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  “Whoa, slow down my love. Remember me?”

  “You scared the hell out of me!” she shouted. The wicked grin returned to his lips.

  “But then, you always enjoyed trying to catch me off guard.” She quipped trying not to smile at what just happened. Wait, how did I know that? Not succeeding, her smile faded. How did she manage to jump so high and yet land so easily? Need to know more, much more. Where do I start?

  Chapter 6

  “I have to get home. I have book work to do, order supplies, etc.” she was flustered, confused. “I … I …. I have to go” she stuttered. “You won’t get very far,” Terran replied. “This fortress is protected, you can’t leave, not. Not yet. Besides, you’re a long way from ‘home’ or what you thought was home.”

  “What do you mean,? I can’t go home? I have a life! It may not be extraordinary to you or anyone else, but it is my life none the less!” Payton’s anger was growing.

  “Please calm down Payton, please,” said Terran. “I will explain.” He sat down on the bed next to her.

  “I’ll start with a question. Do you remember the word I whispered in your ear last night?” Payton nodded yes, then asked “What does it mean, ‘trocaire’?”

  “It is an old kingdom word meaning Mercy.” He answered. Her gaze was still on him, albeit, confused. “It is the first word I needed to use to begin your recall process. When I said the word, what did you see?”

  “My parents,” she replied “or I think they were and … you. That’s it.” “They are your parents Payton. Their names are Ardaria and Liesson.” He said. “And you know my name, of course, much more too.” A slight smile on his lips again. Payton tried to interrupt but Terran cut her off, “I will tell you more, listen.”

  He began,.

  “The life you know now was placed there with the help of all the gods of the order, the Guardians. Even if you tried to go back to your shop, no one will know who you are by now. They never even met you;. tThat life is gone. As for you and I,; we are bound together. That is why last night felt familiar to you. Yes, I knew what you were feeling,” he said before she could ask. He continued, “There was a flash and pain too ….” She nodded. “That is why we have to bring your memories back slowly, so as to minimize the pain. Payton, you are a goddess, a most powerful one I might add. In time, your power will come back, slowly. You had a small demonstration a few minutes ago. Anyway,” he sighed, “unfortunately, I can only tell you about some of the things you recall. When you have the flashes and pain, you must tell me what you see. Will you?”

  She nodded yes.

  “And finally, I must tell you that the ‘gods of chaos’ are seeking you with a vengeance,. tThat’s why you must be protected. The Guardians call them The Anord.”

  “They need you because. you You have power they need,. mMore power than you know. They cannot take your power if you don’t know what it is. They can only try to steal it once you get your full memory. Do you understand?”

  “Yes, some … I think.” She said.

  “You said I was a goddess. I thought I was part warlock, as you put it.”

  “Ah, yes.” He said. “Well, some gods bound with witches and some goddesses bound with warlocks. Not all though. Your parents are both gods.”

  “But, you?” she asked.

  “My father, a warlock and my mother, a goddess. My father’s name is Aronon and my mother’s, Elrani.” He answered. “But that is enough for now. Please eat some breakfast. You must keep your strength up. When you’re finished, you can take a shower. There are clean clothes for you in the bureau over there.” He was pointing at the small bureau she’d noticed earlier. “I will leave you to your thoughts for a while. You probably want to be alone to absorb what I’ve just told you. I won’t be long though. If you need me, just think of me and I will be here.” With those final words, Terran gently kissed her, turned and left the bedroom.

  Payton sat on the bed staring at the tray of food Terran brought in. It held toast, a fruit cup, which included green grapes, small strawberries, blueberries and cubes of honeydew melon. Four strips of crisp bacon, two eggs – poached – coffee with cream and sugar on the side, plus a glass of orange juice. ‘I’m supposed to eat all of this?’ she thought. After the story she just heard, her mind was jumping from one thing to another, her. Her parents, she. She thought they were back in Florida, enjoying their early retirement. Thought she owned her own business, had a place of her own, friends. All fabricated.

  Her parents were actually gods! Real gods! There’s more than one? Gods of what? Am I an only child? Maybe she had brothers and sisters in the same predicament as her. If that were true, she hoped they were safe. Hoped the Guardians were protecting them too. Then there was Terran. She felt a bond with him like she had with no one else, but. But it felt right. She could feel fire rising up in her just thinking about it. She closed her eyes for a few seconds to savour the thought.

  Thunder rumbled outside the window. Great! Storm coming, she thought. She just finished her shower and was getting dressed. The clothes Terran left for her fit perfectly. How did he know? Yea, right, ‘we are bound,’ he says. Guess he’d know what size she was. She walked to the window. The sky was growing dark,. Llightning flasheds in the distance. Looks like it’ll be a big one.

  Chapter 7

  Terran burst through the door! “Gotta go! NOW!” he shouted.

  Payton jumped, “Must you do that? Jeez!”

  “Come on!” he shouted. He grabbed her arm, pulling her close to him. She could feel that hard body again, then. Ddarkness.

  She looked up, Terran’s arm still around her waist. Scanning the surroundings, she saw old temples, hieroglyphics, and beautiful sculptures from thousands of years ago. Karnak! She recognized it from the shows she watched on TV! She loved those shows; found she had a real interest, passion if you will, in ancient history. Pulling away from Terran she walked over to one wall of carvings of Pharaoh Seti I. She ran her hands along the wall feeling every crevasse and bump stopping at the cartouche of the famous Pharaoh’s name. “Seti the first,. I knew him well.” She whispered. Suddenly her body shook and a flash of bright light: she saw herself and Terran sitting at a dinner table with Seti I, talking and laughing. Just as quickly, the vision was gone. Payton’s knees buckled and she fell to the ground. Terran cursed himself for not being more aware or quick enough to catch her. He reached down and gently lifted her into his arms. She was still a little dizzy. He found a stone slab nearby, walked over and laid her down, being careful not to let her bump her head. “Payton … Payton, are you okay?” she heard him ask. “Yeah, yeah, uh … I’m good.” She replied trying to prop herself up on her elbows. She was still a little weak. She lay down again and closed her eyes. “Give me a sec.”

  “You had a flash again didn’t you?” he questioned.


  “You must tell me what you saw,” he urged.

  “Uh, one thing first,” she said, now feeling strong enough to sit up.

  “Just how old am I?”

  “You may not want to know that, my love, at least, not in the ‘number’ sense.” He answered. “Now, tell me what you saw.”

  “So strange … when I touched the cartouche of Seti I, I saw him, you, and me sitting down at the dinner table. We ate dinner with Seti I. It seemed so real. I could reach out and touch him! Did I know him? I mean, you said my memory would come back slowly, is that part of it?” she asked him, almost hoping it was a fantasy in her head and not. Not a real memory. What woman would want to know she was several thousands of years old?

  “Yes, my love, it. It was real. We did dine with Seti I. Actually, quite a fascinating man too. He was the richest pharaoh ever and his conquests …”

  “Hey!” she interrupted. “Over here.”

  “Sorry, my love.” he said and reached out to take her hands in his. “We did dine with him. After we were bound – today they call it married – we went to Egypt for our honeymoon. Yeah, that
s what they call it now, right?”

  Payton nodded.

  “You always loved Egypt from the time you were a child. So I took you there. Seti I, not being able to attend our wedding insisted on dining with us and throwing us a celebration.” He told her.

  “Okay,” she said. “We’re married … uh … bound?” Terran nodded.

  “We were friends with the Pharaohs of Egypt?”

  Terran nodded.

  “So I’m four or five thousand years old?”

  Terran nodded again.

  Tears started to well up in her eyes. She couldn’t believe it. If the few memories she’d recalled were true, there was so much more to come. How could she just forget the history of the world? Forget her family, her own husband! Tears were trickling down her cheeks. Terran walked to her and pulled her close, his arms around her. “I know it is hard for you, my love,” he soothed, “we must give it time. You will remember everything in time.”

  Her tears slowed and she looked up at him. He brought his hands up to her cheeks and gently brushed the tears away. A warm smile on his face, she mustered a faint smile on her own.

  Hand-in-hand, they walked the temple, Payton familiarizing herself once again with the great temple.

  She stopped and turned to face Terran. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked.

  “To get away from Orkat and I thought you’d be happy to see Egypt again.” He replied.

  “Orkat … who’s Orkat?”

  “Anord. Somehow he found you and was coming for you. We had to leave fast and this. This iswas the first place I thought of.” He said. “Oh, yeah and he’s the god of storms and lightening. Not a pleasant being!”

  “He would’ve killed me.” she said in an almost inaudible tone.

  “No, he can’t,” Terran said. “He wanted the ‘honor’ of capturing you. He would be a hero in the eyes of his fellow Anord.”

  “So the storm I saw was actually Orkat, not just your average storm.” She said, more a statement than a question.

  Terran looked around, scanning the horizon. The day had gone by so fast. Red, orange and yellow shadows were still fighting to keep their place in the clear sky. A noble, but futile quest as the sun was going to set and the night sky would light up with the twinkling of the stars. It will be a beautiful evening,. heHe hoped a peaceful one.

  Chapter 8

  She awoke with a start. Darkness, total. Total darkness. Trying to adjust her eyes didn’t work. This can’t be ‘jumping.’ She decided to call it ‘jumping’ when she and Terran disappeared into thin air. Jumping doesn’t last this long, it. It takes only a split second. “Terran” she called into the darkness. “Terran!” she was louder now. “Right here my love” he appeared out of thin air. The room now lit up with a soft glow of candles all around. Payton’s eyes scanned the walls, such beautiful paintings and hieroglyphics. Shining gold statues, they gleamed in the candlelight.

  “Where are we?” she asked, her eyes fixed on the beautiful portrait of a queen.

  “Cleo’s place,” he replied.

  “Cleo’s? You don’t mean Cleopatra!?! But she’s dead!”

  “Aw yes. Unfortunate. Let me clarify. This is her tomb, one of the rooms, not her resting place. She’s ‘resting’ in the room beside this one.” His tone was a sad one. “She could have been so much more, done so much more. She got greedy.”

  “So why here? And when was her tomb found?” Payton was full of questions.

  “The modern world has not discovered this tomb yet.” He continued. “Humanity doesn’t know that Octavian had her killed. People think she committed suicide, although there are those who are suspicious of that story. Anyway, some of her guards managed to sneak her body into this tomb. Perform their rituals in secret. Octavian and his men tried, in vain, to find her but failed. He went back to Rome with the lie of her suicide and reported that he’d had her body cremated, fool that he was. Cleo was the one that humans remember.

  “Okay, so are we safe here?” she asked.

  “ForWe are safe for now.” He responded.

  “How do the Anords manage to find us? I mean, we jump here and there, it. It must be hard to keep up.” She said.

  “They have their spies all around, as do we.” He said as he crouched down, eyes darting side to side. “They may be watching us now!” The smirk on his face grew into a large smile. Payton’s shocked look relaxed.

  “Stop it!” she giggled.

  Laughing! He was glad to see a smile on her beautiful face. He rose,. Ttwo quick strides and he was at her bedside. He made sure there would always be a bed for her to rest on at night. Not some cold, hard ground, . Notnot for a goddess.

  She looked up at him. Those eyes always made him melt.

  Chapter 9

  “We’d better go now. It’s always good to keep moving.” Terran said.

  Payton crawled out of bed, looked around. Clothes, she. She needed clothes. Just the thought of clothes and she was dressed in her favorite jeans and pale pink t-shirt with leather sandals on and a cotton jacket over her left arm. She looked at Terran with large eyes and a smile across her face.

  “That is fast! You seem to know exactly what I’m thinking!”

  “Ah, my love,” he said looking at her with those dark eyes, “that was not me; that was you! I see some of your power begins to return!”

  “Me? Holy crap, this is sweet! Can’t wait to recall more!” she exclaimed.

  He motioned for her to slow down. “All in good time. Come, we must go!”

  She walked over to him; he put his arms around her waist, and darkness.

  The sun was bright, hot. The Valley of the Kings. Terran explained that they couldn’t use the tomb entrance. That would reveal the tomb to the modern world. She was not due to be found yet, that. That too, would come in time. One more jump. Darkness, then. Then light. We were in the fortress bedroom again. Man, you do need a decorator!

  Terran led her out of the bedroom and down a long winding staircase. More stone walls, she thought. Finally at the bottom, she scanned the large foyer. Furnishings were very sparse here too. Not even an area rug – just cold stone floor.

  Terran noticed her critiquing the ‘décor’ and broke the silence.

  “We did not have time to decorate when we came here. Things started happening and we had to leave to meet with the rest of The Guardians …” Terran broke off the explanation, standing completely still, listening.

  “I’m sorry love. I must do this now.” That said, he grabbed Payton by the wrist, pulled her close, bent down and whispered in her ear “Cneasaigh.”

  Flash! Her body continued shaking for a few seconds. This time, Terran held her close and waited for the shaking to subside. She would not fall this time.

  Weak, she pulled herself away from him. “I saw a fight, uh, battle. The great hall was overrun by Anords and their followers. The Guardians were surprised by the attack. It never happened before … once all comrades; now pitted against each other.” She finished, for now.

  “The battle you describe took place five days before they sent you away.” He said. The sky outside turning dark, they could hear thunder in the distance when suddenly Terran cried out in pain and fell to his knees in front of her. She bent down to see what was wrong. She saw motion out of the corner of her eye. She looked up,. Orkat . She didn’t know how, but she recognized him.

  Payton glanced down and saw that Terran’s shoulder was smoldering. He was already getting back on his feet. Her attention went back to Orkat. He was a menacing figure. He stood at least 6’6”, body builder physique; she didn’t care for that much muscle. Bald head, beady brown eyes, lightning bolt tattoo high on his right cheek bone. Typical, she thought. He’s in a toga, except this one is black. ‘Now can you tell which side he’s on lassie?’ She thought to herself.

  She turned her attention back to Terran, his. His shoulder no longer smoldering, almost healed.

  A loud roar erupted from Orkat, “You really think
you can protect her, Terran?” Thunder erupted; a flash and lightning bolt appeared in both hands. He lifted one arm high, and with a roar, threw the bolt at Terran. Terran leapt out of the way, the bolt hitting the stone was, and created a deep crevasse – and the smell of burning coal in its wake. Payton stood staring in shock at Orkat. Terran, in a flash, was behind Orkat’s left shoulder. He grabbed Orkat and spun him around with all his strength, smashing his fist into Orkat’s nose. The air filled with a scream of pain, as he fell to his knees, but. But, not for long. Orkat jumped up, grabbed Terran, picked him up and tossed him against the stone wall behind Payton. She screamed. “Terran,! Terran!” She ran over to his limp body on the floor, knelt down and tried to shake him awake. Orkat smiled, looking down on what he thought was a pathetic scene.

  “You will come with me!” he demanded.

  “No!” Payton shouted. “I won’t!”

  “You pathetic child,! Hhow dare you defy an elder!” He roared as he advanced on her.

  She rose, standing over Terran’s lifeless body. She stared directly at Orkat, raised her hands, and pushed the air with force. Like a sonic boom, Orkat was thrown backwards against the wall … and through it! Stone crumbled to the floor and dust filled the air. A roar of pain was followed by silence. Orkat was gone.

  Payton knelt down beside Terran,. Hher tears floodinged her eyes.

  “Terran?” She whispered “please wake up.” A tear fell on his face, and then another. She grabbed his face with both hands, “Terran, please …,” she begged as one more tear fell.

  His eyes popped open. “Terran!” she shrieked, wrapping her arms around his neck.

  “Easy, easy!” He said in a weak voice. “I still have to wait a few more minutes before the bruises heal.”

  “Sorry”, she said. She was just so happy that he was okay, she flung her arms around his neck again. “Ah …” he gasped, and then broke into a weak laugh.

  Chapter 10

  Orkat limped through the door of the council chamber.

  Vladok turned away from him in disgust. “You let a female beat you.” It was not a question.

  “They have started the process of returning her memory to her.” Orkat retorted. “That also means her power has begun to return as well. I was not prepared. It won’t happen again.”

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