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           Daniel Schmidt

  Chapter 5

  Several men helped me back down the hill and then into a car. They handed me several cheeseburgers, which I devoured, and then a couple of beers. I slammed the beers and was asleep before I knew what happened.

  When I woke up I was in my apartment, lying in bed. I had a severe headache and every part of my body ached. I looked over and saw two large pizzas, a huge jug of water and a bottle of Aspirin on the nightstand next to me. I chuckled because it was exactly what I needed.

  I sat up, swallowed a handful of Aspirin, and devoured the pizza. I tried to remember what exactly had happened the last few days but had a hard time piecing everything together. I remembered the most painful moments but most of it was a blur, a bloody painful blur.

  After finishing half of the first pizza, I realized that I had learned nothing more about the group. They had not indoctrinated me in any way. They had not alluded to what they were about, or what they would have me do. After several days with them I had no idea who they were, what they were, or what I could expect in the future. I certainly was no closer to finding the people they had kidnapped.

  They had only tested my physical and mental toughness, nothing more. Christine must have done her homework. She’d either known I wouldn’t quit or knew her few choice words were enough to make me stick around to see what the job was.

  I was proud of myself and called Luke after finishing the rest of the pizza.

  “What happened?” Luke said as he answered.

  I cleared my throat painfully. “I made it through. They said I was worthy to fight for them.”

  “Where are you?” Luke asked.

  “Back at my apartment.”

  “What are you doing there?”

  “They brought me back here.”

  “Was it bad?” Luke asked.

  I chuckled. “It was a walk in the park.”

  “I doubt that… Well you’re in. I suspect they will let you heal up a little and then come back for you?”

  “I guess, I don’t remember them telling me anything,” I said.

  “I would expect them to start training you.”

  “Are you sure you can’t tell me anything more about them?” I asked.

  “They are terrorists. What else do you need to know?” Luke said.

  “Well, they don’t act like terrorists. I spent several days with them and they didn’t even allude to what they are about. Don’t you think they would want to know if I agreed with their views, with what they are going to be doing? Terrorists need dedicated people, people who believe in their cause.”

  Luke cleared his throat. “Let me ask you this Paul. Forget for a moment that you are an undercover. You’re just a regular Joe who just got out of the Army. An attractive woman tells you she has a job for you, tells you you’ll be making a bunch of money doing some protection type stuff. If that’s all you knew, wouldn’t you still have agreed to this?”

  “Probably, but once I found out they’re terrorists and planning kidnappings I’d be out. Terrorists need dedicated people because only dedicated people will agree to kill or kidnap the innocent. Anyone else would walk away,” I argued.

  “Maybe they are confident you’ll agree to whatever they ask. The woman did say she knew you better than yourself.”

  “I don’t know how that would be possible,” I said.

  “Look Paul, don’t worry about all this. Just act like you want to do this, that you would have agreed to do this. Immerse yourself in their world. Find out what they are up to and where those kidnap victims are. Let me handle the rest.”

  “Like I said before, I won’t let you down,” I said.

  “You better not,” Luke said and then ended the conversation.

  I tossed my phone aside. Although I hurt everywhere, I was ecstatic to still be alive. They either didn’t know I was a cop or didn’t care. They were not luring me in to torture and kill me. I was in.

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