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       Unknowing Alpha, p.4

           D. L Biranen
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  Stay gold!

  D. L. Biranen.


  D. L. Biranen is the last of four children. Inspired by her brother, she has had an undying love for fiction from an age she can barely remember.

  Though she abstains from magic and enchantment, some of her books contain elements that most fantasy readers would love. She also abstains from explicit contents.

  Her genres of interest are Young/New Adult Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Sci-fi Romance, and Mystery/Detective/Police Procedural books.

  She lives in her country, Nigeria. When she’s not writing, she can be found listening to rock music, surfing the web for e-books to fill her library with, or surfing the web for skincare products.


  If you enjoyed this book, there is a 99.9% chance you’ll enjoy my other books. And if for some reason you didn’t enjoy this book, the chances of enjoying my other books remain the same.

  A Chance for Love

  A Twisted Tale Novel Inspired By Cinderella

  Synopsis: The loss of Victoria Brown’s father leaves her at the mercy of her stepfamily who are bent on making her life miserable. Turning her into a pitiful maid, they force her to live a modern day reenactment of Cinderella. But they don't know that where there's a Cinderella, there's a Fairy Godmother and a Prince Charming who would do anything to bandage the damage in her life.

  When an arrogant new student shows up in class, Victoria hates him at first sight. She seeks to avoid him, but finds herself partnering with him in solving a mystery revolving around a ghost. And against her will, sparks fly.

  Life takes a turn that rips Victoria off her innocence and places her stepmother as her footstool. Once, she'd wanted a chance for love, but all she wants now is revenge. And not even her Prince Charming can stand in her way.

  Will she follow her heart and let love win, or will she follow her head and be a slave of vengeance?

  Knowing Alpha

  An Alpha and Beta Short Story, Book 1

  Synopsis: Bethany Howell, aka Daddy's Little Princess, is your typical spoilt rich girl. For the first time, she notices Alpha Jordan, a classmate, and craves his attention. But trying to get close to him always leaves her with a broken heart.

  An unknown secret admirer, nicknamed Mr. Anonymous, writes her letters every day. These letters always mend her heart after Alpha breaks it like it's made of glass.

  Although Alpha's attitude toward her makes it clear he dislikes her, she refuses defeat and sets out to win his heart. Will Alpha ever give her a chance to know him?





  [email protected]


  D. L. Biranen

  D. L. Biranen



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