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       Teen Cops 'A Time for Redemption', p.3

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Chapter 3

  It was a relief to hear that my stop was next. I grabbed my things from the luggage shelf before making my way to the front exit. As we drove along North Main Avenue Gresham, I spotted a great looking café called Café Delirium nestled amongst the neat row of store fronts and boy what I wouldn’t give for a good cup of coffee right now. I made myself a promise to visit the cafe when I got released.

  ‘And on your right you can see the beautiful snow capped Mount Hood,’ said the driver in a really sarcastic sounding tour guide voice.

  ‘How’s the skiing?’ I asked, but somehow doubted there would be free time for that.

  The bus turned off the main street and onto an unmarked road and I thought this must be it. I tightened the belts on my back pack, took one last look around at all the serious criminals on the bus and thought there was no way I wanted to end up like them.

  ‘Hold up who’s this?’ I whispered.

  There sitting right at the back of the bus was a lovely young lady, crouched with her legs up under her chin and a hat pulled down over her eyes, trying not to be noticed, I knew the feeling. I did a double take wondering how the hell I’d missed her before. She looked up and I decided to walk back down the bus to say hello.

  ‘Hi there, just let me know if the big guy wakes up and gives you any trouble,’ I said with bravado as I pointed my thumb at Martinez.

  She tipped her hat and smiled but I doubt she was that bothered. She looked pretty streetwise to me and could probably look after herself.

  ‘Scott Hunter, it’s your stop,’ the guard shouted from the front of the bus rudely interrupting our conversation.

  ‘Well this is goodbye I guess,’ I said as I started to walk towards the exit.

  ‘Nice to meet you Scott Hunter,’ the girl replied.

  The door opened and I was escorted off the bus and right up to the front gates of Mount Hood Juvenile Correction Centre, as the sign said like a dude ranch blazoned across the front archway entrance. At this point I was handed over to one of the Mount Hood guards with my transfer documentation. I took one final deep breath of freedom and stepped inside for the start of my new life.

  ‘Welcome to Mount Hood Juvi Centre,’ said the guard as he locked the gate behind me.

  ‘Thank you,’ I replied.

  The guard took me to the inmate processing area or check in desk, as I preferred to call it, where I completed a bunch of registration paperwork. It was a shame this part couldn’t be done online. I’m sure I could write a new piece of software for their IT department to handle this... just a thought.

  Back on the bus more excitement was happening as it seems my new best friend Mr Martinez had woken from his beauty sleep and was hurling abuse at me from the bus window.

  ‘You’re dead boy if I ever see you again.’ He was shouting as the guards tried to restrain him.

  Thankfully I was oblivious to the whole thing and besides which, what did I care? It was hardly likely that I’d ever see Martinez again. Even if I did, I knew how to take care of myself.

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