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       Teen Cops 'A Time for Redemption', p.1

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Teen Cops 'A Time for Redemption'

  Teen Cops

  A Time for Redemption

  D Rossmaur

  Illustrations by Alex Gray

  Copyright 2013 David Rossmaur

  ISBN No: 978.1.906542.42.9

  Publishers: Barny Books

  Hough on the Hill



  NG32 2BB

  Tel: 01400 250246


  Cover design by Kevin Stickings

  Cape of Disappointment photograph provided by Carol Zahorsky

  Ebook formatting by www.ebooklaunch.com

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  With special thanks to my father Stanley for all his support

  Visit www.funbeach.com for information on the Long Beach Peninsula, home of the Teen Cops and www.teencops.co.uk for the latest book news

  Chapter 1

  My name is Scott Hunter and boy has my life changed over the past 7 months. I was sent to a youth correction centre to serve a two year sentence for computer hacking. That was just the beginning. I wasted my God given IT talents when I hacked into the US treasury web site and got caught by the feds. Not the brightest idea I know. Sure I was guilty, but in my opinion, the punishment far exceeded the crime and I was feeling bitter about life, because it sucked. I’d let my parents down, especially my father and if I could change anything I would. I had thought that getting a second chance was impossible, but I was wrong.

  After 3 months incarcerated in a California Correction Centre, I heard about a new trial scheme for the first mixed sex correctional centre in the US to be located in Gresham Oregon. I wanted in, big time, so I applied for a transfer. Because of my exemplary behaviour, along with my exceptional IT skills, it seems I made a suitable candidate for the scheme. You never know, perhaps my skills could finally be put to good use teaching other inmates how not to get caught. Or rather, what I meant to say is how not to do the crime in the first place. I thought of myself as the Mark Zuckerberg equivalent of crime book and not Facebook, which has a nice ring to it.

  The man in charge of the new correctional centre, Warden Ellis, was travelling the country selecting a shortlist of candidates for his new scheme and I managed to get an audience with him. My first impression of Warden Ellis was fairly accurate, he was certainly no push over. His previous job was head warden at one of America’s toughest prisons and something told me he’d be running this new project with the same iron fist. I prepared myself and made sure I said all the right things, especially about how much I wanted to help other inmates with their rehabilitation. It was all a load of hot air and I guess I was willing to say pretty much anything to clinch the deal. The gift of the gab was another one of my so called skills which usually managed to get me out of sticky situations.

  My outlook changed when I won a golden ticket to join the new scheme. I was to be transferred to Gresham in a few days. I was just as excited at the prospect of sharing a prison with girls as I was about getting out of California. No offence to California, it’s just that I had a few bad memories that were better left behind.

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