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           CJ Bolyne
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  c.j. bolyne

  Cluster Publishing


  C.J. Bolyne

  Copyright 2012 by C.J.Bolyne

  Published by Cluster Publishing

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and review.

  For information, address Cluster Publishing, 127 Home Street N., Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 2B2

  ISBN 13: 978-0-9879625-0-8

  ISBN 10: 0987962507

  ISBN: Ebook - 978-0-9879625-1-5

  Cover design sketch by Madison Hildebrandt


  To my family, who’se belief in me gave me the courage to realize a dream.

  Thank You.


  In our world, there are gods,. mMany gods of many lands. Each land had itstheir own realm of gods.

  For millennia, the realms and all the lands lived in peace with each other.

  The kingdom of Gwynneth’s gods were split into two factions; The Guardians, who wished nothing but peace and prosperity among humanity, and The Anord, who wished only misery and despair. For all the good done, there was the equivalent of evil done. This was the balance of life, amongst the gods and humanity alike.

  The Anords of Gwynneth, however, grew weary of this existence,. theyThey wanted more;. Tthey wanted to rule all gods and all of humanity. Their greed and lust for power grew until the Guardians had no choice but to meet them on the battlefield of Trinity. The order of things had to be restored. The battle was fierce and. It raged for days.

  Near the end, Liesson, Ggod of combat and honour, was in a fatal battle with Koris, god of winter and cold.

  Koris fell before Liesson. Seconds later, a horrible scream was heard by all the gods, so. So horrible, they came to an instant halt and all. All eyes fell on the god who produced this scream.

  Payton,. yYoung goddess, daughter of Liesson and Ardaria.

  The battle ended … for now.

  Chapter 1

  Damn! Damn! Damn! She thought to herself. Concentrate girl! It wasn’t that good,. oOr was it?

  Payton stood looking in the mirror, j. Just staring at herself,. ‘Gotta get ready for work.’ She had a hard time putting her eye liner on. The stranger she had helped the night before had her stomach in knots. He just popped out of nowhere while she was digging for her keys in front of her apartment block. His face bloody, clothes torn, and he could hardly walk. He scared the crap out of her!

  “Help …. Please” he whispered,. thenThen he collapsed.

  Payton helped him to his wobbly feet and into her apartment. Tried to lay him on her sofa gently but her arm slipped and he fell on it with a thud. His moan made her wince. “Sorry” she said. ‘What the hell am I doing?’ she yelled in her head,. ‘Some street bum asks for help and you let him in your home? For all you know, he’s a nut case!’

  She looked down at him. ‘What happened to you?’ she thought. ‘Never mind – I don’t think I want to know. Let’s get you cleaned up. No, wait. I should call for an ambulance.’ She reached for the phone on the coffee table, when his hand grabbed hers. “No, don’t!” he said. “I’ll be okay.” “But you need help!” Payton protested. “No … you can’t” he said, starting to pull himself up, slowly.

  She could see the pain he was in. “Can I get you anything?” she asked.

  “No, thank-you. May I use your washroom to clean-up a bit?”

  “Uh, yeah … yeah.” Sshe replied. “It’s this way.”

  Helping him to his feet was no easy task. He was tall and built – well built, she could feel his muscles under his torn t-shirt. Kind of heavy for her 5’6” frame to hold up. She helped him to the washroom, sitting him on the edge of the bathtub.

  “Thank-you,” he said “I’ll be out in a while.”

  “Okay.” she hesitated, then shut the door.

  She went back to her front door to lock it and then to her living room to wait, fingers tapping on the coffee table. ‘What’s taking him so long?’ Thirty minutes had gone by. ‘Maybe I should check on him.’ Just as she rose to head for the washroom, the door opened up,. theThe stranger walked out quietly, looking calm and looked no worse for wear. ‘Wow!’ she thought as she stared. Clothes were clean, not a scratch on him! “I just needed a little time to re-generate.” He said with a slight grin. ‘No kidding.’ She thought, still staring. This guy was your typical “Adonis” type. Tall, dark, slightly longer hair and dark,eyes that were almost black eyes. Rugged features and muscles – god – would you look at that! He looks like a god!

  “Hello?” he said. His voice snapped Payton back to reality.

  “Uh, sorry for staring, but with the shape you were in when I brought you in … and now. How’d you do that? Never mind. Not sure I want to know.” Actually, she did want to know, just didn’t want to interrogate a stranger. She didn’t know who this guy was or what he was capable of.

  His dark eyes stared at her; the slight smile on his lips did not fade. “It’s okay.” he said. “I thank you for your help. I’ll let myself out.” He started for the door. “Wait!” Payton shouted. He turned. “Are you sure you’re alright? I mean,. noNo offense, but you looked terrible just 30 minutes ago … and now … it’s like nothing happened!” she stuttered a bit. “How …?”

  “You need not concern yourself with that Payton,” he said quietly. His voice was quite soothing, soft, his stare gave her shivers.

  He walked slowly toward her, leaned down and softly kissed her lips, turned and walked out her front door.

  He kissed me! A kiss – what … hey!

  How the hell did he know my name?

  Sleep that night? Not bloody likely. Payton tossed and turned all night long. When her alarm went off, she slammed her hand down on it, hard, almost. Almost broke the clock – again! She wasn’t generally in good spirits when she’d had no sleep. Coffee,. cCoffee was a good thing. ‘Get up and move your butt!’ talking she thought to herself. Coffee was still steaming on the vanity of the washroom as she finished her hair and make-up,. “Presentable” she said, looking at the reflection in the mirror.

  Payton never realized how beautiful she really was. If anyone gave her a compliment, she’d smile and say thank-you, but in her thoughts, she’d always think of so many more women in this world more beautiful. Then forget about the whole thing and move on.

  Walking to her car that morning was no different than any other morning. It was a nice sunny day, warm, and inviting, the. The kind she wanted to spend outside, go to the beach, or maybe the park. Not inside her shop doing someone’s hair and listening to local gossip, or listening to the woes of her clients, while doing the latest highlight technique found in this season’s hairstyle guide.

  Chapter 2

  “Morning all!” Payton greeted her staff the same way every day.

  “Hey boss!” Ginger sang. ‘Just a little too chipper for me!’ Payton thought. Ginger seemed to always be in a good mood. She was a petite, pretty, bleach blond, and with the latest cut, always. She’d bop around the shop on a permanent sugar high. At least that is what it looked like.

  “Coffee’s ready Payton!” Olivia said. “Thanks! I could use more.” Payton replied. “Rough night, boss lady?” Teri asked while heading for the coffee pot. Teri was always concerned about everyone. She wore her heart on her sleeve, constantly. She had a classical beauty to her. Tall, slim, dark shoulder length hair: poker straight. High cheek bones, almond shaped hazel eyes and very full lips. Payton wondered if she didn’t have collagen injected in her lips, but didn’t want to ask, she. She didn’t want to be rude or too nosey.

  “So, who’s the guy? Oooh, so hot!
Olivia said, rather enthusiastically.

  “What guy?” Payton replied.

  “Geez. I thought you would have bumped into him in the parking lot. He was just in. He asked for an appointment with you – your last one of the day, so. So I booked it. I’m so jealous. He could warm me up anytime honey! Wow!” Olivia was quite excited about this and it he wasn’t even her client!

  Payton rushed over to the appointment book to see whose name was written in. “Me” was all it said, no. No name, no phone number.

  “He said you’d know who it was.” Olivia said, her bright green eyes even bigger than usual. “So, who is he? How’d you meet?”

  “Uhggg…when I get my head straight, maybe I’ll tell you. Until then, I’ll be in my office. Call me when my first client comes in. Thanks Olivia!” Payton said. She went to her office, closed the door, and sat at her desk. ‘Look at all this paper. Too many bills!’ She sifted through the mail—more bills. Then she saw the note stuck between two bills.





  No signature. Great! I help a guy out and he doesn’t even tell me his name. We’ll see what happens later.

  Chapter 3

  5:30PM was coming up and still no sign of the stranger. Most clients showed up a few minutes early. Payton was getting anxious. If he didn’t show up soon, she’d lock up. Soon, she’d lock up for the weekend. She sent the girls home early because. They since they had no more appointments booked. Olivia was disappointed, she. She wanted to see ‘the guy’ again. Payton just gave Olivia a big smile and said “have a good weekend!” as she shut the door behind Olivia.

  5:45PM. Still no sign of him. ‘Fine,’ she thought. She locked the front door, drew the blinds and turned off the lights with the exception of the front window lights. She turned on her heels and stopped short, staring. Staring at her not three feet away was the stranger. Payton’s mouth fell open.

  “Hello” he said quietly. That slight grin was back on his lips.

  “Uh, hey. How’d you get in here? I locked the back door already.”

  “I have my ways” he answered.

  “Yeah, well, that’s not an answer to my question. I have a few questions in fact, like. Like, number one, who are you? And number two, how did you know my name? . That’s just for starters!” Payton’s voice squeaked a little, she. She was scared now.

  The stranger took a step toward Payton, she. She took a step back. “Stop right there buddy! I do know how to defend myself!” Payton warned. The stranger could see that she was shaking. ‘She’s terrified of you,’ he thought. ‘We can’t have that. I must calm her; ease her mind.’

  “Please, do not be afraid,” he tried to use a soothing tone. “I am not here to harm you,. I am here to protect you.”

  “Protect me? From who or what?” Payton demanded.

  “It’s a long story Payton. I am your guardian. I am Terran.” he said.

  “Alright, so now I know your name at least. So Terran, who are you and why would I need protection?” she asked.

  “Can we go somewhere private to talk?” he asked.

  “We are alone here! Right here! So talk!” she started to yell.

  “No, we’re not” he said and grabbed her around the waist tight. Just before they seemed to disappear from her shop, she saw a shadow figure coming towards her … then darkness.

  They landed, or he landed and had to steady her when her knees buckled. She shook her head. It felt fuzzy. When things cleared, she looked around. It was dark, cold and clammy – a cave.

  “Where are we?” she asked.

  “Safe, for now.” he replied.

  Terran walked slowly around the cave chanting quietly. Then he stood in the middle of the cave floor, raised his arms, and his hands glowed. ‘He GLOWS!’ Payton stared at him in total awe. Terran clapped his hands together hard. The sound was as loud as thunder, or an explosion, she. She didn’t know what it was. She clamped her hands over her ears. It hurt! Then quiet.

  When she looked up, Terran was facing her. She looked into those deep eyes – he was so close, she . She could feel him. She hadn’t realized his arms were wrapped around her waist again.

  “How I’ve missed you Payton! So much.” He whispered. He kissed her, hard at first. Then soft, oh so soft, . Payton felt herself starting to melt in his arms. Suddenly she pushed Terran away as hard as she could.

  “What are you doing? I don’t even know you!” she said.

  “Ah, but you do, my love, you do. I need to help you remember” he replied.

  “Remember? Remember what?” she asked.

  “Who you are, who you were, your past.”

  Chapter 4

  Payton was in a daze, thinking of the kiss, and when Terran cupped her face.

  “Payton, hear. Hear me.” He began. “I am one of many in an order we call the Guardians. I am what you would call a hybrid; half warlock, half god. We watch over all innocents, such as you,. howeverHowever, you are special.”

  “Why am I ‘special’?” she asked. “There are billions of people in this world and I’m the special one? Come on! You’ve got to do better than that! This is quite the fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess……..”

  “My task,” Terran interrupted, “is to help you regain your memory. We took it and replaced it with a false one when we put you in hiding. Now it is time for you to come back to us, to me.” Terran explained,. “Many … many years ago, you were a part of the family of Guardians. You are our leader’s daughter, and in. In time, you will replace your father and lead us. When the dark warriors found out about you, they made it their mission to destroy you before you took command. You are more powerful than all of us,. Even more powerful than your father. Someone like you comes along only once …” Terran drifted off, his gaze on the floor. “And …” Payton snapped. “Huh, … oh forgive me,” he said “your memory must be brought back slowly. To bring it back too quickly would cause you too much pain.” Terran stopped, he. He wished he could compel her to remember all. He wanted her to know him again. He was hoping that when he kissed her, there would be a spark of recognition, but. But, nothing yet.

  “How can I really believe such a ridiculous story? You’re telling me I’m half warlock and half a god? That’s nuts! Besides, I thought women could only be witches or something. Shouldn’t I have some ‘powers’ or something?” Payton started waving her hands in the air, ranting. “You show up out of the blue, I take you in, you disappear, and then you show up again and…” Terran grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards him. His lips met hers with force. That shut her up, he thought, as his kiss softened and moved along her cheek to her earlobe. His arms wrapped around her tight. He nibbled her lobe and whispered softly in her ear. Payton froze, her. Her eyes closed, and she started to shake. There were flashes of light in her mind, a flash of her parents, then Terran. She pushed Terran away. Starring at him, she gasped “I know you, from somewhere … but where …” now she drifted.

  “Do not try too hard Payton. It will pain you too much.” He begged.

  “But, I am yours?” she questioned.

  “Yes, and I was yours – am yours,” he corrected himself.

  “I feel you … in my heart, m…my soul, deep within. How can this be? I thought I had a pretty normal life and it’s. It’s been turned upside down in an instant!” Her baby blues started to tear up. “I don’t understand” she cried.

  Terran couldn’t stand it. He held her, trying to comfort her.

  “You will know all soon enough, love.” He whispered. “Please calm yourself .” She let him hold her, started to relax some. She moved closer resting her head on his chest, she. She could feel his heartbeat, slow and steady. He was warm, inviting. Terran tilted her chin up; he needed to touch those lips again, those. Those beautiful, rosy, soft lips. He kissed her gently.

  Payton couldn’t resist now. She wrapped
her arms around his neck. I must be closer, she thought.

  Chapter 5

  Payton woke up hours later. Eyes half open, she slowly scanned the room. Bedroom! Wait a minute. She sat up, rubbed her eyes again, looking. Looking more closely now. This was not the cave anymore. The walls around the bedroom were stone, perfectly aligned to fit each other. The windows were arched to a point on top. The room was sparsely furnished, with a dresser against the stone wall directly across from the bed. There was another small bureau to her right and two small nightstands on her side of the bed. There were two windows with navy blue curtains that looked like they had seen better days. And a few small paintings on the walls. All looked like they were heavenly beings. This is definitely a man’s room, she thought, it. It could use a woman’s touch, or. Or at least, an interior decorator! One more scan of the walls and her gaze froze on a large portrait behind her. Blankets still wrapped around her, she scrambled to the foot of the bed and stared up. The eyes looking back at her were her own! It was her! The long blond wavy hair, the big baby blues, the rosy lips, that peaches and cream skin. She always thought she’d been lucky to be blessed with such nice skin, her. Her best feature, she thought. In the portrait, she was wearing a long flowing gown, white. The material criss-crossed the breast and tied behind the neck. A gold braided belt cinched at the waist. Around her neck was a pendant, round, gold, with strangest symbols she’d never seen. There were so many symbols on the outer rim of the pendant, she couldn’t make them out. There

  e were two larger ones in the center – those she could see – with three lines on top of the sword. ‘Wonder what that means?’ she thought.

  Payton sat on the bed, staring up at herself, her mind wandering. She didn’t hear the bedroom door open.

  “Ahem,” Terran cleared his throat, “Morning.”

  She jumped so high, if she’d had claws like a cat, she’d be on the ceiling hanging on for dear life.

  ‘Hmmm. Agility and strength returning. A little on edge though,’ he thought.

  Payton landed on the bed on all fours. Her eyes were wide and wild, darting around the room till they landed on him. Then a brief moment of fire.

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