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           Danielle Wertz
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The Sky is My Journal
is My Journal

  By Danielle Wertz

  Copyright 2014 Danielle Wertz

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

  Dedicated to the wonderful friend I call

  Darling Raina

  Though, you’ve never heard or seen me say it before.


  Ending Theme


  Items and Values

  That’s Funny




  Field of Nothing



  Two to Waltz

  Ode for You


  Cold Water

  I Want


  Purity Ring






  The Author

  Ending Theme

  You had me at: Hey.

  Then after a while,

  fighting and drama grew.

  You left me...

  the dull little girl you found only months before

  It's been a while and things were more dull...

  Dull without you.

  I'll miss you, it's a fact.

  Heartbreak, repair, and once again heartbreak...

  It's not the same,

  NEVER the same without you...

  I guess this is "Good-bye"

  I never heard your last words,

  those words all else but I heard.

  Never again with you...

  Good-bye... friend...


  There once was a disease,

  A disease that will never be cured.

  One person may be cured but others will carry their depression,

  Years may pass and that one person's next thoughts might include death,

  Along with these thoughts comes stress.


  Deaths will come, that's okay.

  A sad death leads to depression and it happens to everyone.

  To cry is to relieve yourself of those thoughts,

  Sometimes, you may cry yourself to sleep.

  Don't be afraid to cry because we all do once in a while.


  Suicide may seem like the best choice,

  It's not, your life is the best choice and you may be relieved.

  Relieved of your depression, stress, disorders possibly, and other things.

  Items and Values




  Things we need,

  Things we find.





  Things that may take over,

  Things that may mislead.





  Things that we all will meet again.

  That’s Funny

  It's funny that

  We can delete all the bad things

  However, they're still there.

  When I'm gone

  How will you be there?

  When you're gone

  When will I get there?

  All in due time

  We can end it early

  It's not a choice by God, Death, whatever

  It's a choice of the person. They wanted this

  I've cried for days on end



  It's not a cold. It's much worse. It can kill.

  Coughing up blood now

  I'm glad you moved on

  I'm glad I have come to love another

  But in the end, you are still there

  The fire is controlled

  Everyone knows a fire goes out sooner or later

  But, now mine is growing smaller

  This is no game. There is no Controller

  If this was a game, I wish you stocked up

  I wish you stocked up on Revival Potions for me

  Because I'll need it

  The cells are growing and replacing

  Even though I'm far from you

  I can't help but think and cry


  And that is exactly how I will die

  Die crying for something as pathetic as you.

  That's funny.


  I don't want anything

  I need someone to talk to

  I don't want something

  I need to get this out of my system

  I don't want that

  I need the thing that can heal me

  I don't want

  I need


  I talked to you today

  Well, not "you" but your remnants

  I talked to you today


  But, it meant nothing without emotion

  I talked to you today

  Who needs it, love


  I talked to you today

  I only need one thing to survive

  I talked to you today


  And now the thing that kept me alive

  I talked to you today

  Is the same thing killing me from inside


  If we were perfect

  What would be in it for us?

  What if we were all disordered?

  But aren't we already disordered in our own ways?

  Why do we talk to each other?

  We aren't the same

  One day, I swear I will break the sadness

  I will, for once, get to make another person happy!

  But for now, all I can do is break things

  Something that isn't mine

  And break something that is mine; myself

  All that's happen to me is break, break, and break

  I can't repair anything or make anything

  It comes out horrid

  No one wants to see it or read it

  They all say it's disgusting. They all hate it to hell

  But, I will get my own revenge soon

  I'll do that by Death.

  Yes, it means involved with suicide

  But, don't you worry for me now, because

  Who will care?

  Who will be there?

  At my funeral

  Sure not my family

  They won't care about me because they don't now

  They don't listen to me

  I don't listen at all

  So why should I say sorry if it means nothing?

  No one said sorry to me. No one said sorry to them?

  There's nothing but lies out there

  It's a scary world. It's a horrible world. What's in it for me?

  Field of Nothing

  When I closed my eyes

  The Sakura fell in spring

  When I opened my eyes

  There was corpses around

  When I turned around

  There was Death for me

  When I looked past him

  I saw my friends there

  When I took his hand

  I saw their smiled grow

  When I walked with them

  The field bloomed with life

  When we all played

  The flowers came up

  When we cherished

/>   More of them came

  When we cried

  They all cried with us

  When I turned around

  There was a Goddess

  When I asked her

  She only shed a tear

  When I cried, too

  I heard them

  When I looked past her

  There they were again

  When I walked

  She asked me,

  "Is this right."

  When I wiped it away

  I had woken up

  When I closed my eyes

  I died.


  This isn't a story

  It's only a poem

  It holds nothing

  There is nothing

  It has no meaning

  It's just a poem

  And when I wrote

  I cried. You know

  I just cried writing

  I cried because

  This poem was

  Nothing like me


  Good for nothing

  Full of complete lies

  Not taken lightly

  Taken seriously

  And then I laughed

  You know why?

  Because you

  You read this far

  And you probably

  Didn't notice at all

  The lines were

  Relatively the same

  Length in centimeters

  Now you realized

  That it really is

  Relatively the same

  Length in centimeters

  And also in millimeters

  So, next time, you should

  Be a little bit more observant as to what you are really reading


  What is Love?

  Is it a feeling?

  Is there a theory?


  What is Love?

  Why is it fake?

  Why is it real?


  What is Love?

  Where did it start?

  Where will it end?


  What is Love?

  Is there a secret?

  Can we really Love?


  What is Love?

  Is it at first sight?

  Is it also a lie?


  What is Love?

  Do opposites attract?

  Is there a perfect couple?


  What is Love?

  Do we share it?

  Is it only one time?


  What is Love?

  Is it grown?

  Can it be made?


  What is Love?

  Riddle me that.

  Two to Waltz

  His silver hair gleamed

  Brilliance, it signified

  The black suit of midnight

  Silk, reflected little light.

  Her hair, golden, shined.

  It had seemed like real gold.

  Her mint green dress flowed

  Much like a river on her frame.

  A couple, an odd one

  He started with a glare.

  She just smiled.

  A happy but teasing smile.

  All halted as he held out one hand

  She replied, quickly pulled close.

  They did small waltzes,

  Over time, growing bigger.

  "You prefer music to dance?"

  She kept her silence,

  Keeping time with him.

  He didn't frown nor smile.

  The reply she whispered was of surprise.

  He smiled wider at last.

  The did larger circles,

  She giggled with kindness.

  A number of people joined;

  Dresses of
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