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Evan the awakening pt 1, p.1
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       Evan The awakening. Pt. 1, p.1

           Coushatta LaRue
Evan The awakening. Pt. 1
of adrenaline shot through Evan’s veins like a bullet ripping through flesh. His skin burned as if it was on fire and his mind rushed with strange voices and laughter as his eyes started to open. The room around him was just a blur of shadows. The first thing he heard was the beep of a heart monitor beeping faster than it should be, and a child’s laughter ringing in his ears. He felt something sharp and cold sting his stomach. His right arm broke free from his restraints. The dark shadows around him hollered in confusion.

  He swung his arm wildly as he tried to knock away whatever was cutting into his stomach. He felt something sharp like metal. He ripped it from himself, and swung it at the first shadow that leaped forward.

  Evan’s vision returned slowly as the child’s laughter started to disappear. His bright blue eyes were staring at a Doctor’s dark brown eyes, as warm blood poured from the Doctor’s neck, onto Evan’s bare muscular chest.

  The Doctor looked confused as death filled his dulling eyes, his body began to slump forward onto Evan, until a nurse with red hair and ugly yellow glasses pulled him away. Evan heard someone shout something unintelligible, and another Doctor with a name badge that read, Hector, rushed towards Evan with angry hazel eyes and a needle containing something white. Evan felt his heart beating uncontrollably as the adrenaline in his body poured through him like water rushing from a broken dam.

  The Doctor grabbed Evan’s pale neck and dug his nails into Evan’s skin. Evan yelled, but dodged the needle that the Doctor was trying to stab into his left arm.

  “Hold him down damn it!” The Doctor yelled as he tried to jab the needle into Evan’s chest.

  Two nurses rushed over to Evan. They attempted to hold down his right arm. Evan felt his breath go out of him. The room started to shake, yet it seemed as if only he noticed it. A red haze entered the room and the walls seemed to turn gray. He could only hear his heart beat as a small shadow appeared at the edge of the white bed he was strapped down to. Evan watched it form into a tiny little girl with dark brown curls, caramel colored skin, and a rotting face. She gave him a wicked smile before putting a bony finger to her mouth.

  Evan choked as the Doctor dug his nails deeper into his throat. He felt his blood racing through his body and his head was hurting. His body felt as if it were on fire again as the red headed nurse clawed at his right arm to pull it away from the Doctors hand. Evan heard a loud snap and then a gush of blood splattered across the room behind the two female nurses. The Doctor looked up with wide eyes and turned white. Evan turned his head and his mouth dropped open as the red headed nurse crumpled onto the floor. Her guts were painted across a wall with x-ray photos.

  The other female nurse let go of Evan. She screamed so loud, Evan was sure his ears would pop. However, the screaming was cut short as the nurses neck was twisted until her eyes were above her own back. Evan felt vomit try to force its way up but he held it back as he felt the Doctors grip loosen. Evan looked up and his heart dropped when he saw the little girl behind the Doctor. She giggled, pointed at the bloody scalpel in Evan’s hand, and then she disappeared. The red haze went away and the walls turned back to dirty white ones.

  The Doctor looked back at Evan and made an expression as if he had forgotten Evan was even there. And before the Doctor could jab the needle into Evan’s chest, Evan stabbed the scalpel into the Doctors neck and pulled it out. The Doctor grabbed at the wound on his neck. It was gushing blood. The Doctor mumbled something Evan couldn’t understand, before falling to the floor with a loud thud. Evan let out a holler and began to undo the other restraints on his arms, legs, and chest.

  His dark black hair waved in his face as he sat up. He breathed heavily as he stared around the room. He grimaced at the blood shed around him and felt his stomach turn in anger. He grabbed at his head and moaned in pain as a buzzing sound entered his mind. He heard giggling again and narrowed his eyes, staring in front of him. It was the little girl again, wearing a ruined blue dress, and blood all over her face. Her dead brown eyes had blackness in them and her thin lips were cut and torn to the edges of her ears. She tilted her head and a smile rose showing broken teeth through damaged lips.

  She giggled and pointed and then whispered with malice, “Find the mother.”

  She disappeared as quickly as she appeared and Evan closed his eyes and rubbed them hard. When he opened them he was still in the same small white surgery room. His eyes searched for answers but he only felt more confused and scared as the things around him made no sense. He had no idea why he was in this room or why these people were trying to cut him open.

  He swung his legs off the table. He went to get off when he noticed all the blood on the floor. He swallowed hard and placed one foot at a time on the cold tile.

  The last thing he could remember was packing to leave the Orphanage because he was aging out. He remembered putting all the little things he owned into a small black bag and then going to eat dinner with the other teenagers, and then he…

  Evan was not sure what happened next. He could have sworn he took a shower and went to sleep. Or did he? He felt cold. A chill ran down his spine. He was naked and felt very exposed and unsafe. He saw a white lab coat on an old brown chair in the corner next to a dusty computer. He walked over to it, carefully trying not to touch the bodies lying across the floor. He flipped the coat on, hoping it would help him feel better but it did not. He looked around the room at the chaos and stared at the two women’s bodies. They had been slaughtered. But by what? Nothing had touched the two women. Evan thought of the little girl and spun around the room looking for her, but found that he was the only one in the room.

  Was she even real? Or had Evan imagined her? Evan slowly walked around the table and swallowed hard. He looked up at the board with the x-ray photos and peered at them closely. It was pictures of someone’s organs. He looked at them for a whole minute before looking back at the table then down at the cut on his stomach. He shivered and put his hand on the table next to him and started to gasp for air. Had they been trying to take his organs? Why would they? Who were they? Evan had never felt so scared and helpless in his life.

  He glanced down at the red headed nurse and back up at her guts that covered the photos. He took his hand off the table and looked down where a stack of paper work sat. He touched the papers with his fingers and moved them. It was paper work about different organs and where they would go after they were removed. They each had different numbers on them that made no sense to Evan. He moved a yellow paper with a list of medicines, and his stomach twisted in knots.

  It was a photo of him and everything that there was to know about him--his age, eye color, skin color, blood type, if he had any diseases or sickness. He picked the paper up; almost afraid it would disappear in his hands. He looked over the words, none of it making any sense, all of it scaring him more. What had happened the night before? Evan was starting to wonder if he had been drugged and kidnapped.

  He heard faint screams coming from another room. He dropped the paper with his picture on it. It landed in the blood at his feet and quickly turned red. Evan took in a deep breath and stared at the first Doctor he had stabbed. His head swam at the revelation that he had killed him. Evan lunged over and threw up close to a small storage bin of medical supplies. He threw up until it hurt then he rubbed his mouth on the arm of his coat He knew he had to get out of that horrible room.

  He walked to the only door in the room, it had a tiny window, and four locks near the knob. Evan unlocked each one carefully and felt sweat drip down his spine. He felt as if something was watching him and breathing down his neck. It felt hot and sticky, and right as Evan unlocked the last lock he heard something move behind him. His heart pounded in his chest as he reached for the door k
nob. When he looked behind him, nothing was there, only the light above him blinking as a fly buzzed around it. However, he could feel something there, something lingering in the darkness.

  Evan stepped out of the room into a very cold empty hallway. The walls were a dark brick, and it was clear that this place was abandoned, or at least rarely used. Evan heard the faint scream again and his blue eyes dilated, searching for where it was coming from. To his left was a hallway of darkness and to his right was a long hallway with many more doors. At the very end of the right hallway he saw that it spilt into two more halls. He buttoned up his coat as a daft of cold wind moved over his skin.

  Evan took a long look at the dark hallway and felt goose bumps rise on his pale skin. There was something in that darkness staring at him, something evil, and monstrous. Its eyes crawled over Evan’s skin like insects. Evan felt it breathing down the back of his neck, and as his body temperature rose, Evan decided he was not going to go down that crooked hallway. He turned towards the right and his heart stopped as a little girl’s giggle sounded off next to his left ear. He felt her hot breath go through his wavy locks. Evan’s knees shook as he did everything to not collapse onto the floor.

  “Find the woman,” the little girl hissed with a venomous tongue.

  Evan ran as fast as he could with tears streaming down his face. He bit down hard on his lips as his heart threatened to come out of his chest. He gasped for air as he passed a few boarded up door. His mind raced, and somehow he knew that the only way he was getting out of this hell was by finding the woman that the ghostly girl wanted.

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