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       Book I Part III, Love Opens the Valley of Emptiness, p.1

           Daniel Ferguson
Book I Part III, Love Opens the Valley of Emptiness

  All rights reserved: no part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the written permission from the author of the poetry contained within this book, except for review purposes.

  Any questions: email Daniel Lynn Ferguson, Springfield MO., [email protected]

  Cover page designs and drawing by: Daniel Lynn Ferguson

  The poetry contained in this book is a part of my life journey, sharing love and friendship with family; plus friends and lovers I have met along the way. I dedicate this book to them. The ones who have inspired me to transform my feelings into poetry.

  Peace and love to all

  Daniel Lynn Ferguson

  Part III of IV


  * * *


  You and I and the rain in my eyes …

  The peace in your soul

  eases the pain in mine.

  The gain in my pool of memories

  when I think of you,

  and the moments we’ve shared.

  Life is too short to keep my thoughts

  hidden from someone I care for.

  I wipe the rain from my face,

  and feel the joy we’ve embraced.

  Together in those moments we shared,

  It’s only been a day and I miss you much,

  and think of you even more.

  Thank you much for that smile

  I found within me…

  Because of you… the rain is gone.


  Whisper a whisper that sounds so soft.

  Whisper me a sound of love.

  Whisper oh so softly a sound of love.

  Whisper to me the sound of a sweet morning dove.


  I see my reflection every time

  I stand in front of you.

  You're a piece of glass

  placed upon the wall.

  You are here for one reason,

  and one reason only;

  to reflect the image of anyone

  that stands in front of you.

  I am here to only reflect who I am.

  To make life easy one can always

  follow the path of others.

  I choose to build my own road.

  I choose to make it out of what I am.

  This road shall be my road…

  for me to follow,

  and anyone else who chooses.


  A smile is a thought.

  A smile is you.

  A smile is when you look at me.

  There are ways,

  and there are days,

  a smile will stay as long as you wish.

  A smile can be a happy face.

  A smile could be a sad one too.

  There are smiles,

  and there are tears.

  There are wishes,

  and there are dreams.

  A smile is real and very nice.

  Wear a smile and be the person you are.

  A smile is happy... are you...?


  I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

  I’d like to hold you all night long,

  and be with you until the dawn.

  Walk with you on a riverbed.

  Telling each other all we’ve done

  since we last parted.

  Me… in your arms again.

  I sometimes toss and turn at night

  when you’re not here.

  My soul becomes illuminated

  whenever you’re near.

  To have you in my arms…

  tears of happiness overwhelm the scene;

  it’s like creating a tiny puddle of joy that

  feels like an ocean of love.

  When we touch you bring out my emotions

  of unlimited possibilities.

  Just as I open my heart to you,

  I want to give you all that I am.

  Knowing that we shall soon touch,

  together I share my thoughts with you.


  I remember her well.

  All of those times she helped me

  when I needed a hand.

  No one had ever comforted me

  in the way she did with her love.

  She seemed to always be there.

  She seemed to always care.

  When I think of her now

  I feel as though it was only yesterday

  that her gentle smile had passed away.

  Out in her front yard stood an old well.

  It was mounted somewhat like the trees

  throughout her yard,

  but it's gone too.

  My thoughts for her remain as if she was

  a fresh rose the color of the sun.

  A mirror to the ones she used to grow.

  She once said,

  "Life is but a leaf hanging from a tree,

  too soon to turn to Autumn

  and fall to the ground."


  Just as we cannot truly give away

  a thing we do not own,

  we cannot give to others what we’re

  not willing to give to ourselves.

  So I give to myself charity,

  so that I may be charitable to others.

  I give to myself patience,

  so that I may be patient with others.

  I give to myself playfulness,

  so that I may be cheerful with others.

  I give to myself courage,

  so that I’m able to give others courage.

  I give to myself humility,

  so that I may remain humble.

  I give to myself compassion,

  so that I may be a compassionate person.

  For without these gifts

  how can I find the harmony in me?

  For without harmony how can I find love?

  And if I cannot love “myself”,

  then how can I truly give love to others?

  So deep within…

  I give to myself all that I need to give love to others.

  Therefore… I give to myself plenty of love;

  a gift God has already planted in my soul.

  Where is happiness?

  Find the light within,

  find the joy within,

  and only then we find the happiness we seek.

  For the happiness we seek is not outside the self,

  but within.

  And when we find this joy within,

  we can then…

  and only then…

  share true happiness with others.



  the fuel of the Universe.

  I wish upon a speck of fairy dust

  that our friendship is always gifted

  with kindness toward each other.

  And may all that we encounter be blessed

  with the fuel that powers the Universe.

  May this fuel guide us with much joy…

  May our friendship…

  always be like two aces of hearts…

  full of warmth like the sun that shines.

  For it is the warmth I feel when I look at you...

  powered by love…

  the fuel of the Universe…

  held together by the threads of time.


  Come with me and we’ll play

  in the naked fields of light.

  And as we dance the journey life…

  the road is but a mys

  To live is to learn to be in the moment,

  and share the light within.

  No past.

  No future.

  Only the moment.

  To cry… smile… give, and to forgive.

  To take the moment

  and be one with the task at hand.

  To share… to care.

  A place to be…

  To discover my smile within…

  and laugh along the road of mystery.

  To hold… to love… to give a hug,

  to give more than I take.

  To find the balance within.

  To live… love…

  and share the moment with a friend.

  In the naked fields of life,

  dance a song of laughter and good cheer.

  For in the eye of time…

  life is but a second gone by.

  If we blink… we miss it.


  Love can be like an autumn breeze,

  leaves dropping to the ground.

  Or love can be like a flower in bloom,

  never to be found.

  Better yet…

  love can be you…

  when we gaze into each other’s eyes,

  lean on one another,

  and kiss good night.

  * * *

  In good spirit… love and peace to all. And to all… may we learn to love each other without any conditions. And if we can’t get along, let’s at least respect each other with kindness.

  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.” My Mother.


  Dan has been writing poetry ever since he was 13; while in history class, he was inspired to write a poem. The teacher was giving a lecture on pollution. She asked him a question about what she had been lecturing on. He didn’t know the answer. She then asked him, “What are you writing then, if not notes on my lecture?” Dan told her modestly. “I’m writing a poem about your lecture.” She was curious to say the least. She picked it up from his desk, quickly read it, and then asked him if she could read it to the class. He shrugged and said, “I guess so.” The teacher and his classmate liked it. He’s been writing ever since.

  Dan’s father was in the Navy. They moved around until he was 16, when his folks’ retired from the military they moved to Kahoka Mo., where he resided until he was 19. He traveled for a while throughout the states, always working odd jobs. When he was 28 he attended QU in Quincy Il., earned his BFA, then on to U of I, Champaign IL., and earned his MFA, in the visual arts and art education. “I have always had a passion for writing stories, poetry, painting, and drawing.”

  Dan has resided in Springfield Mo., for over 11 years. He also has an adventure mystery book on the market. THE DAGGER-KEY and the Lost Treasures of Kebadon, which can be purchased online or at most places books are sold. It’s a SyFy fantasy mystery adventure, in days of old, for anyone of any age to enjoy.

  Dan’s series, LOVE OPENS the VALLEY of EMPTYNESS is in six parts. If you’ve enjoyed this book, part three of book one: then look for the other five books soon after part four of book one is on the market, listed under: LOVE OPENS the VALLEY of EMPTYNESS followed by a subtitle.

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