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Harmony season 2, p.1
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       Harmony Season 2, p.1

           C.O. Amal
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Harmony Season 2

  Season Two

  A Serial Thriller

  Written By

  C.O. Amal

  Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

  Published By C.O. Amal on November 2016

  2nd Edition

  All rights reserved

  ISBN 9781370931408

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be resold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favourite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


  To my father and mother

  Table of Contents

  Author’s Note

  Previously – 1

  Episode 6 – War on Earth

  Prologue – 2

  Chapter 1 – 3

  Chapter 2 – 4

  Chapter 3 – 5

  Chapter 4 – 6

  Chapter 5 – 7

  Chapter 6 – 8

  Chapter 7 – 9

  Chapter 8 – 10

  Chapter 9 – 11

  Chapter 10 – 12

  Epilogue – 13

  Episode 7 – Among the Stars

  Prologue – 14

  Chapter 1 – 15

  Chapter 2 – 16

  Chapter 3 – 17

  Chapter 4 – 18

  Chapter 5 – 19

  Chapter 6 – 20

  Chapter 7 – 21

  Chapter 8 – 22

  Chapter 9 – 23

  Chapter 10 – 24

  Epilogue – 25

  Episode 8 – Massacre

  Prologue – 26

  Chapter 1 – 27

  Chapter 2 – 28

  Chapter 3 – 29

  Chapter 4 – 30

  Chapter 5 – 31

  Chapter 6 – 32

  Chapter 7 – 33

  Chapter 8 – 34

  Chapter 9 – 35

  Chapter 10 – 36

  Epilogue – 37

  Episode 9 – Mother Ship

  Prologue – 38

  Chapter 1 – 39

  Chapter 2 – 40

  Chapter 3 – 41

  Chapter 4 – 42

  Chapter 5 – 43

  Chapter 6 – 44

  Chapter 7 – 45

  Chapter 8 – 46

  Chapter 9 – 47

  Chapter 10 – 48

  Epilogue – 49

  Episode 10 – Black Hole

  Prologue – 50

  Chapter 1 – 51

  Chapter 2 – 52

  Chapter 3 – 53

  Chapter 4 – 54

  Chapter 5 – 55

  Chapter 6 – 56

  Chapter 7 – 57

  Chapter 8 – 58

  Chapter 9 – 59

  Chapter 10 – 60

  Epilogue – 61

  About the Author

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  Author’s Note

  On June 29 2026 the ship Harmony went missing near Bermuda triangle. People searched whole ocean floor for the ship but found nothing. Meanwhile on the next day the passengers of ship Harmony woke up in a new world where surviving is very difficult.

  At the time survivors found a way back to Earth, much of Earth was lost. In the new post-apocalyptic Earth survivors need all the guts to survive the alien vampire horde. Season two will pick up from the surviving humans of planet Gamorphia and watch how people survives the vampire race.

  There is two prelude stories to this series and they are Into the Triangle and Gamorphia.

  In Into the Triangle, an enthusiastic explorer named Jack Green set out on an epic journey to Bermuda triangle to find its secrets. He did found many things and in this story see the world of Gamorphia a little more.

  In Gamorphia, you can see a man named Luc who is trying hard to survive. This story take place in the year 2004, and this is the whole history of the alien vampire race on planet Gamorphia.


  * * * * *


  On June 29 ship Harmony went missing near Bermuda triangle. People sweep searched the entire ocean floor for the ship but they found nothing. Meanwhile the passengers of ship Harmony awoke next day in a new world

  Before long survivors found out that they are trapped in another dimension and no one is coming to rescue them. Survivors journeyed through the new world in search for a portal that leads them back to Earth. On the way, in the desert, they encountered horrific hellish dogs whose sole mission is to hunt down the walking flesh.

  On July 14 survivors reached the mountains and they found that in order to survive the harsh mountain weather they need all the energy and guts they could muster. In the mountains survivors camped in a place where they found dozens of premade tents.

  Two days later survivors found a dead village deep inside the mountains. And they also found a dead body with two small holes in its neck from there. Survivors left the village and stayed in their tents hopping that some humans will cross their path.

  What always puzzled the survivors is a narrow muddy path which stood intact even in the harsh snow falls.

  During their time in the mountains, people started to have hellish nightmares and they also began to enter into a hallucination state as soon as they close their eyes. Surmising it is because of this place, survivors continued their journey.

  On July 27 survivors left the mountains. On the way they found John’s dead body by the glacier and James’ paralysed body in a tower. Both bodies were within the mountains. Before long survivors reached a long grassland where wild animals roam. Fortunately no carnivores crossed their path.

  From the grassland Johanna, Aaron and Matthew split from the main group and went in their own way. On the way to a tower, Allen’s group were attacked by some sort of human things who drink human blood. Allen’s team finally fell down under the might of vampires and they all got captured by the vampire race.

  On June 29 Allen’s group escaped from the cage in a tower and they ran through the grassland. They were pursued by the vampires but Allen’s group managed to outrun them. Meanwhile, Johanna and team found a dead town which hosts mega story buildings. In the night a vampire attacked Johanna and team but they managed to neutralise the threat.

  On the way Johanna and team saw a flying saucer from near a river. They saw alien like creatures in the flying saucer when it landed. Johanna and team ran away from the place in panic. With wild apples throughout the forest, their hunger easily flew away.

  Allen’s team on their way to freedom, encountered vampires from the dead town. They did managed to kill all the vampires but the aliens in flying saucer came and shot down most of the people in Allen’s group with a kind of stun ray. Allen and Lena managed to outrun them and they finally found Johanna and team in the forest near a mega story alien structure.

  They found out that the aliens in flying saucer are the real vampires and those things in human form are actually the aliens in meat suit. They also found a portal that leads to Earth.

  Meanwhile the last human colony in planet Gamorphia, who were living under the ground, were attacked by vampire alien race. The humans fled from the legendary city of Tunoria to a safe bunker under the village Wolforia.

/>   In August 1, Johanna and team saved some human prisoners and they all escaped to Earth through an alien portal. Now they are back on Earth but at the time they were on Earth, buildings around them are on fire, and in the sky a fire fight went on between fighter jets and flying saucers.

  * * * * *

  Episode 6 - War on Earth


  2026 August 1, Earth, Los Angeles, USA

  Johanna, Allen and Danny ran through the street at high speed. Others including Aaron and Matthew ran in another way.

  Johanna can’t make out where she is. Then she saw a board in front of a shop in which the town’s name is written. She is in Los Angeles!

  Most shops are closed and who knows who is hiding behind the shutters?

  “We are in Los Angeles.” Johanna shouted.

  “I don’t care where we are. What I need is a gun.” Allen said.

  They ran through the road. Mega story buildings stood on both sides of the road. Most buildings are in ruin. In the sky flying saucers still are flying. There is also human made fighter jets in the sky but it looks like humans had lost the war.

  There is no people on the streets. Everybody had fled to somewhere long time ago. Or are they all in alien prisons? Sharp screech and shriek came from their back which must be coming from their pursuers.

  Johanna and team saw a big building which is standing mostly intact. The three of them ran inside the building through a rotating door. Johanna quickly dead bolted the door even though it is useless since it is a glass door.

  Johanna and team tried the elevator but electricity was out so they used the stairs. They climbed one level after another. After about fifteen minutes of running they climbed about half of the building. Still more to go. They panted heavily and then they continued their running. They didn’t even tried to look at each level for survivors. Now what they want to make sure is their safety, all else comes later.

  Finally they reached the top level of the building. From the opened outer level Johanna looked below. Looks like a battalion of aliens had surrounded the building. Fortunately no aliens entered inside the building. Allen and Danny took heavy breaths.

  Then Johanna spotted it first. From the horizon came a cluster of flying saucers like a cluster of fire flies!

  * * * * *

  Chapter 1 – Kevin

  2026 August 1, Unknown Mountains

  Kevin ran through the snow covered tree land to the safe heaven far away in the Wolforia village. The little girl held on to his shoulders tightly. She is still in sleep without knowing the danger they are in.

  Boom! Boom! Boom!

  The entrance of tunnel 304 exploded throwing snow and soil in every direction. The ground shook like a violent earthquake. Kevin almost lost his footing but he quickly regained his footing and ran through the loose snow.

  A moment later he reached near the tower. It’s eerily quiet here. Kevin didn’t stopped his running there. He ran through the tree land away from the tower. Before long he climbed a hill and reached near the glacier.

  Suddenly a sharp howl came from his back. He looked back. About two or three wolves are running at him. Kevin bolted into a run. Wolves growled on the way. Kevin passed the glacier and climbed a hill. He quickly reached near the tents. The wolves are almost on him. He quickly got inside a tent and closed the entryway.

  Wolves collided with the cloth wall of the tent in which Kevin and the little girl are in. In a hurry to close the entryway with another layer of cloth, Kevin without knowing dropped the little girl.

  “Mommy ....” Little girl began to cry out loud.

  That’s when Kevin realised his mistake. He quickly reached near the girl and tried to sooth her.

  “Please, stop crying. We are almost near your mommy.” Kevin said.

  “Ha ... Mommy ...” Girl kept on crying.

  Wolves began to claw at the cloth wall and they sharply growled. The girl’s sound is making the wolves to keep on howling and clawing.

  “Please. Stop crying. There are wolves outside the tent. They are gonna kill us if you don’t stop crying.” Kevin said.

  “Wolves? Mommy ...” The girl kept on crying. This time she increased her sound.

  In all his life time, Kevin actually don’t know how to make a kid to stop crying. Actually he is not a big fan of playing with kids. What he know a little about kids is when his baby brother Tim was born.

  Thinking about kids reminded him about Tim and his tragic death. It was actually his fault that Tim and Thomas died. It was really his fault that he is trapped in here. If he hadn’t told them to go a little more further to throw the net to capture fish, he wouldn’t be here, but these things were planning this attack for years. So it doesn’t matter if he is on Earth or in here. Things happen for a reason. It may be his destiny to die here by the side of a young girl. Kevin don’t even know the name of the girl.

  But, Kevin is happy that she didn’t cried when they were on the city of Tunoria. If she would have cried down there they both would have been dead long ago.

  Suddenly wolves stopped howling and they ran away. Kevin heard the retreating footsteps clearly.

  “Wolves are gone. Now will you stop crying?” Kevin asked.

  The little girl stopped crying and looked at Kevin’s face.

  “Where is my mommy?” The girl asked.

  “Your mommy is near here. I am gonna take you to your mommy soon.” Kevin said.

  “I want my mommy right now.” The girl demanded.

  “Then, I will take you to your mommy right now. Come on. Let’s move outside.” Kevin said.

  The girl reluctantly nodded her head.

  “Now that we two are together, why don’t you tell me your name?” Kevin asked.

  “I am Zoe.” The girl said.

  Kevin opened the entryway and got outside. The girl followed closely behind him.

  “Do you want me to carry you?” Kevin asked looking down at Zoe.

  “I am old enough to walk on my own.” Zoe said.

  “Okay.” Kevin said.

  Suddenly Kevin stopped moving. In front of him stood two men. By the looks of it, they are aliens. Kevin quickly held Zoe behind his legs but the girl peeked at the men from behind Kevin. No wonder why the wolves ran away.

  “Who are they?” Zoe asked.

  “They are bad men. You go ahead and hide in the tent.” Kevin said.

  “We are bad men? Then who are you?” One of the men asked. They both grinned.

  “Young girl, we are your friends. He is the one who is bad.” The second men said pointing at Kevin.

  “Don’t listen to them, Zoe. They want to drink our blood.” Kevin said.

  Zoe looked around confused.


  “Ahh ...” Kevin dropped to the ground and cried.

  A third man came from Kevin’s back with a piece of log in his hands.

  “I want my mommy ...” Zoe began to cry.

  “I will take you to your mommy” The man with log lifted Zoe from ground and he moved his mouth to her neck. A moment later he opened his mouth wide, showing the sharp stained teeth.

  “Please, let her go. Take me instead.” Kevin pleaded from the ground. “She is a little girl.”

  A pain is still coursing through his head.

  One of the men standing nearby came near Kevin and he lifted him from the ground by holding in his neck.

  “We will let her go, but you need to tell us where the rest of you are hiding.” The man holding Kevin said.

  “I don’t know where they are.” Kevin said struggling to breathe.

  “Don’t lie to us. We can tell when you’re lying.” The man said.

  Suddenly the man’s hand on Kevin’s neck loosened and the man dropped to the ground dead. Kevin massaged his neck and stood up. Before knowing what’s happening the man holding Zoe also dropped to the ground. The remaining alien screeched sharply. Suddenly he too dropped dead.

  Kevin looked around and saw that there are arrows p
rotruding from each of the aliens’ head. Then he spotted Lucy standing near a tree with a Bow and arrow. An arrow is still hauled back in her bow to fire at any moment.

  “Miss Lucy.” Zoe ran towards Lucy.

  Lucy loosened the arrow and sighed deeply.

  “Isn’t this our Zoe?” Lucy placed the Bow on the ground and hugged Zoe.

  “Where is my mommy?” Zoe asked.

  “We are going to your mommy.” Lucy said. “Come one Kevin, let’s get out of here.”

  “Okay, I am coming.” Kevin said.

  The three of them walked deep into the mountains.

  * * * * *

  Chapter 2 – Jimmy

  2026 August 1, Wolforia

  Mister Gary led everyone to Wolforia, a town Jimmy know from the Journal by J.C. Jacobson. Miss Lucy left them when they entered into the Wolforia village. She said she need to look for Kevin and the little girl Zoe.

  The village is dead silent and it looks like nothing changed from what Jimmy saw in his previous visit.

  “Everyone, this way.” Garry said pointing at a house in the left most corner of the village.

  The house pointed by Gary is same as the other houses but it is a little bigger. Everyone entered inside the house and Gary led everyone to the kitchen. After they reached the kitchen Gary opened a secret door under the carpet.

  “Everyone, one by one enter inside.” Gary said.

  People quickly entered inside the underground room. As they moved on they discovered more space in the underground. Jimmy and other kids began to wander through the room. Even though it’s a single room, it could host hundreds of people, it’s that big.

  “Gary, is there a toilet in here?” Jimmy asked Gary.

  “No.” Gary said with sad face.

  “Then where should we supposed to do a crap and piss?” Jimmy asked.

  “The kid’s got a point, Gary. What should we do when we need to piss? Especially the women.” One of the men asked.

  “If that situation comes we need to go outside and use the toilet inside the house hoping that the aliens won’t come here looking for us.” Gary said

  Everyone nodded. A moment later Lucy and Kevin came with little Zoe. As soon as they entered inside the underground room, Gary closed the exit door and suddenly the room got plunged in darkness.

  “No light?” One of the men asked. People started to become impatient.

  “People, calm down. There are candles and match boxes on the far corner. Look inside the boxes.” Lucy announced in the darkness.

  A little while later someone found the candles and lit it using match box. Quickly the room wholly got illuminated by light. That’s when people sighed with relief.

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