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Finding patience, p.1
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       Finding Patience, p.1

           D. Allen Henry
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Finding Patience

  Finding Patience


  D. Allen Henry

  © D. Allen Henry 2015

  On the Cover

  Public domain photos Photoshopped by the author

  Also by D. Allen Henry


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  The twentieth century was dominated by a succession of wars, two of which were on a global scale never before seen on this planet. As such, the effects of those wars profoundly influenced the course of history. I am speaking of course of The Great War (termed World War I in the United States), World War II, and to a lesser extent, The Vietnam War, and the Gulf Wars. Although much has been written about the history of these wars (especially the first two), much less has been written about the effect of these wars on the lives of those who lived (and died) through them.

  The Sutherland Saga consists of a sequence of six novels chronicling the lives of four generations of the fictitious Sutherland family, the patriarch being the Earl of Winston. Set against the backdrop of world-changing events of the twentieth century, the saga traces the travails of the Earls of Winston and their loved ones. Having been awarded the Earldom of Winston by King James the First, the ancestral home of the Sutherland family is located at Wharton Manor in Gloucestershire, England.

  I have chosen each of the four wars mentioned above as the backdrop for one of the stories within The Sutherland Saga. Accordingly, the first book in the series depicts events during the era of World War I, whereas the second and fifth books span the period of World War II. The timing for the third book is during the Vietnam War, and the fourth and sixth in the series span a twenty-five year period roughly corresponding to the Gulf Wars, thereby leading up to present day. As such, the plots are strongly connected to their associated wars and, although the storylines are intimately related to English culture, there is also a strong thread of both Scottish and American ancestry evident as the saga evolves.

  The idea for the Sutherland Series was born from my own experiences, travels, loves, and losses, spanning a lifetime. While the stories themselves, including the primary characters, are entirely fictional, the places are not. In addition, I have, where appropriate, included historical figures who played significant roles in the events portrayed within the series. Indeed, I have attempted to portray both historical events and historical figures as accurately as possible. Where I have erred, I offer my sincere apologies.

  Finding Patience, the fourth book in the series, depicts the lives of the Sutherland family spanning the era of the fifteenth Earldom of Winston, the backdrop for the events depicted herein being the period spanning the Second Gulf War. As such, it may be read as a standalone novel, or it may be viewed as a sequel to Enlisting Redemption, the characters being related, but the plotlines independent. I hope that this account will provide an enlightening and enjoyable experience for you the reader.


  Figure Credits

  Fig. 1 Map Showing Gloucestershire, graphic drawn by the author {{PD-dallenhenry}}

  Author’s Note Regarding Sectional Perspectives

  The reader will notice that throughout the text I have delineated sections by the use of boldface titles. These titles normally describe the setting location and date for that section. However, when only a date is included, it is implied that the location for that section is identical to that of the previous section. Furthermore, each section begins with a few boldface words immediately after the section setting. The name of the first person included in boldface within the section is normally intended to be the person whose perspective is taken within that section of the text.


  1615 – Alan Sutherland is appointed the first Earl of Winston by King James I of


  1883 – William Sutherland becomes the Twelfth Earl of Winston.

  1893 – Robert Sutherland is born in Gloucestershire, England.

  1895 – Margaret MacCreedy is born in Melbourne, Australia.

  1914 – The Great War begins.

  1917 – Trant Sutherland is born in London

  1918 – The Great War ends.

  1918 – Robert Sutherland marries Margaret MacCreedy.

  1919 - Robert Sutherland becomes the thirteenth Earl of Winston on the death of his

  father, William Sutherland.

  1919 – Felicité Delacroix is born in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy.

  1939 - World War II begins.

  1945 – World War II ends.

  1946 – Trant Sutherland marries Felicité Delacroix.

  1947 – Trevor Sutherland is born in England to Trant and Felicité Sutherland.

  1948 – Rebecca Carey is born in Danville, Virginia.

  1965 – Trant Sutherland becomes the fourteenth Earl of Winston on the death of his

  father, Robert Sutherland.

  1965-1973 – The Vietnam War spans nearly a decade.

  1971 – Brandt MacCauley is born in Scotland.

  1977 – Rebecca Carey marries Grant Sutherland.

  1977 – Patience Walker is born in Nebraska.

  1986 – Trevor Sutherland becomes the fifteenth Earl of Winston upon the passing of his

  father, Trant Sutherland.

  1996 – Brandt MacCauley graduates from MIT and joins the faculty at Cal Tech.

  1997 – Twenty-year old Patience is kidnapped and taken to Las Vegas.

  September 11, 2001 – The World Trade Center is attacked by terrorists.

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