Her favorite though was an old Transformer toy. One of the mini ones from the eighties, she remembered its name to be 'Beachcomber'. She loved those toys and was ecstatic to have taken such a find.

  She hadn't really gotten anything from Malcolm's place that could be considered a souvenir because the man barely had anything except for what she had taken from his room. She supposed she could always keep one of the phones she had taken. Her Blackberry was old anyways, she'd just have one of the Droids flashed and set to her Verizon service plan. The thought brought a smile to her face.

  She cursed herself though for not going back for the Blu Ray player and DVD's.

  She turned the keys to the ignition and it puttered to life, she then pulled back out of the parking lot, then sped off and out onto the service road which led to the highway. Once there she set the car in fifth gear and coasted on the highway at nearly eighty miles an hour. That is at least until she heard the scratching noises from on the top of her car again.

  "What the hell is that?" She asked herself, visibly shaking with fear. It was like nails on steel and it was enough to give her both a headache and chills all throughout her Barbie doll body. The noises only got louder as she drove and she debated on whether or not to pull over to the side of the road, get the gun out of her purse, and take care of whatever was causing her so much distress.

e sounds cut to her very bones and shattered her eardrums. It was like being at a rock concert or something, whatever was on top of the car, it was fucking it up royally. A few moments later the scratching stopped, but it did little to ease Sarah's nerves. She nervously looked into her rear view mirror, hoping that the cause of the noises had fallen off and onto the road at eighty miles an hour. She saw nothing in the back of the road though.

  A loud metallic clank jolted her out of her lane and she had to pull herself back before she ran into the only other oncoming car on the road. Luckily though there were no cars other than that one on the road at this time of night. There generally no motor vehicles around the Bennett area normally anyways but the fact still remained that it would be her luck that she would slam into a semi truck going out of the lines like she had just done.

  Her heart was pulsating at great speed and she began to break out into a cold sweat. Another clink, more like a terrible steel crunch, sent her into panic and she stepped on the gas, hoping to throw off the thing that was on her roof.

  "GO AWAY!" She screamed. She wanted to break and throw the creature or whatever it was off but she knew that at the speed she was going she would be more liable to flip over and kill herself.

  It was then the whole roof flew off of the car with a mighty metallic rip. She sped off the road and into the grassy field to her right. She looked up and saw nothing but the stars above. No sign of any monster, she was in full panic attack mode right now and wished she had some valium or Xanax or something. This wasn’t good at all!

  "FUCK!" She bellowed, losing grip of her wheel.

  Then a cold hand fell on her shoulder. She looked to her passenger side and saw Malcolm sitting there. Her blood ran cold and her extremities went numb as if she had just gotten an intravenous shot of Novocain. He grinned and bared his ivory white teeth. His canines had grown and were now poking out of his mouth. His eyes were red like the stop lights she so often ignored. And his complexion was white as his silk sheets had been with a hint of horrible blue.

  "That was the best sex I ever had!" Malcolm said in a deep, monstrous baritone, moments before he violently tore into her neck.

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