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       One Shaky Morning, p.1

           Daniel Pyrah
One Shaky Morning

  Daniel Pyrah

  Copyright 2010 by Daniel Pyrah

  One shaky morning. A mysterious sparkly light came running through the clouds like if it was escaping a certain thing. It sparkles golden yellow and crystal blue as it comes in breaking the clouds apart like a furious storm breaking everything in its way. A young girl is looking out her room as this is happening. She’s a small girl, brown hair and big hazel nut eyes widening as she watches this sparkle fall in through the clouds in her two story old wooden house with bushes and leaves surrounding mostly every inch of the house.

  It crashes into the ground a couple of miles away behind some hilltops surrounding a small area just in front of her. She witnessed this from her house on top of a hill. But the sparkle made no sound, not even a shake in the earth as it landed but the speed it was at, it should have blasted away everything in its sight. She gasps as her heads stretches upwards as if by stretching it up will give her a better view of the event to which just unfolded. “Elizabeth I hope you’re going to sleep now” said by the voice of a crockery women as her voice echoed in the house. “Sorry mother” she politely said with her head turning around as if she was behind her. She then began to walk to her bed, which was a couple of feet away from her oak framed window. Elizabeth’s bedroom is a small room of that, only big enough to fit in a small bed fit for a child or younger and a closet big enough to store about five pieces of rugged cheap clothing. Before she got on the bed she stood beside it and got down on both knees. She put her hands together like if she was doing a pray and began to whisper “dear lord” she said looking around to see if anybody was listening or to hear if anybody was moving to go and tell her of. Fortunately there was silence in the house. “Could you make that sparkly light become my gift to get out of here?” She whispered with a tear slowly dripping down her face. She then proceeded to get into her bed and fall quietly asleep in her dark room with only one lantern but the candle had already gone by then.

  The next morning Elizabeth woke up to the aggressive calling of her mother “Wake up you lazy cow!” she shouted at her from the bottom of the narrow stairwell, which have mice living there as though it was there last option. “Ok mother” she said nervously in reply to her aggressive unexpected wake up call. She quickly got out of bed in the clothing she has been wearing for the past week now and shot of down the stairs to her moody mother who was busy in the living room brushing away all the mice who have been taking refuge in there broken home. “Get out you filthy creatures” The mother shouted at the top of her lungs at the mice as she hits one with the end of the broom onto the back wall as it screams out in a high pitched squeak then silences as it smacks the wall. “Mother!” She shouted in fear as she runs to the mouse flat on the floor, no breathing or moving. “You didn’t have to kill it!” she screamed out picking it up in her left hand, which has been bruised from several beatings from a belt or something with that shape. “You worthless child” she belted at her daughter as she walks over to hit her over the head with the broom instead of the mice. “No mother please don’t,” she whimpered out with tears starting to fall from her face. “You worthless girl why would anybody ever want you!” She spoke with her voice rising with anger and violence as she smacks her over the head with a wooden broom.

  Elizabeth starts crying, screaming in pain as she decides to run out of the house into the variety of fields surrounding the house. “I’m leaving you!” she cried out as she was sprinting down the path. Eyes crying like a heavy river. “Good riddance you ugly cow! I hope you die in a field alone!” She said furiously as her head is poking out the door staring at Elizabeth running down the hill, and then the mother slammed the door almost knocking down the house it was that forceful.

  Elizabeth was crying to loud she couldn’t hear what the mother said. She keeps on running even knowing she is out of breathe and her body is stiffening from all the desperate running she is doing to escape her violent mother. After ten minutes of constant running she stopped dying for air. She turned around and sees nothing of any recollection; she doesn’t see her house or even the town she lived close by. She looked down at her shoes to see that they are all worn out and barely hanging on to her feet as she sits down besides the rough, broken pavement you has just spent the past ten minutes running on in fear. She looks at her arms and hands as she is deep breathing to try and get oxygen in her lungs “huh…huh...” she looks at her arms with agony on her face. There are scars on them and bruises from her mother beating her for unnecessary things in her life like having her certain hair colour because the mother prayed to her god that the daughter should have blonde, golden hair which goes out to the bottom of her hip. Or for her having hazel but eyes because the mother wanted blue hairs because in the mother’s views the perfect girl should be somebody with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. So, every day she beats her because she believes that she created a spawn of one of Satan’s children and should be slowly punished so it can become an angle.

  Then as she looks up her left she sees a character, a small character walking in the direction she is in but is on the small green grass to the right of the pavement. Elizabeth gets up so she doesn’t look like a poor broken hobo and starts to walk to this character. As she got closer. She starts to notice that it is a girl. A girl with black midnight hair and a face which tells you that she will be a doctor in the future. As they both got closer Elizabeth noticed that she was only wearing leaves to cover up her body parts. Elizabeth looked at herself when she noticed this as to try and other her anything to wear. But sadly. She herself was wearing the bare minimum of clothing. As they were twenty feet away from each other Elizabeth gave her a happy smile as to show her that she wants to talk or be friends. The other girl noticed this and then began walking on the path she is on as to show that she wants her attention also. “Hello I’m Elizabeth” she spoke out with such joy and happiness getting closer and closer to this girl. “Hello!” she blurted out, then covering her mouth with her hands and slowly showing herself blushing. He voice was not any accent she had heard before. But she smiled in reply to it as so say that she already enjoyed her. Now they are both no more than five feet away from each other and the mystery girls hands are still covering her mouth. Elizabeth looked puzzled at her, “What’s your name?” she asked politely still with a happy smile upon her face. She mumbled a word whilst still covering her mouth with her hands. “I can’t hear you” she said starring at her hands which are still covering her mouth. Mystery girl blushed a bit like if this was the first person she has ever talked to. “Are you shy? It’s ok I won’t harm you” she said with now a greeting face and with a polite and formal tone towards the mystery girl. She then dropped her hands to her waist and took in several deep breathes before speaking “Rosia is my name” she said looking at the ground as if she is almost ashamed of her name. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Rosia, what are you doing all alone?” She spoke out as if she was the princess in one of her few fairy tale books she keeps hidden under her bed. “Umm… I don’t know” she hesitated as she looked around as if somebody or something was looking for her. “I guess…I’m looking to escape this place, wherever…I am at…” she said turning her head back at Elizabeth. She walked a foot closer to Elizabeth. “Well lucky for you I’m looking to escape this place together” She said looking into the distance memorizing the reason why she is doing so. Her head turned back at Rosia “Let’s be friends, I’ve always wanted a friend” she said with a look of true happiness in her eyes. “Let’s run away together as friends!” She blurted out quickly in reply to her last sentence. Elizabeth took a step back as if her words had a force to it. Rosia’s face hides behind herself with embarrassment as thou it was a mistake. “Hehehe” Elizabeth giggled out with joy
“sure I will join you but where will we go?” she asked with a happy grin on her face. “I don’t know!” She screeched out looking at her and then to her surroundings. “I just want to escape and I don’t know where to go” As she looks to the ground. “I came to here” to took an intake of breathe “I came to this planet because I am so lonely out there in…in space” Elizabeth’s face stunned as she blurted out “So you’re the sparkly light then who came from up there” as she looked up at the sky with happiness and joy as a tear was starting to appear in her left eye. “So you’re the sparkly light who has come to take me away from this awful area” she said walking closer to Rosia. “I guess I am” Rosia said with happiness finally showing on her face. “Well” said Elizabeth standing beside Rosia but facing in the opposite direction. “Let’s go somewhere new, somewhere…better” She said with such prays and happiness in her voice like the pray she has been doing for the past three years has finally come true. “I can just tell we will be best friends forever” as she started to walk off with Rosia into the distance. “Ow yer, Rosia?” she said looking at her whilst they begin to walk off into the mountains. “Why are you wearing leaves?” She said trying not to laugh.

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