Alpha, p.29
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       Alpha, p.29

           Daniel Schmidt

  Chapter 29

  Luke’s men picked me up and dragged me back to my cell. They threw me into a corner, where I slid down to the ground in a heap.

  Luke chuckled. “Now Paul, how are we going to take down these Alphas?”

  I hung my head and didn’t say anything.

  “I can wait all day. Your move, Paul,” he said.

  After a while I felt a tingling sensation in my chest and my eyes watered. All the frustration, anger, and fear disappeared. I felt a calmness come over me, similar to when alcohol first takes affect. I became overwhelmed by sensations of all kinds. I could smell each man in the room; I could differentiate between each one by the different deodorants they wore as well as the odors their bodies emitted. I could hear everything, each breath of air, the slight creaks as they shifted their bodies ever so slightly in their shoes. I could hear one of their watches ticking. I could make out tiny details in the concrete floor. I could see every single hairline crack that was invisible to me before.

  I knew what was happening. Christine’s blood was taking affect, and I was changing. With my head still down I said softly, “I’m going to kill you Luke.” I slowly lifted my head, and as my eyes met Luke’s, his jaw locked tight and he hissed, “Kill him!”

  Before Luke’s men could raise their weapons, I bolted up, breaking my restraints. I struck one man in the chest with an open palm, crushing his sternum. At nearly the same time, I drove my elbow up into the second man’s jaw, sending teeth flying everywhere. I dropped the third man with a fist to the side of the head.

  Luke backpedaled until he hit the opposite wall. I started towards him and when he raised his fists, I chuckled. I wanted to rip him limb from limb, make him feel pain and beg for mercy. I was an Alpha now, a cold-blooded killer, a monster.

  I tried to punch him square in the face but surprisingly Luke ducked away. I tried again but missed and Luke struck me in the ribs. The blow was powerful, much stronger than I expected. I reached out and grabbed him, pulled him close, and started delivering blows. He was able to fend off most of them but a few found their mark.

  Luke fought back, striking me several times and surprising me with his strength. “How did you become one?” he shouted. “Who did this to you?”

  I connected with a punch to his right eye, but before I could follow it up, I stopped. I saw my blow had removed some of the makeup from around his eye and I realized why he wore it. The skin around the eye was gray, just like Otto’s. Luke chuckled and pulled himself from my grip.

  “Are you…?” I stammered.

  Luke laughed and wiped some more makeup away from his eye, exposing the jagged streaks that ran across his face. He then reached up and removed a pair of contacts, revealing a set of entirely black eyes. “I’m no Alpha or Alvar. I don’t have the genetic makeup for either. I’m my bosses own special creation, a little spin on Christine’s blood.”

  “You’ve been playing God.” I said.

  “I guess you could say that. Now how did you become one of them?” Luke hissed.

  “It wasn’t by choice. One of them overpowered me.”

  “When were you going to tell me?” Luke asked.

  “I wasn’t going too. I was planning on it helping me kill you.”

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