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           Conner Kressley Bruce Knight
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Sweet Potato Publishing Three Book Preview
Three Book Preview

  1.The Breakers Code

  2.Bell Watkins and The Mistrunners

  3.The Hourmaker

  By Conner Kressley & Bruce Knight

  Authors Note

  Back in the day, I used to have a favorite show. I can't remember what channel it was on or what the name of it was, but the entire thing was just about showing movie trailers. A guy would come on, give you a snippet of information about an upcoming movie (Which I'm sure no one ever listened to), and then the trailer would come on.

  My dad caught me watching it one day and, when I explained to him that there was no show; that the coming attractions were the show, he told me that that was "just about the stupidest thing he'd ever heard".

  I knew he was wrong though. I knew that there were a lot of people like me, who'd gladly give 30 minutes of their lives a week to catch up on what was coming to the local theaters. I never understood the people who'd talk through the previews at the movies. Trailers were great. They got you pumped up. They got you salivating for what you knew was coming. They gave you a peek at the great entertainment coming your way, and let you dip your toe into a world that you would soon be able to dive into headfirst.

  So, here at Sweet Potato Publishing, we wanted to give you guys the sort of experience that we love so much at the movies. Below are tastes of some of the world’s we have in store for you.

  First Up:

  Cresta Karr has been struggling to put her life back together after the sudden death of her father. But, for a city girl like her, moving to the middle of nowhere, Georgia hasn't made it easy. Lucky for her, Owen, the cutest guy she's ever seen is there to help soften the blow.

  While trying to get up the nerve to tell him she likes him, Cresta inadvertently learns that Owen is harboring a secret that threatens to pull the entire world down around them. Turns out he's been watching Cresta, and his reasons for doing it will shake Cresta, and the future of the world, to their core.


  Bell Watkins is your typical teenage guy, except of course, for the fact that he's famous. A tabloid staple because of his grandfather's book series, he's less than thrilled with his celebrity status. When his grandfather dies, he learns that the mystical world of his grandfather's books might not be so imaginary after all.

  When he's attacked by a mysterious creature and saved by a kickass (and pretty cute) warrior woman, Bell finds himself lost in a world that strangely resembles the stories he's ran from his entire life.

  And Then:

  Winston Cobb used to be the most popular guy in school. He had it all; a beautiful girlfriend, invitations to the most killer parties, and half the country's scouts drooling over his basketball skills. Unfortunately, an ill-advised joyride smashed his ankle, put his basketball dreams to rest, and catapulted him to the bottom of the social ladder.

  One night, while revisiting the site of the accident, Winston sees the girl he swore pulled him out of his burning car and saved his life; the girl no one else believed existed. Determined to prove that she is indeed real and that everything that happened that night wasn't his fault, Winston is pulled into a time hopping adventure where he learns that the past isn't always worth repeating.

  So there you have it. Three worlds we can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into. Read a bit. See what you like.

  Thanks so much for your interest. We appreciate you more than you know.

  Conner & Bruce

  Sweet Potato Publishing

  The Breakers Code

  Three Book Preview

  First Up:


  And Then:

  The Breakers Code

  Chapter 1

  Nothing in Heaven or Hell

  Chapter 2

  He Died Laughing

  Chapter 3

  Moon in Capricorn

  Chapter 4

  Cardboard Girl

  Chapter 5

  The Goolsby Intervention

  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

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