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Inside crime part 1 the.., p.1
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       INSIDE CRIME part 1 The next instalment, p.1

           Connor Norton
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INSIDE CRIME part 1 The next instalment

  the first story in the ‘Inside Crime’ Trilogy

  Inside Crime

  When a murder investigation turns in to a kidnapping of a federal agent, DCI James Reid and he’s team work with the FBI’s Major Crime Unit (MCU) to find her but they soon find out that an old enemy has come back and is looking for revenge. Will they find her in time? And who is their inside mole?

  INSIDEcrime PART 1


  Inside crime

  By Connor Norton

  Copyright 2013 Connor Norton

  I can be contacted by:

  Twitter: @LordConnor_

  [email protected]



  The Beginning Of The End

  THERE WAS A loud bang. The door shut fast. There was no escape… she was trapped.

  It was pitch black and there were no windows she was all alone. She started to feel around when all of a sudden a hand came out from the dark and started to gag her…


  When detectives from the Metropolitan Police received an anonymous phone call claiming to see a dead body down by the river Thames they immediately rushed down there.

  When they arrived a 22 year old female was lying on the ground with a bullet hole in her chest and a note in her right top jacket pocket saying “Others Will Die”

  When they arrived back at the station they started to process the note was in the victim’s pocket. They found two sets of prints. The first set of finger prints belonged to An unknown male. The second pair of prints came from an unknown female.

  The victims name was Abby Rodgers who was a business woman from London, when police went to talk to her family they said that they haven’t spoken or heard from her in over 3 years.

  When DCI James Reid a 29 year old wearing a dark blat suit and tie returned back to the station he looked at the clock. The time was 13:00 pm he found an envelope on his desk on which was written ‘DCI Reid open A.S.A.P’

  When he opened it there was a letter containing only one sentence and nothing else.

  The only rule:

  You have 12 hours to find Emily Davis or I will kill her. Times starts now.

  Better hurry James. She’s counting on you.

  James looked at the clock it read 13:01:17, 18, 19, 20

  Chapter 1:

  Missing Agent

  WHEN HE HAD finished reading the letter he picked up the phone and called the Unit Chief of the FBI’S Major Crime Unit which based at Scotland Yard.

  “Hello you’ve reached Unit Chief Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer Jacobs, how can I help you?”

  “Hi my names DCI James Read I’m with the Met Police, I’m investigating a murder of a 22 year old female and I was wondering if you could help?” he asked.

  “Ok” SSA Jennifer Jacobs said.

  “I have just received a letter saying that I have 12 hours to find an Emily Davis” he said.

  “Sorry did you just say Emily Davis?” SSA Jacobs asked.

  “Yes why?” James asked in a concerned tone of voice.

  “Emily Davis is a member of my team, she’s one of my Special Agents” Jacobs said.

  “How fast can you get here?” he asked.

  “We’ll be there in 30 minutes” she said.

  James was waiting anxiously in he’s office for Agent Jacobs and the rest of the Major Crime Unit to arrive. He looked at the clock and the time was now 13:36pm he realised he only had 11 hours and 24 minutes left to save SSA Davis.

  James phone began to ring he looked at the caller i.d. It came up unknown caller.

  “Hello” he said as he answered it. All James could hear was someone breathing down the phone. He was about to hang up when “Please help me he’s going to kill me, oh god please help me” then there was a gun shot and James jumped up out of his chair. “HELLO” he shouted “Is anyone there can you here me” then a mysterious mans voice said “Times ticking James not long now and I’ll also have SSA Jacobs” the man hung up

  James swung his head out the door to his secretary Diane Rowling who was in her early 20’s and a smart dressed lady with dark hair and glasses who had only been in the job 14 months.

  “D” He said making her look up from her desk. “Get me Jennifer Jacobs at Major Crimes”

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