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Into the triangle (harmo.., p.1
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       Into the Triangle (Harmony), p.1

           C.O. Amal
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Into the Triangle (Harmony)
Into the Triangle

  A Prelude to


  A Serial Thriller

  Written By

  C.O. Amal

  Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

  Published By C.O. Amal on July 2016

  4th Edition

  All rights reserved

  ISBN 9781370216543

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be resold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favourite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


  To my father and mother for creating a wonderful world for me

  Table of Contents

  Author’s Note


  Part 1: Beginning of the Adventure

  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

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  Chapter 4

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  Chapter 8

  Part 2: The Desert

  Chapter 9

  Chapter 10

  Chapter 11

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  Chapter 15

  Part 3: The Mountains

  Chapter 16

  Chapter 17

  Chapter 18

  Chapter 19

  Chapter 20

  Part 4: The Tower

  Chapter 21

  Chapter 22

  Chapter 23

  Chapter 24

  Chapter 25

  Part 5: Alone again

  Chapter 26

  Chapter 27

  Chapter 28

  Chapter 29

  Chapter 30

  Part 6: Back Home

  Chapter 31

  Chapter 32

  Chapter 33

  Chapter 34

  Chapter 35


  About the Author

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  Author’s Note

  Into the Triangle is a prelude to my horror serial thriller Harmony in which a cruise ship named Harmony went missing near Bermuda triangle along with its passengers. The survivors awoke in a new world where surviving is very difficult.

  In this book an enthusiastic explorer set out on a journey to find out the secrets of Bermuda triangle. What he finds in the new world will test him in every way. Will he able to transfer his newly found mystery to other people who wish nothing but to unveil the secret behind Bermuda triangle? Do you have the guts to know the secrets?

  This book is for those who love horror. This is a heart pounding horror thriller. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  * * * * *


  2001 May 29, Atlantic Ocean

  “Jack, eat your breakfast honey before it gets cold.” A women of about age thirty said to a young boy watching TV.

  “I need to see this, mom. This cartoon is my favourite.” The young boy, Jack, said.

  “You can see all those shows again on your computer. Now you need energy. Energy to walk around and to talk to me. You won’t get energy by sitting in one place and watching TV. If you continue this behaviour you may get sick. Eat this and go outside and watch the beautiful ocean a bit.” The mother said.

  “Okay. I am coming. Just so, you will stop talking.” Jack said a little angrily.

  Mother smiled and placed a plate full of nutritious food on the table. Jack came beside the table and looked at the table. With a disgust look he sat on the chair and started to poke the food using his fork.

  “Mom, you know I hate leaves and this ... This green food.” Jack said with a little sadness.

  “Oh, honey, green means vitamins. What did I just told you about energy? These vitamins are your energy. Finish it fast and run outside. I heard that there are whales outside, in the water. Don’t you want to see whales?” Mother said encouraging Jack to eat the food.

  Jack slowly starts to eat the breakfast. Time passed quickly. Jack finished the food in fifteen minutes. After washing his mouth he paced outside the small room.

  “See you, mom.” Jack yelled.

  “Okay, honey. Stay safe.” The mother said loudly.

  Outside a rain started. Jack slowly walked towards the upper level and when he reached there he paced toward a small roof balanced on four metallic rods. He stayed under the blue roof with several other passengers and looked outside. With each passing second the rain got stronger and stronger. After several minutes ocean water started to get violent. Water swayed there and there. Big waves started to form but the huge ship is unaffected by the raging ocean. Ship accelerated forward.

  “Mister, did you saw any whales here? My mother told me this place is filled with whales.” Jack asked an old man with white beard.

  “I saw whales about an hour ago. No whales here I think.” The Old man said.

  Jack’s face began to cover with sadness. Jack don’t have any friends in this ship. All his friends are back at New York. His mother have a job on Bermuda. They took the ride through ocean for a change. The cruise liner slowly accelerated through the everlasting ocean. After some time another big cruise liner appeared before them. Jack looked at the cruise liner in front of his ship with wonder and excitement.

  “Overtake, overtake ...” Jack yelled.

  “Young man, this is a ship, not a racing car to overtake.” An old man beside him laughed at Jack.

  “Well, what’s the difference?” Jack asked.

  “Well ...” The Old man said.

  Suddenly lightning bolts starts to strike all around them.

  “… In a car you don’t have to worry about sinking.” The old man finished, frightened when he saw the lightning.

  In the sky lightning bolts moved in high speed like crawling snakes. Jack concentrated his focus on the ship in front of them. That ship is also moving steadily and is about one kilometre away from Jack’s ship.

  Suddenly it happened. The ship in front of Jack’s ship abruptly, all at once sank into the depths of the ocean. Jack saw it clearly. In fact everyone on the upper level saw it. The ship was at one moment on the ocean surface, next minute it just sank.

  “Oh my, god. Did you guys saw that?” Someone said out loud. Most people are in shock and are covering their mouth with their hand in disbelief.

  Water splashed where the ship have sank. Jack’s ship exploded in people’s cry. Quickly the ship stopped and captain and crew came out of their rooms. Captain took one big telescope and looked at the spot where once a ship floated. Nothing is there. Just violent water. Rain got stronger again. Captain took his compass and looked for directions.

  “Compass is dead. Some kind of magnetic field.” Captain said with panic. Jack could clearly hear the chatting of captain and crew from his spot. In fact everyone standing around Jack could hear what Captain is saying.

  “We are possibly near the Bermuda Triangle. Ship must be moving towards it. Presumably our compass went dead few hours ago. That must be why we haven’t detected anything. Turn the ship at full force. We cannot continue our current course in this weather. I don’t want anywhere near that place.”
Captain said to his crew.

  “Bermuda Triangle? Good Lord. If we were alone we must have sunk long time ago.” One of the men said.

  “God, thank you for watching over us.” A female voice echoed.

  “God don’t have anything to do with it. Aliens took them, man. Aliens.” Another one of the men said.

  “Aliens ... Aliens ...” People began to whisper.

  Sailors quickly ran through the ship possibly to the engine room.

  After a moment ship slowly started its return journey. Rain haven’t stopped. Thunder bolts still are flying through the clouds. Jack took a final glance at the place where once a ship floated. There could have been hundreds of people aboard that ship.

  “What is this Bermuda Triangle?” Jack asked himself.

  * * * * *

  Part 1: Beginning of the Adventure

  Chapter 1

  2026 June 30, New York

  Jack Green quickened his pace through the crowd. Even in this morning hour the road is filled with people. In his hands are the things he shopped a little while ago. Two plastic carry bags full of things. Most of the things are food. He licked the lollipop in his mouth and he moved forward through the crowd. Women on the side of the street commented when they saw Jack. Jack smiled at them and continued his journey.

  After fifteen minutes of walk he reached his home. His house is double storied and there is a beautiful yard filled with flowers on one side. He entered inside the house and placed the things in his hand on the table.

  “Jan, I am home.” Jack called out.

  His wife Jan came outside from the kitchen and kissed him.

  “Did you bought everything I asked?” Jan asked with a questioning look.

  “Yes. Of course, I bought everything.” Jack said.

  Jan checked inside the plastic carry bags, and then once satisfied, took the things and left the scene to kitchen.

  Jack sat on a chair in the living room and took the TV remote in his hands. He pressed the big red switch on the remote. The TV quickly came alive. He flipped through the channels until AWD world news came up. He increased the volume and starts to listen. It is usual that Jack watching news channel in this morning hour.

  “And our latest news. There is no sign of ship Harmony till now. Authorities are sweep searching for the whereabouts of the ship. Our reporter Nancy is on the line. Nancy, what is the situation now? Is there any sign of the ship?”

  “David, there is still no sign of the ship, Harmony. This is the second ship we had lost this year to Bermuda mystery. As I said before the ship had been disappeared near Bermuda triangle in the Atlantic Ocean along with hundred passengers including the crew. So you could imagine how stories are developing. Locals are saying that the ship and the crew are caught by the legendary Seamos which is a legendary character in their mythology. Authorities are still ruling out the possibility of the involvement of the Bermuda Triangle. Government workers had already claimed the presence of an unusually strong ocean current in that area years ago, but as you are seeing, there is no sign of the presence of the ship here. We flew in helicopter about ten times through the area which supposed to contain the mysterious triangle, but we are still here. That questions whether the story of the Bermuda triangle is true or not. Anyway we may have to wait a few more days for the truth to be surfaced. David.”

  “Nancy, we are curious to know more about the ship, Harmony. Do you have any account on that?”

  “As I said the ship Harmony carried hundred souls including the crew. This ship is one of the luxury ships. This cruise ship had survived numerous storms. According to my sources, the ship’s last communication was from near Bermuda triangle. This ship is one of the numerous victims of the Bermuda triangle. Authorities says that within few days they will uncover the remains of the ship. Yesterday these areas reported intense rain and a storm. David.”

  “Honey, are you watching this?” Jack called out.

  “What?” Jan yelled from the kitchen.

  “A ship sank near Bermuda triangle. How many times have I told you about Bermuda triangle? There is really some mystery behind it. I really want to find out that.” Jack said with a little joy in hearing a news about Bermuda triangle even though he is also mourning for the lives lost in the sea.

  “Aha ... Don’t you dare step into your junk basement. I warned you last time.” Jan said angrily.

  “Honey, people like me deserve to know the secrets behind this mystery. I am sure I can reveal whatever hiding behind the water with my new submarine. Just give me some money from your earnings for buying an equipment for my submarine.” Jack said.

  “We can do this over and over again, but my answer is still no. You are not going to get anything from my savings.” Jan said raising her voice.

  “Honey, it’s for the sake of our country.” Jack desperately said feeling beaten by his wife.

  “If you talk about this again I will set your basement on fire. Do you hear me?” Jan asked.

  “One day you will see me revealing the secret of the Bermuda triangle, honey. Just remember it.” Jack said with a little sadness.

  “Only if you get the money. How many times had I told you to look for a job even if it is small? I am not asking much but there are numerous job vacancy on the newspaper alone. Just look at it and stop chasing some ghost.” Jan said.

  “It is not that I am not looking. There are no jobs good for me. I am not suited to any jobs that described in these newspapers. When will you understand that?” Jack increased the TV volume.

  “Stay tuned for more up to date news. We will be back after the break.”

  Jack stood up and walked toward kitchen. Jan is working on the breakfast. Jack stood behind Jan and he wrapped his hands around her waist. Jack slowly kissed her neck.

  “Honey, I am not asking much. Just give me a thousand dollars. I will return it, I promise.” Jack whispered in Jan’s ear.

  “Honey, there is a child growing inside me. I don’t want him to lose his father. You’re our hope, our light, and our back bone. How can you leave us chasing some stupid dream? It doesn’t even matter to us. Why do you want to go for it?” Jan asked, tears started to form in her eyes.

  “It’s my childhood dream. Once I reveal the secrets I can save millions of lives. Millions, honey. Can you imagine that?” Jack said.

  “Jack I heard there is a strong ocean current circling that region. What if you don’t come back?” Jan asked still with a worry.

  “Did I ever broke a promise with you?” Jack asked.

  “But this is different, honey. I can’t live without you.” Jan said.

  “But my submarine can keep me alive.” Jack said.

  “That piece of junk is nothing compared to the ocean. Just stop this talking. It’s time for you to get a job.” Jan pushed Jack away and continued her job, wiping tears away using one hand. “It is time for you to look after us. What will I do when I am ready for the delivery? Where will I go for money? My mother stopped me numerous times when I am marrying you. I chased a romantic life and look where it took me. Thousand more ship may go down in that stupid triangle, but I don’t want to lose you.”

  Jack went outside kitchen and moved to his basement where a prototype of a submarine lay. For how many times his wife had warned him, he won’t change his mind, ever.

  Jack opened the door to the small submarine and entered inside. He inspected all the controls. He is been chasing this dream to go to Bermuda triangle for ten years now. He had made most of the submarine alone. Some of the parts are professionally designed. Whether Jan agrees or not he will set out on a journey to Bermuda triangle. He is so keen on that. Besides how many people have a dream like this?

  Jack checked the computer monitor in front of him. It is showing a whole set of details about the submarine. Now only one thing stands in his way. He need one ocean floor analyser. It would cost about thousand dollars on the market. With it he can analyse the whole ocean floor within minutes.

  “Jack, hon
ey, are you in there?” Jan called out.

  “Oh shit.” Jack said himself.

  “Yes, I am in here.” Jack said.

  “Come outside right now. I want your help here. Do you remember I told you about setting fire to this basement? I am not joking, honey.” Jan said.

  “Okay, okay. I am coming.” Jack closed the computer and went outside the submarine.

  “Come here.” Jan caught Jack by the hand and led him inside.

  They both moved to kitchen.

  “You make the sandwich while I make the orange Juice.” Jan said.

  Jack started to make sandwiches, but his mind is still on the Bermuda triangle mystery.

  “Honey, if I see you again in there I will call your parents and also I would have to leave you. Did you heard me?” Jan asked.

  “Yes, honey. I heard you.” Jack said. “I will one day go out there.” Jack mumbled.

  “What was that, honey?” Jan asked.

  “Nothing. This sandwich is very hard to make.” Jack said looking for a way out from Jan’s questions.

  They both finally finished making the breakfast. Jack went inside dining room and sat on a chair. Jan quickly took the sandwiches on the plates and placed them on the table in front of Jack. They slowly started to eat the breakfast.

  “Jan, I really need to go, to find this mystery.” Jack said swallowing a piece of sandwich.

  “Honey, please stop talking about this topic. Can’t you see I am enjoying this beautiful moment.” Jan said.

  “I am done.” Jack quickly stood up and left the room. Jan stared at her leaving husband with disbelief.

  She told him to stop this dream numerous times but he hasn’t heard a single word she had said.

  “I hate this life.” Jan said herself clearing tears from her eyes using her left hand fingers.

  Jack stood before his small car sized submarine with a little excitement as he had actually made it.

  “A few more days. And I will put you in the water, honey.” Jack said himself.

  * * * * *

  Chapter 2

  2026 July 5 Sunday, New York

  After the Sunday morning mass Jack and Jan walked to home. On the way they entered into a restaurant and ate the breakfast.

  “This is delicious.” Jan commented.

  “Yes, indeed.” Jack said.

  After they are done with the restaurant they slowly started towards their home. After fifteen minutes of walk they reached their house. House and the surrounding is unusually quiet.

  “I wish we have a car. You know, if you pawned that submarine we could easily buy a car.” Jan said.

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