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       Teen Cops 'A Time for Redemption', p.7

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  Part of our daily prison routine included physical fitness and I kept myself in good shape by running, swimming and taking more wrestling classes. Dad would be proud I said to myself every time my body was being slammed down on the wrestling mats during training. I volunteered for IT teaching duties as well, which was a shock to both me and my friends. What was I thinking doing extra work! Brandon was like- minded and he kept himself busy by coaching players for the Mount Hood basketball team. The team idea was another of the governor’s initiatives and I also played in the team, but my skills were limited in comparison to Brandon’s. With his talent the team were proving to be unbeatable. The Mount Hood Bulls as the team were called, were now sitting pretty at the top of the Correction Centre league. Not a great achievement in the grand scheme of things I know, but it meant a lot to us.

  By the end of the season it was time for the league play offs and, as this would be in a few days, Warden Ellis felt Brandon needed a few days rest beforehand. This R & R time also meant no band practice and no daily chores for him and me, which was sweet. The rest of the band members used the break to relax, although they still had chores to do.

  The day of the big game between the Mount Hood Bulls and Portland Juvi Centre soon came around and the two teams were out on court warming up. I looked up into the stands to see Josh, Molly and Jordan sitting amongst our fellow inmates ready to watch the game. It was good to see everyone getting along so well. With Brandon back to full strength and with a little help from me, Mount Hood Bulls were crowned league cup champions after we won by a narrow two point margin. Although I only managed to score two of the 61 points, I do like to think that these made all the difference.

  Warden Ellis was in a wonderful mood after his team’s victory and to show his appreciation, treated everyone at Mount Hood to a movie night in the sports hall after the game, with popcorn thrown in too. It was a shame the movie was The Shaw Shank Redemption and how bitter sweet I thought. No doubt the warden saw the funny side.

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