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       Alpha, p.31

           Daniel Schmidt

  Chapter 31

  I walked down to the cell that held the squad. Several men were looking at the papers that Luke had tossed inside.

  Walter was the first to notice me and his eyes went wide but he said nothing. I kicked at the metal screen until it broken open. I stepped inside.

  “Are you?” Walter stammered.

  “Not by choice.”

  Everyone’s eyes became glued to my face. “Otto overpowered me when I went down to talk to him that last time. He injected me with Alvar blood and it appears I have the genetic makeup of an Alpha.”

  “Is it true you’re an undercover cop?” Walter asked.

  “Yes, I was an undercover cop. My intent the entire time I was with you was to betray you, to hand you over to the law, but I’m not here to defend my actions or ask for forgiveness. I’m here to help you escape, along with the Council.”

  “The Council?” Walter asked.

  “These people are the ones who captured the Council and they are being held in the second floor basement. Let me help you get them out of here.”

  Walter stammered, “We trusted you.”

  “I know,” I said, “And you can kill me after we get out of here but let me help you escape.”

  Walter took a deep breath and shook his head.

  “I don’t know what my reaction will be to the Alvar, so keep them away from me,” I said.

  “Get us out of here and then we can decide what to do with you,” Walter said.

  I went to Carlos. He was conscious and his eyes widened as he saw my face. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was just glad he was still alive.

  I handed out the pistols I had taken from Luke’s men. We went to the sleeping quarters first and surprised Luke’s men, killing them all easily. We found all our weapons and gear and the squad armed themselves.

  We made our way to the first floor basement and found numerous medical and chemical labs but none of Luke’s men. Walter found the stairs leading down to the second floor basement. I stood in front of it, rifle raised, as he flung the door open.

  I saw five of Luke’s men at the bottom of the dark stairwell. They had thrown up a barricade and they greeted me with a hail of gunfire. I dropped down to my knees and fired back. Walter fired over me.

  Luke’s men did not last long.

  I grabbed Walter. “Go down there and set the Council free. I’ll take Carlos up to the garage and wait for you there.”

  He nodded and went down the stairs with the rest of the squad. I quickly returned to Carlos. I picked him up and carefully carried him to the ground level and into the garage.

  The armored vehicles we had come in were still parked inside. I opened the rear of the first one and then set Carlos inside. He was turning pale and his breathing was getting shallow. I gripped his hand. He brought his other one, which was still grasping the picture of his daughters, on top of mine.

  “How?” Carlos squeaked out.

  “Otto overpowered me on the hill,” I said.

  “You’re… You’re a cop?” he said with great effort.

  Emotion welled up inside me, but before I was able to speak, Walter burst in, followed by the rest of the squad and numerous Alvar. I looked down at Carlos, nodded my head, and then stepped away from him.

  I looked at Walter. “Get the men ready to fight. There are enemy outside,” I said.

  “How do you know that?” he asked.

  “I can sense them. Have the men fix bayonets.”

  Walter cursed. “Alphas?”

  I nodded my head.


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