Gadgets the great escape, p.45
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       Gadgets: The Great Escape, p.45

           David Hancock
Back in the master bedroom at No. 36, Rebecca Abercrombie couldn’t get to sleep. She lay awake worrying about her eldest son, fretting about whether he would be all right on his own in the Wendy House. Her fears came tumbling out as she poked her husband in the ribs and said: ‘Sebastian I’m worried about Zack. That’s enough now, why don’t you go down and bring him back I’m sure he’s learned his lesson.’

  ‘What, what’s that?’ replied her husband waking up and rubbing his eyes.

  ‘Zack, Zack darling, remember him? He’s our eldest son whom you’ve imprisoned in the garden shed,’ she replied sarcastically. ‘Maybe it’s about time you went and let him out.’

  ‘Oh Zack will be all right, don’t fuss. If I go down there now he will have won and we will have capitulated. If that happens he will be even more insufferable in the future and never do a thing we say.’

  ‘But he could come to harm on his own in that garden shed.’

  ‘Don’t be silly. It’s warm, it’s dry and he has his sleeping bag and torch. Most kids would love the adventure of the whole thing, now go back to sleep.’

  ‘But I’m worried Seb, I really am.’

  ‘OK then I’ll go down really early in the morning as soon as it gets light. You see, he’ll be back here way before breakfast with lots to tell us. But I’m not going down there now. He has to learn his lesson.’

  ‘I just don’t like the idea of him being there all on his own,’ was Rebecca’s last word.



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