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       Carly, p.4

           D. M. Wolfenden
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  Carly raised one eyebrow. “Move your hand before I break it.”

  Vanessa let go. “I’ve told you where she is. Now where’s my brother?”

  “The police will probably be digging him up right now.” She looked up at the officer. “You did send the text, didn’t you, Uncle Alan?”

  Abruptly, Vanessa stood up. Officer Hammond was right behind her. When she turned, she bumped her shoulder on his large chest. Her mouth hung open. “You’re her uncle?”

  “And Lisa’s,” Alan replied.

  “How is it you are working here?”

  Carly winked at her. “He works for her majesty’s secret service, he can do anything.”

  Her eye started to twitch again, she turned around as two policemen walked into the room.

  One placed his hand on her shoulder. “Vanessa St. John, I am arresting you in connection with the abduction of Lisa Gibbins. Anything you say may be…”

  She blustered, “This is entrapment. You won’t get away with this. She needs to tell us where James is!”

  “Oh, Vanessa, I buried him in his box. Doubt the piece of shit survived long.”

  “You bitch! I’ll be waiting for you when you get out,” Vanessa growled.

  Carly laughed. “Don’t hold ya breath, love. It’ll be a while. For both of us.”


  One week later, Carly sat in the same stark, dismal room. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, tapping her fingers on the desk. She grinned as the door opened and jumped up from her seat, sending the metal chair toppling backwards onto the floor. “Lisa.”

  The two women ran into each other’s arms, tears trickling down their faces.

  Alan walked in behind Lisa and wrapped his arms around his nieces. “Come on, girls, let’s sit down.”

  Carly looked at Lisa’s face. She ran her finger over the fading yellow bruises around Lisa’s eyes and mouth before cupping her face. “I’m sorry.”

  Lisa took hold of Carly’s hands in hers and brought them to her lips, kissing each one in turn. “Why are you sorry? You saved my life. None of this was your fault.”

  Carly tried to smile, her lips trembled.

  The women walked over and sat down at the desk with Alan, he tried to hide his watery eyes by pretending to yawn.

  Lisa stared lovingly at her saviour, Carly. “Why are you still here?” Before Carly could answer, she turned to Alan. “Why is she still in here?”

  Looking at Lisa, Alan reached over and patted Carly’s arm. “Now they have the body, and Carly’s confession, it has to go to court.”

  “Lisa, I killed him. Premeditated, cold-blooded murder. I wanted him to die, and, I made sure he did.” She looked at Alan. “Uncle Alan got me a top solicitor, who thinks, under the circumstances, I can plead volitional insanity.”

  Lisa screwed her face up. “What does that mean?”

  “We’ll make a deal, she’ll get a couple of years, at the most. With good behaviour and time spent, she may do a year,” Alan said with a smile.

  Lisa pulled her face. “A whole year! That’s not fair. What about that bitch, Vanessa?”

  Alan chuckled. “She’s looking at twelve years for trafficking.”

  Twelve months later, Carly walked through the large, stainless steel doors to freedom. She closed her eyes, raised her head up towards the warmth of the sun and smiled. She flinched as something licked her hand. She opened her eyes and squealed with glee. The dog jumped up and pawed at her. Carly bent down and ran her fingers through the dirty blonde fur.

  Lisa held the dog leash out towards Carly. “She’s all yours. We’ve been calling her, Honey.”

  The End.

  I hope you enjoyed the story, but if you have been

  affected by any of the issues in the story these are a

  few websites you may find helpful.





  British born, DM Wolfenden is horror addict, and grew up reading Stephen King, Dean Koonz and James Herbert. To this day, they remain some of her

  favourite authors. She also used to watch a lot of the old, British Hammer House of Horrors. She has a fondness for animals and tattoos. Whilst a bit on the

  shy side, she works in a mostly male environment. A radio operator on a semi-submersible oil rig in the North Sea.

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  D. M. Wolfenden, Carly



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