Gadgets the great escape, p.15
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       Gadgets: The Great Escape, p.15

           David Hancock
The Monopoly game in the conservatory had started as it was surely set to go on.

  ‘I’m the top hat. I’ve always been the top hat,’ shouted Zack. ‘No one else can be the top hat, is that understood? It’s mine,’ and he snatched up the counter. ‘I’ve passed Go, I want £200.’

  ‘We haven’t even started yet,’ pointed out his brother Jake.

  ‘Zack, sit down and behave yourself,’ said his mother. ‘Lucy and I will be the old boot, Jake pick what you want, and if it makes you happy Zack you can be the top hat.’

  ‘I am the top hat, I’m always the top hat,’ he shouted.

  Rebecca wanted to slap him and scream, but she just counted under her breath.

  ‘I want to be the banker,’ said Zack.

  Rebecca took another deep breath. ‘No, I don’t think so darling. Lucy is going to be the banker. It’s good for her counting and learning. Now just throw a dice to see who will start.’

  Ten minutes into the game and Rebecca started wishing she had left Zack to play with his foul computer games upstairs. He was restless and constantly picking up the Chance and Community Chest cards to see which one was coming next. ‘Stop that,’ his mother kept telling him. But Zack wasn’t listening. Then he would try and sneak some money from the bank when he thought his mum and Lucy weren’t looking. Finally the shenanigans started taking a toll on his brother.

  ‘I don’t want to play anymore,’ announced Jake. ‘Zack is always cheating.’

  ‘No, I’m not.’

  ‘Yes you are.’

  ‘No I’m not.’

  ‘Will you two just stop it,’ said Rebecca exasperated. ‘Why can’t we sit down like a normal family and play a game?’ she pleaded. ‘Why is that so difficult?’

  ‘Because Zack is always cheating.’

  ‘No I’m not.’

  ‘Yes you are.’

  And at that Zack jumped up, knocked the board over sending the counters, money and title deeds flying, and announced: ‘I don’t want to play your stupid game anyway.’ Lucy started crying again. Jake just shrugged his shoulders and Rebecca shouted at her eldest son: ‘Get up those stairs. Go to your room and don’t let me hear another word out of you.’ Zack had got what he wanted again.


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