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       Book I Part II: Love Opens The Valley Of Emptiness, p.1

           Daniel Ferguson
Book I Part II: Love Opens The Valley Of Emptiness

  All rights reserved: no part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the written permission from the author of the poetry contained within this book, except for review purposes.

  Any questions: email Daniel Lynn Ferguson, Springfield MO., [email protected]

  Cover page designs and drawing by: Daniel Lynn Ferguson

  The poetry contained in this book is a part of my life journey, sharing love and friendship with family; plus friends and lovers I have met along the way. I dedicate this book to them. The ones who have inspired me to transform my feelings into poetry.

  Copy right 2011

  Peace and love to all

  Daniel Lynn Ferguson

  Part II of IV


  * * *


  May the world sleep

  with nothing on but a smile.

  May the birds fly freely.

  May the sky sing songs of joy.

  “Laughter is a joyful medicine,”

  whispered a clown.

  But if a day goes by

  and all I wear is a frown,

  then hopefully when tomorrow becomes today

  I’ll find my smile and wear it with a gleam.

  And while I’m feeling the beam

  I’ll put a few smiles in my pocket for good luck.

  But if laughter is forgotten,

  then life can be like a four legged table

  with only three legs...?

  moon of my Fantasies

  I want to take you to the moon of my fantasies,

  on a ride like you’ve never felt.

  I’m so captured by your embrace.

  So compelled by your kindness.

  You’ve touched my soul in places I’ve never been touched.

  You’re my dream inside of me.

  As our heartbeats press against each other,

  the moon melts into the sands of our thoughts.

  Together we’ve walked the rocky creeks,

  hand in hand enjoying each other’s words.

  The summer heat is lessoned by a cool breeze.

  Fairy dust squishes between our toes.

  As our footprints disappear into the sunset,

  the moon hides behind a cloud.

  I look at you but my smile is hidden by the night sky.

  You pull me close and all is well.

  Hand in hand we disappear into the night...

  laughing at the reflections of joy in each other’s eyes,

  and making foreplay to each other’s souls…

  we kiss,

  making love to the bodies we wear.

  And as the moon peaks from behind a cloud,

  we snuggled up in each other’s arms…

  we fall asleep.


  I’m the love that I hold inside,

  I’m the pillar of my soul.

  Heck… I am my soul.

  My body is my vehicle.

  It carries me from one moment to the next.

  When I drop my body I’ll be fully in the light,

  the love…

  the Universe.

  But until then I’ll be in this human form…

  smelling the pleasures of life.


  I used to want you more than you were.

  Now I want you just as you are.

  I used to say things I now regret.

  I used to hold you as you’d hold me.

  In all our time we’ve had together

  we had our ups and downs.

  Now I sit here as you lay there in that hospital bed…

  lost somewhere in your subconscious mind.

  I sit here and only want you as you were.

  Those differences we held,

  those days we share,

  I hold them as you lay there.

  I want you in my arms as I sit here.

  The last time I saw you,

  you struggled to understand who I was.

  A tear runs down my face.

  My eyes glisten,

  but not with a smile.

  I wait anxiously to see you

  awake from your operation.

  Hoping you’ll return just as you were.

  We Kissed

  I was lost in a daydream when I saw you

  standing near some ruins.

  I appeared before you,

  and we embraced.

  It was as if we hadn’t seen each other in ages.

  Suddenly we became like water,

  and in our water bodies we walked through

  an ancient doorway into another world.

  We grabbed each other protecting one another

  from an unexpected gust of wind.

  Soon we found ourselves standing in an eerie

  landscape enchanted with numerous colors of grass.

  Seconds later we returned to our human forms,

  and looked in awl at the candy-cane light poles,

  and mushroom trees resting nearby.

  We could hear waves crashing on a nearby shore.

  We approached… took off our garments

  and walk side by side along the water’s edge.

  It seemed to go on for miles,

  pink sky and green sun.

  And like ancient shipwrecks…

  seashells as large as houses laid about.

  Alongside them yellow, blue, and green fairies clustered nearby.

  The warmth of the moment fed us with love and peace.

  In knee high water we danced our naked toes into the sand.

  We closed our eyes…

  and became one with a wave vanishing into the shoreline.

  Moments later we found ourselves on an abandon ship in the ocean.

  We portended we were pirates until our ship disappeared

  from under our toes.

  But as soon as we hit the water we turned into dolphins.

  As we laughed and played rubbing each other’s bellies,

  we stared into each other’s eyes as if our souls had became one.

  Suddenly the ocean disappeared,

  we were like fish out of water.

  Moments later we had returned to our human forms,

  And found ourselves standing in the ruins of a castle.

  The pictures on the walls all around us sparkled like jewels.

  We kissed a long passionate kiss…

  and as we slowly turned around,

  the walls became mirrors…

  reflecting the moments that we had shared.

  Let Go and Feel the Joy

  Our physical reality is the byproduct

  of our mental world,

  a whorl of energy we live within.

  When we have hateful, envious,

  and jealous thoughts…

  perhaps we should fill the images with golden light,

  and continue to do so

  until the thoughts are washed clean.

  Perhaps what we think about most…

  we become?

  Where do you spend those quiet moments,

  and what do you think about most?

  Perhaps we should reach inside,

  and pull from the roots of our souls

  the weeds we do not need.

  The more we clean our garden within,

  the more our Christ energy will cherish its stay

  with our souls on this day.

  So let’s turn around with forgiveness in our hearts,

  pull those weeds,

  and fe
el the joy within.


  Where are you now?

  I feel you,

  but I don’t see you.

  I hold your thoughts,

  but I don’t hold you.

  The part of me inside of you,

  likes the peace I feel when I think about you.

  And the part of you inside of me,

  likes the peace I feel in you.

  When I think about you,

  I can see your essence staring back at me.

  Your beautiful smile echoes within my soul.

  Though the space between us is far,

  I still feel your presence near,

  your essence deep inside of me.

  The moments we’ve embraced,

  and the private stories we’ve

  whispered into each other’s ears.

  From the glee to the years…

  we touched each other’s tears

  as we had to announce our good-byes.


  Heartaches can only heal

  by the seconds that we feel.

  The teardrops fade…

  as hands full of memories cluster my path.

  On a stage only in my mind,

  where teardrops once passed the time,

  pools of sadness fade into the shadows,

  while love gives to me visions of hope.

  In a world made of crops...

  I hold on to my thoughts.

  While many of us fade into the shadows,

  I stand on a pedestal of hope.

  A million miles to the end...

  life is just a stage we live within.

  With passion…

  who I am…

  are the things I give to life.




  and a forgotten name.

  Feeling the blues.

  Feeling the shame.

  Down and out...

  life has lost its glow,

  and I feel like falling in a bottomless hole.

  I stand before the hole as if I’m about to jump.

  Suddenly I fall to my knees and pray.

  A voice within whispers…

  “God above created us to live…

  and learn to aim for the target of unconditional love.

  but also to enjoy life;

  only let him… and only him,

  take it away.

  For whatever reason that may be,

  let God choose the day.”


  Over and over again…

  we made love…

  and kissed between the words we spoke.

  Now all I do is dream about you.

  I blow a kiss in the wind,

  in hope that it reaches you.

  I lay alone in my bed…

  holding my fluffed pillow…

  I envision us together as I fall asleep…

  dreaming… about you.


  Here we are sitting by the midnight shore.

  Seems like a movie,

  and nothing more.

  The beach is empty.

  The fire-pits that line the shore cradle but ashes now.

  The sky of deep-blue,

  and all the states we've driven through.

  Not always saying the things I should

  when I speak with others,

  or under your hood.

  The ocean waves are boldly hitting the beach.

  A shooting star appears and vanishes into nowhere.

  Though my car and I have traveled many

  miles together,

  now it sits here broken down.

  For the last time too,

  I say...

  As I walk away a haze of gray clouds

  fall from the sky.

  Appearing so boldly…

  A beam of light emerges.

  I turn around to give my car one last glance,

  but when I do it's nowhere to be seen…?

  * * *

  In good spirit…love and peace to all. And to all… may we learn to love each other without any conditions. And if we can’t get along, let’s at least respect each other with kindness.

  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.” My Mother.


  Dan has been writing poetry ever since he was 13; while in history class, he was inspired to write a poem. The teacher was giving a lecture on pollution. She asked him a question about what she had been lecturing on. He didn’t know the answer. She then asked him, “What are you writing then, if not notes on my lecture?” Dan told her modestly. “I’m writing a poem about your lecture.” She was curious to say the least. She picked it up from his desk, quickly read it, and then asked him if she could read it to the class. He shrugged and said, “I guess so.” The teacher and his classmate liked it. He’s been writing ever since.

  Dan’s father was in the Navy. They moved around until he was 16, when his folks’ retired from the military they moved to Kahoka Mo., where he resided until he was 19. He traveled for a while throughout the states, always working odd jobs. When he was 28 he attended QU in Quincy Il., earned his BFA, then on to U of I, Champaign IL., and earned his MFA, in the visual arts and art education. “I have always had a passion for writing stories, poetry, painting, and drawing.”

  Dan has resided in Springfield Mo., for over 11 years. He also has an adventure mystery book on the market. THE DAGGER-KEY and the Lost Treasures of Kebadon, which can be purchased online or at most places books are sold. It’s a SyFy fantasy mystery adventure, in days of old, for anyone of any age to enjoy.

  Dan’s series, LOVE OPENS the VALLEY of EMPTYNESS is in six books. If you’ve enjoyed part two of book one, then look for part three and four of book one coming soon. Followed by the other five books, which will follow about every two weeks thereafter. LOVE OPENS the VALLEY of EMPTYNESS followed by a subtitle. Each book is packed with over 3500 words of poetry, and only .99 cents a book.

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