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       Teen Cops 'A Time for Redemption', p.19

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Chapter 18

  ‘Have I told you lately what a crazy mother fudger you are Brandon?’ Josh said as he wheeled out the twisted dirt bike towards the van.

  ‘Not today, no Josh,’ Brandon replied as he inspected the bike.

  ‘More work for me,’ said Josh referring to the bike repairs.

  ‘Sorry about that Bro. How are you feeling anyway after the shooting?’ Brandon asked.

  ‘I’m fine really, just dreading all the damn paperwork that goes with it and having to see the department shrink when we get back to HQ,’ Josh replied.

  One of the paramedics, a female I might add at this point, insisted on giving Brandon an examination after his stunt heroics. He really knew how to attract the ladies, typical jock, I thought as I lay on the stretcher beside him, being examined by a male paramedic. Where’s the justice? No broken bones for Brandon, just a sprained ankle from the crash landing, which meant no basketball practice for a few days.

  We were starting to get a few strange looks from the other officers, due to our ridiculous stage costumes, which I’d totally forgotten about. It must have looked like the Hair Bear Bunch had just saved the day. Mitch was busy speaking to the local sheriff about the incident and thanking him for his support, while the other officers went inside to check the building for forensic evidence. The carjackers would be getting tough sentences for theft, carrying lethal weapons and endangering the lives of police officers, which was sweet justice in my opinion.

  Luis finally arrived in a taxi of all things. It pulled up beside the ambulance. He’d missed the action, but couldn’t wait to hear all about it.

  ‘I’ll tell you all about it Luis during the ride back to college,’ said Jordan as she handed Luis an armful of weapons to carry back to the van.

  I was sitting on the grass by now, watching the local officers escort the prisoners to their squad cars, when something strange caught my eye. A shadow of something or someone flashed across the back wall of the warehouse and I immediately thought;

  ‘Did we miss one of the suspects?’

  Then the engine of the transport truck started up and I shouted out;


  Mitch looked behind him as the truck started driving towards the warehouse exit. Thankfully everyone managed to jump out of the way, although one of the unlucky ones, that was me, ended up face down in the drainage ditch that ran alongside the road. Yes it was funny, but both my stage costume and colourful shirt got ruined in all the thick black scummy ditch water. The big down side was that now I didn’t have any dry clothes to travel back to college in. Time to go commando I thought, but this option was soon ruined by one of the paramedics who handed me a blanket to wear. Thanks pal!

  More important than me not having any clothes to wear was the fact that the truck with the stolen cars was now getting away. I watched in horror as it careered towards our van that was parked across its path. Josh acted very cool, as he stepped into the road pulled his revolver, took aim and fired two rapid shots. He managed to burst one of the trucks rear tyres, causing it to swerve violently across the road narrowly missing the van, before ending up on its side in the ditch. Sweet justice I thought for my ruined clothes, while Josh was just relieved the van was safe.

  Mitch and Josh ran to grab the driver before he could make his escape.

  ‘And that makes six I believe,’ said Josh pulling the driver out by the collar.

  The driver wasn’t wearing a racing helmet and Josh recognised him as one of the two college lecturers he’d seen hanging around the campus car park.

  ‘So that’s how the thieves avoided detection, it was an inside job,’ said Josh.

  ‘But why would they steal from their own students?’ Josh asked.

  ‘Easy money I guess. Once you start these things it’s hard to get out,’ Mitch replied.

  Luckily the driver was too dazed from the crash to recognise Josh, but just to be on the safe side, Mitch suggested he go wait out of sight with the others. Mitch could take it from here.

  ‘Lucky shot Josh?’ I asked as he walked towards me.

  ‘Pure skill Scott, pure skill,’ Josh replied.

  Well at least his aim was improving.

  Mitch handed the final gang member over to the local sheriff and then came over to congratulate his team on doing such a fine job. He put his arm around Molly for a father and daughter cuddle prompting me to try to do the same to Jordan, until she gave me that stern look of hers. It was a relief that none of us suffered any real injuries, apart from me being shot in the back. We’d learnt some valuable lessons, which included always wear a protective jacket and make sure you carry a weapon, in spite of what Mitch might say.

  We were dreading the amount of paperwork that needed to be filled in after this case and I’m sure Mitch felt the same way as he surveyed the crime scene.

  ‘You guys may as well head back to the college,’ Mitch suggested.

  ‘OK Boss,’ we said.

  We had planned to head home to Long Beach that evening, but because it was so late, Mitch thought it best that we stay one more night at the college campus. There was no complaining from us and I do believe Brandon still had an invitation for one of the sorority parties. What better way to unwind after the first case? Mitch wanted us to report to Teen Cops HQ by 1100 the next morning, so there was no time for a sleep in after the party.

  Josh was about to jump behind the wheel of the Dodge until Mitch gave him a glare.

  ‘You can drive the van back,’ said Mitch holding his hand out for the Dodge keys.

  The DA should be pleased with the outcome of the case. With happy students that could venture out at night, there would be happy parents and bigger donations to the police charity. A win win situation for everyone thanks to us. We said goodbye to Mitch and, as we drove away, I looked back at the scene that we were leaving behind, like something out of a Terminator movie - total carnage.

  After rushing back to campus, we could only manage to stay for an hour at the party before calling it a night. A bit light weight I know, but we’d been busy working on the case for the past few days without much sleep. As we were leaving the party, I literally had to prise the ladies off Brandon and drag him away. ‘Call me’ they gestured with their hands but there was no chance of that happening.

  ‘Come on guys we could have stayed for a little longer surely,’ Brandon protested.

  Luis had a cup of hot chocolate waiting for each of us back at the dorm.

  ‘You’re the best Luis,’ said Jordan as she sipped her drink.

  ‘Yes, a regular Mrs Doubtfire,’ Brandon added as he continued to sulk about leaving the party early.

  ‘Great gig tonight guys, you should be really pleased with yourselves,’ Luis said as he sat down to join us for hot chocolate.

  ‘Thanks Luis,’ said Josh.

  It is a shame Luis missed most of the evening’s action and I think he’s the only one who didn’t discharge his weapon. Better luck next time.

  As it was almost 0100, it was time to get some sleep if we were going to make it up by 0800. Molly and Jordan said goodnight before heading off to their room while us guys stayed up for a few minutes longer to watch a bit of TV and to finish off the left over pizza from dinner time. The washing up would have to wait until morning.

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