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Gamorphia (harmony), p.1
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       Gamorphia (Harmony), p.1

           C.O. Amal
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Gamorphia (Harmony)

  A Prelude to


  A Serial Thriller

  Written By

  C.O. Amal

  Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

  Published By C.O. Amal on December 2016

  2nd Edition

  All rights reserved

  ISBN 9781370716975

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be resold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favourite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


  To my father and mother for all the support

  Table of Contents

  Author’s Note


  Part 1: In a Place where the Beginning is Lost

  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Part 2: A Place in Ruins

  Chapter 6

  Chapter 7

  Chapter 8

  Chapter 9

  Chapter 10

  Part 3: A Place where Humans aren’t Humans

  Chapter 11

  Chapter 12

  Chapter 13

  Chapter 14

  Chapter 15

  Part 4: A Place where Humans extinct

  Chapter 16

  Chapter 17

  Chapter 18

  Chapter 19

  Chapter 20

  Part 5: A Place where Nightmares roam

  Chapter 21

  Chapter 22

  Chapter 23

  Chapter 24

  Chapter 25

  Part 6: A Place that is Lost

  Chapter 26

  Chapter 27

  Chapter 28

  Chapter 29

  Chapter 30


  About the Author

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  Author’s Note

  Thank you for purchasing this book. This book is the second prequel to my serial thriller Harmony.

  Let’s go straight to the introductions. There are two planets orbiting in our Earth’ orbit. One is our planet Earth and the other is planet Gamorphia. This story takes place in planet Gamorphia. Human race on planet Gamorphia is almost extinct by the hostile takeover of a vampire alien race who can’t survive without human blood. This story follows a man who struggles to survive among the increasing alien population. There is only one thing that naturally connects with Earth and Gamorphia – the legendary bridge, Bermuda Triangle. With its one end severed Bermuda Triangle is portal that now sucks anything that moves above its surface to planet Gamorphia.

  Now aliens had found a way to travel to Earth and are pouring in to Earth for Earth’s human resource with nothing in their way.

  Planet Gamorphia is almost dead. Now this planet is mostly roamed by creatures who weren’t supposed to exist. The hero in this story lives in a dystopian world and there aren’t much human survivors. With aliens now in human meat suits, human population is dwindling. This is a story about a lost hope, but soon the hope may be kindled by the humans of Earth.

  * * * * *


  A.D. 2004, Unknown Location

  Under the bright pink sky children played, teachers taught children, farmers looked after their crops, Engineers engineered, fishermen hauled their nets and so much more things went on.

  Then it came from the skies. Engineers on the top of a building spotted it first. It was a ship, a space ship. The gigantic ship came at full speed towards the land. First the engineers thought the ship will bombard with the building. Engineers were bracing for the impact. But the impact didn’t come. Suddenly the ship stopped descending.

  The ship hovered above the land and it slowly slide through the atmosphere. Streets became filled with people who wish to see what it is. House wives came out of their houses when they heard the commotion taking place on the streets. In fact within minutes, all of the streets became filled with people. Children looked at the ship with mesmerised eyes.

  The ship slowly glide in the air towards a grass land. When it reached the grass land the ship just stopped sliding. All movement of the ship ceased. People curiously stared at the ship.

  A moment later a thud came from the ship and suddenly the side ramp of the ship opened from above and it slowly landed on the ground showing the wide doorway of the ship. A kid slowly walked towards the metal ramp which now sits on the ground.

  “Boy, you better not go there, monsters may be inside that thing.” Someone shouted from the crowd.

  The boy didn’t mind. He stopped before the doorway and he stared at the darkness inside the ship.

  Then they came. The aliens. Aliens with elongated legs and hands. They have unusually long ears. At first five of the aliens came in a line. They don’t have any clothes. They have some kind of thing wrapped around their wrist, perhaps a watch.

  Aliens stood before the kid. The boy stared at the aliens. People curiously looked at the ship and at the aliens. Everyone is very silent. In fact if a needle is dropped one can hear its sound.

  Then it happened. One of the alien lifted the boy from the ground and it bit the boy in his neck. The ear breaking scream of the boy filled the atmosphere. All people froze there without knowing what to do. Suddenly more aliens came out of the ship and they all ran to the nearest humans. All aliens have only one goal - find a human and bite in the neck.

  The very atmosphere filled with scream of people. Some people managed to run, but most were caught by the aliens. One by one, most of all humans fell under the aliens.

  A moment later the alien which began the massacre dropped the limp body of the boy. The alien’s face is covered in blood. It made an ear breaking unholy screech.

  * * * * *

  Part 1 – In a Place where the Beginning is Lost

  Chapter 1

  A.D. 2004, Garmond, Gamorphia

  “Ahh ... Somebody help me ...”

  “Ahh ...”

  Luc woke up hearing the ear breaking scream of his wife.


  Luc without thinking twice jumped to his feet and ran to the kitchen. The scream stopped and sound of steel plates clashing on the floor came from the kitchen.

  A worry grew inside Luc. He passed the living room and before long kitchen came into view. In the kitchen he didn’t find his wife, instead of that he found a small pond of blood on the kitchen floor and there is also a bloody knife on the floor. The back door had opened widely and whoever done this got away from his house.

  “Susan ... Susan?” Luc called out loud but he didn’t get a response.

  He got outside the house through the back door and examined his surroundings. Suddenly a series of screams came from the neighbourhood.

  “What the hell?”

  In Garmond this kind of thing is unusual. And Luc hadn’t heard about this kind of thing from anywhere in this whole planet.

  Luc froze for a moment without knowing what to do. Fear and worry churned Luc’s belly. Luc immediately went near his neighbour’s house to look why the scream came. Whatever the scream is, it will tell him where his wife is.

sp; Luc went near Mr Thomas’ house and peeked inside through the window. Fortunate for him the curtain wasn’t spread throughout the window. He detected a movement near the living room of Thomas’ house. Suddenly the scream in the whole village ceased and silence hovered over the village.

  Luc carefully peered at Thomas’ living room. Then he saw it. He saw a thing. He saw a creature. Luc is pretty sure that he hadn’t seen this kind of creature before. He had seen some pictures of aliens back when he was studying at school. And this creature reminded him of that aliens. But that pictures was made up by a person’s imagination. The creature in front of his eyes is very real.

  Panic already started to creep through his legs. Luc finally mustered courage and carefully looked. Then he found another creature. These creatures have an elongated head and pointy ears. And in one of the creatures’ hands lays Mr Thomas. Thomas seemed to be unconscious but Luc could clearly see the rise and fall of Thomas’ belly indicating that he is alive.

  Then it happened. The creature who is holding Thomas opened its mouth showing a set of sharp teeth. Then the creature sunk its teeth on Thomas’ neck.

  Fear shook Luc in his core.

  “Ahh ...” Without knowing Luc screamed. The aliens suddenly looked at the window and one alien rushed at Luc.

  Luc didn’t thought twice. He bolted into a run through the neighbourhood. Sound of pursuing footsteps came from his back, but Luc didn’t looked at his rear. The only thing in his mind right now is to get out of this village.

  In this morning hour, usually there will be housewives on the streets, chatting one another. Now, everything is desolated and then he found the reason for that. Near the end of the street there are numerous bodies of women neatly arranged in the yard of a house.

  Luc didn’t waste time inspecting the bodies. They all probably are dead. A moment later the pursuing footsteps ceased and Luc stopped running. He panted. And he glanced at his rear and found silent houses before him. Suddenly a swoosh came from the sky. Luc peered at the sky and got shocked. There are two flying saucers flying through the sky over the small forest near him. He had heard stories about flying saucers and he thought they were just stories. Now something big is happening around him.

  Suddenly a flying saucer came from the north side of the village and it landed in the centre of the village. Luc ran away from the scene. He don’t care about what they are doing in his village. Right now he want to stay away from the nasty creatures.

  Before long he entered inside the forest and from the forest entrance he stared at his village.

  “What the hell is happening, god?”

  * * * * *

  Chapter 2

  Garmond Forest, Gamorphia

  The forest is very quiet. Luc moved deeper into the forest through the narrow path.

  “Susan ...”

  Luc couldn’t believe that his wife is gone. Thank god he don’t have any children or he would have to witness their death also. No matter how hard he try he couldn’t shake away the image of Thomas. Why did that alien bit on his neck? Why these aliens are killing everyone? Why are they piled bodies outside the house? Why did the flying saucer landed in the village? Who are these aliens? Questions violently began to pop up in Luc’s head.

  “Oh, god, am I the only one escaped?”

  Why this forest is dead silent? Usually there will be many birds chirping on the trees. Now not a single bird to be seen. A moment later he heard the chirping of a bird. Luc took a deep sigh of relief.

  Luc occasionally heard the swoosh of the flying saucers. There will be many aliens. They may be trying to exterminate humans. That thought send a chill through Luc’s legs.

  A few moments later Luc exited the forest and a town came into view. An eerie silence loomed over the town, but Luc decides to test his fortune and he started towards the town.

  * * * * *

  Chapter 3

  Richmond, Gamorphia

  Before long Luc entered inside the town Richmond. Richmond is one of the few advanced towns on planet Gamorphia. This city mostly comprises of mega story buildings. Single story buildings are very rare in here. Like usual Luc can see birds energetically flying over the silent Richmond city.

  There may be aliens in this town. Usually at this morning hour one can see a rush of people through the streets but now streets are desolated. Luc cautiously moved through the dark road hoping no aliens would cross his path. He actually can’t believe that he could walk without much problem after being parted from his wife.

  Susan was his life. She was his hope, his back bone. Now he is like a man without a spine. But a little hope is left in him. Sometimes people only need a little ounce of hope to keep moving. Something in his mind told Luc to keep moving, that one day everything will be alright.

  Luc passed few multi story buildings and he is already on the core part of the town now. This is a small town, but before today this town hosted hundreds of people. Where is everybody? Will there be many aliens? Fear and worry grew inside Luc as time passed.

  A moment later Luc’s stomach began to growl.


  Luc massaged his belly and peered at the buildings for anything he could consume to extinguish his hunger. Then he found a small two story shop. Luc rushed forward and before long he got inside the shop through the already unlocked rotating glass door. As soon as he is inside the shop Luc began to search through the shelves for anything he could eat. A few moments later he found packed bread and some bottles of orange juice.

  Hunger quickly flew away from Luc. Then he decides to move forward through this town. There must be some people left somewhere here. He is about to exit the building when he heard a sharp shriek. Panic immediately began to crawl through his leg. Luc quickly crouched down behind a shelf and peeked outside.

  A moment later the shrieks got louder and a few more moments later a whole pack of aliens came into view. These aliens are not very tall, but they have elongated head which don’t have hair. In fact there are no hair growth in their entire body. Luc’s heart began to pound harder.

  The aliens are standing just outside the shop and they looks like are waiting for something. Why are they waiting here in front of the shop? Why don’t they just move away from here? Suddenly scream of a man filled the very atmosphere. Luc waited and waited and then an alien came in front of the shop dragging a man. The alien presented the man to an alien who was standing there for some time. The alien must be presenting the human to their leader.

  Luc peered at the scene. Then it happened. Presumably the leader of the aliens grabbed the man by his neck and the alien quickly sunk its teeth on the man’s neck. Luc wanted to scream out loud. Luc quickly closed his mouth using his hand and he fought himself to stop the urge to scream.

  A few moments later the leader of the aliens dropped the man’s limp body and the aliens moved away from the scene. Luc took a deep sigh of relief and he looked around the shop for anything that can be used to protect himself from the aliens. Then he found just what he want.

  On the far corner of a shelf lays a bow and lots and lots of arrows. Luc stood up and moved towards the bow and arrows. He grabbed the metal bow. Then he found a small back pack on the counter. Luc quickly took the back pack and he filled it with arrows. Now a little courage rose inside him.

  At least now he has a weapon to defend himself even though he is not a sharp shooter. He do knows a lot about bow and he had practiced bow when he was studying in high school.

  Luc quickly cautiously exited the shop and moved through the streets. The dead man’s body is still in front of the shop and the body is all pale. May be the aliens are biting in the neck of their victim to suck blood. This dead man surely lost a lot of blood. Before long sun moved to its highest position. Luc stared at the pink sky for some time. Then he started to move through the streets. He need to find a good place and he need to find survivors.

  * * * * *

  Chapter 4

  Richmond, Gamorphia

c slowly moved through the street. He occasionally peered at the sky for any flying saucers. He still don’t know whether aliens in the flying saucers could see him from the sky. Suddenly a screech came from a building not far away from his position. There are five buildings in between Luc and the building from where the screech came. Luc quickly hid behind a building in front of him.

  Luc waited and waited but the screech did not come again but he is not ready to test his fortune by walking in front of that building. There are only two exits from this city - one is the exit he took it to reach this city and the other one is through the front of that building from where the screech came.

  Suddenly a growl came from that building. Luc quickly armed his bow and waited. He slowly peeked at the street and a moment later two aliens came out of the building and one of the alien is dragging the body of a man. Luc can’t say that the man is dead or not. He probably will be alive since aliens don’t need a dead body.

  The aliens are standing in front of the building and are waiting for something. A moment later a swoosh came from the sky. Luc peered at the sky and saw a flying saucer approaching from the distant sky. The silver coloured flying saucer quickly reached the city limits and it hovered over the aliens. A moment later the flying saucer landed in the wide yard of a building and a door opened from the lower part of the flying saucer. The aliens standing outside quickly dragged the man towards the flying saucer and before long the aliens entered inside the flying saucer, and a few moments later the door of the flying saucer closed. Then the small flying saucer flew up and it took off into the horizon.

  Luc took a deep sigh of relief and then he started his walk. Before long he exited the town and entered inside a wide grassland. There is a narrow road that is passing through the grassland to a forest far away. Luc quickly started towards the forest hoping that no aliens would cross his path.

  * * * * *

  Chapter 5

  Richmond Forest, Gamorphia

  Before long Luc entered inside the forest. He slowly walked through the narrow road which is passing through the forest. This forest is pretty big and on the way Luc spotted an apple tree. Apple trees are abundant in all the Gamorphian forests and apple is the most common fruit here in this planet.

  Luc plucked a few apples and he quickly filled his belly with that. He put some of the apples in his back pack. Then he continued his journey. Before long sun began to set in the horizon and darkness crept forward. He need to find a place to stay for the night or he will freeze to death in the night’s wind.

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