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       Angels & Imperfections, p.1

           Dan Arnold
Angels & Imperfections

  Book One

  By Daniel Roland Banks


  This book is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are a work of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance or reference to any actual locales, events or persons, living or dead is entirely fictional.


  COPYRIGHT © 2012





















  Cover design by Dan Arnold

  Photo credit © Dan Arnold

  This book is dedicated to Lenora Clyde, My faithful friend, fan, and the best mother-in-law in the world. I miss you so. And to Jake Arnold, Bart Arnold, Kelsey and Brett Collar, Rachel Tullos, Ellenor and Mike Welch, Kathleen and Dave Golden, Bill Clyde (who has no use for books and never read a page), and Al and Andrea Kennemer, who have loved and encouraged me in the process.



  And Lora,

  my seldom complaining wife and travelling companion. As I explore this literary road in an unreliable vehicle without a compass or GPS. She pretends not to notice me trying to draw the map, only after I’ve made all the wrong turns.

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  Thanks again.

  All the best,



  Book One


  “All we like sheep have gone astray.”


  Sheep are among the most naturally helpless inhabitants of this planet. Sheep are poorly equipped for either self-defence or rapid flight. When they are attacked, startled or frightened they tend to scatter.


  Predators love helpless and harmless prey.


  The most dangerous predators seek the lost sheep, not to harm them physically, but to herd them into darkness. Once in the darkness, the sheep are blind. Because lost sheep are blind, they will follow the whispered and gentle direction of any voice they feel comfortable with. The wolves entice them with pleasant and reasonable voices.

  A smart predator gives the sheep just enough light, to follow the only path they can see, but not enough light to see the end of that path, or to see the traps and pitfalls along the way.


  Other wolves will suggest the sheep are evolving into more enlightened beings; becoming more intelligent, perfect and godlike. Some will persuade the sheep there is no God, telling them that life is random and has no meaning whatsoever.

  Since the dawn of time, the wolves have been determined to slaughter as many sheep as possible.

  The Shepherds are appointed to stand between the sheep and the wolves.

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