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  How to Celebrate Christmas

  Without crisis






  Copyright (c) Christopher U. Ebiala

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  Another Book by

  Bother Christopher U. Ebiala

  The price and prize of victory.


  This book is dedicated to the Holy Family of Nazareth. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


  My profound gratitude goes first, to Almighty God, who inspires me through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ, in company of the Holy Spirit. And to his Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. John E. Ayah the Bishop of Ogoja Diocese, Very Rev. Fr. George Chokpa. Vicar General of Ogoja Diocese, Very Rev. Fr. Vincent Betus Undie, the parish priest of St. Mulumba’s Parish, Ogep Osokom, Rev. Fr. Patrick Abem, the secretary to the Bishop, all Hallows Chancery, Ogoja Rev. Fr. Peter Ejim, Rev. Fr. Mikel Godwin Arakor, Parish Priest, Christ the King Parish Okpoma, Rev. Fr. Mark B. Binang, Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Parish, Okuku Rev. Fr. Martin Ohiero Wonah, SS Peter and Paul, Ukpah. Rev. Fr. Godwin Alleh; Parish Priest of St. Finian’ Iso-Bendeghe. I say a million thanks to you all for your fatherly love for me.

  I also appreciate His Royal Highness Chief Akan Leonard Eshua. Officer Emmanuel Ojohu. Brothers Cornelius Patrick Awusa, Michael Aboyi Ogar, Lawrence Ochoga, Mike Ebirku, Oliver Eriba, Simon Akpa Emmanuel Bisong Alex Ageh, and Melford Bisong, Raphael ayogu. I thank you all of you support and encouragement.

  I also thank all members of Amour of God’s prayer group of St. Molumba’s Parish, Ogep Osokom. All members of mustard seed prayer group of Christ the King Parish, Okpoma, a million thanks to you for your encouragement.

  My Uncle, Christopher Ukwa Ebinyi, my mother Agnes Aduma, my younger sister Regina Ebiala, my cousin Fidelis Ukwa, and the entire members of my family. I thank all of you for your kindness to me.

  May the good lord bless all of you who have helped me in one way or the other, even those of you whose names are not mentioned her, and may you receive equal blessings in Jesus name Amen.


  The month of December is a very unique and important month in the lunar calendar. This is due to the fact that December is a grey line month that ends the year past as well as ushering in another new year that starts with January. It is often regarded as a leap month because it carries people from the past year into the new-year. It is a month of resolution making pregnant with many activities. Because of this unique nature of the month, it is characterized by oxymoron activities and celebrations coupled with ceremonies. Now for us to celebrate all these ceremonies and pass through December without disaster and have crises free celebration within this month of December, the author Brother Christopher U. Ebiala, brought us this wonderful write up in which he guided us through the light of living a disaster free December. Going through December without disaster we must be prayerful in everything we do and do everything to the glory of God. We must also apply moderation on everything we do knowing that God requires moderation in everything about our life. One important thing worthy of note, here is that it takes only the grace of God to pass through December without disaster and celebrate all ceremonies that go with it especially Christmas without disaster or crisis. As a month of stock taking, we have to be careful of what we do. One important thing again that should not escape our memory is the fact that we have thank God with gifts as we harvest from the fruit of our labour. So let us always pray for the God who love s us to see us through. And if you want to celebrate with joy then pick this simplified book digest it so as to help you in this December.

  Very Rev. Fr. Vincent Betus Undie.



  This scholarly work of Brother Christopher U. Ebiala is a practical guide and therapy of celebrating Christmas with ease. I see this book as “Christmas made easy”.

  The advent of the “Mber” months connote disaster and negatively in the minds of many. To some it is a period where the devil is greatly at work. A moment of great fear. We are warned by the Bible that we should not give the devil its opportunity (1 Peter 5:8) and we should not be afraid, (Matthew 10:28) therefore, our mindset should be positive and not negative towards December.

  December as we know is the month of the birth of our savior. It is a savific month, a month of joy, of fulfillment, of hope and life. Our savior in John 10:10, said “I have come, so that they may have life and have it abundantly” December is a month of perfect abundant, a month of divine harvest. Thus, the glory of December is so great that everybody look expectantly, especially the children.

  In his message, Christopher urges us not to be afraid, we should look forward in celebrating Christmas with joy. In doing so he proposes some useful guidelines; we should being preparation for Christmas quite on time in order to arrive at it without crises. To avoid spiritual and physical crises during December we must plan well and on time. Careful planning and proper stock taking is necessary. Paramount, we must start the planning with the Lord. According to proverb 16:1-3 (Begin your plans with the Lord and He will execute it for you”. It is a period of praying always without losing heart (Luke 18:1). It is a moment of metanic (returning back), contrition and reconciliation; so that the savior will find a home in you (Rel. 3:20). You need proper financial management or else December will land you into deathly financial crises.

  This will result to sadness at the beginning of the New Year.

  To arrive our destination safely during December, we must be patience on the road (for being in haste and rushing will rush blood). We should begin our journey early.

  Going through this book, I see it as already “Christmas rice and stew and clothes”. We must not miss it. It is a light to peaceful celebration of Christmas without fears and disaster. The work is “Christmas made ease” get it for yourself.

  Rev. Fr. Mark B. Binang

  St. Joseph’s Parish

  Okuku Yala.


















  December, the last month of the year is a very important month in the calendar year, it is a unique month because of the celebration of Christmas, which mark the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is a month characterized with so many activities, such as harvesting of crops, harvests thanksgiving and bazaar for funds raising to support the church, buying and selling of goods and services, bal
ancing of account, marriage ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, etc. it is remarkable a month for which people travel from place to place in preparation for the CHRISTMAS celebration, many churches and other organization do organize conferences, revivals, crusades, and retreats during this month of December, which it the time of preparation and great expectation.

  Finally, comes the Christmas celebration, which is paramount among all. At the mention of the month-December, what comes to the mind of everybody is Christmas.

  Price of goods and services rise higher than necessary. This makes things difficult for the less privilege one in the society, such that some people say that Christmas is not for the poor.

  However, we thank God for some philanthropists in our society who are helping the poor. Through Christmas season is the time of giving and receiving, but people give with different intentions. Some give because of what they can get in return from the recipient. But some give because they want to give, and they know that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

  Some children during this season form the habit of begging even from strangers, which may be detrimental to them as no one knows “who is who”. These strangers may be ritualists or kidnappers who use money or other gifts as baits to catch the children. This bad attitude which some children see as fashionable may be caused by parental irresponsibility or by the greed or the children. Whatever be the cause, parents should try to give their children proper home training in order to avoid future regret. As the saying goes “doing the right thing today means no regret tomorrow”.

  I hereby enjoin all parents and guidance to read proverbs (22:6), which says, “teach a child how he should live, and he will remember it all his life”.

  Immediately after Christmas comes, Boxing Day, this is a special day that employers present gifts in boxes to their employees. Masters also present gifts in boxes to their servants on this day.

  After the Boxing Day comes the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, which is celebrated the Sunday after Christmas. On this day couples renew their marital vows and exchange gifts to each other. Parents are also reminded of their parental responsibilities, which is the only debt they owe to their children. Children are also reminded of their obedience to their parents, which is the only debt they owe to them.

  Husbands are reminded to show love and honour their wives. Wives are also reminded to submit completely to their husbands. (Ephesians 5:21-33, 6:1-4)

  Finally, comes the new year, which is celebrated every 1st day of January. On this day the church honours and celebrates the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.

  The unfortunate thing about all these celebrations is the “get rich quick” syndrome, which has become the order of the day. This leads to all kinds of crimes such as artificial scarcity of commodities and skyrocketing rise of prices, armed robbery, ritual killing, and prostitution in which young women sell their bodies in order to buy the latest wear in town just to show up!

  As women use their bodies as baits to catch men, so do men use their money to catch women, like every other seasons though more obvious this season, not minding the consequences that follow.

  Now for us to celebrate all the ceremonies and pass through December without disaster and have a crisis free Christmas, we must be prayerful in everything we do, and do all to the glory of God. We must also apply moderation in everything we do, knowing that God requires moderation in everything about life.



  Harvesting is one of the many activities that normally takes place in December; it is often celebrated as a joyful or sorrowful event, depending on what you reap.

  You can only celebrate it joyfully when you plant the right crop at the right time and give it the proper maintenance.

  If you give your crop all that requires and your crop does will, don’t go borrowing money unnecessarily just because you expect a good harvest, also learn to live within you income for extravagant spending will make you a debtor.

  Now, I want you to know that habitual indebtedness is self enslavement and it is disastrous.

  Always remember that it is the Lord you God that makes your land to be fertile and produce good crops.

  The Lord placed you in the land where you will never go hungry or ever be in need.

  You would have all you want to eat, and will give thanks to the Lord God for the fertile land that He have given you.

  Make sure that you do not forget the LORD your God; do not fail to obey any of His laws. When you have all you want to eat and have built good houses to live in and when your cattle and sheep, your silver and gold, and all your other possessions have increased, make sure that you do not become proud and forget the LORD your God who blessed you with the good things of life.

  So then, you must never think that you have made yourselves rich and wealthy by your own power and strength. Remember that it is the LORD your God who gives you power to become rich. He does this because He is till faithful today to the covenant that he made with your ancestors. Read (Deuteronomy 8:7-18).

  Furthermore, don’t be like the rich fool in (Luke 12:13-21). Jesus said, “Watch out and guard yourselves from every kind of greed; because a person’s true life is not made up of the things he owns, no matter how rich he may be”. Then Jesus told them this parable: there was once a rich man who had land which bore good crops. He began to think to himself, ‘I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, where I will store my corn and all my other goods. Then I will say to myself, lucky man! You have all the good things you need for many years. Take life easy, eat drink and enjoy yourself!’ but God told him, ‘You fool! This very night you will have to give up your life; then who will get all these things you have left for yourself!”

  And Jesus concluded, “This is how it is with those who pile up riches for themselves but are not rich in God’ sight. St. Paul warns the Christians in Corinth. (1 Corinthians 3:6-10). I sowed the seed, Apollos watered the plant, but it was God who made the plant grow. The one who sows and the one who waters really do not matter. It is God who matters, because He makes the plant grow. There is no different between the man who sows and the man who waters; God will reward each one according to the work he has done. For we are partners working together for God, and you are God’s field.

  Here we are made to understand that God alone can make the crop grow, if God does not put His hand there all our efforts will be in vain. Therefore, we have to appreciate God with proceeds from our farms to make our harvest free of disaster.



  The month of December really is the month, where buying and selling of goods and services take place the most every year. Some farmers, who have heavy harvest in December, never remember the month of January. They sell everything they harvest from their farms, even at give away prices. Then they start buying flashy things at high prices, just to show that they are big farmers. As soon as the month of December is over, they start borrowing again against the next December.

  For you to have disaster free December, start planning whatever you are going to do by December from January. Do not sell everything you harvest from your farm at once. Try to sell some and leave some for the rainy day, that is, leave some for the time of scarcity.

  If you have children buy their wears on time before the approach of December. This is applicable to people in all walks of life, not only to the farmers. If you are a civil servant, learn to live within your income. Some civil servants finish their salary before the middle of the month then they start owing, such that as soon as the next salary enters their hands, they use it to pay the debt, thereby going home with empty hands.

  Please let us learn our lessons from past mistakes as this will enable us pass through December without disaster.



  Life is a perpetual balancing of accounts, where all the good deeds are credited and all the ba
d deed are debited. Every good business man usually takes stock and balances his accounts at the end of every year. But the unfortunate thing is that many people are only concerned about balancing the account of their business, but have nothing to do about their real lives.

  Some don’t even check their business, not to talk of their real life accounts, forgetting that an unexamined life is not worth living.

  As Christians we must constantly balance the accounts of our spiritual lives. This will enable us to know the areas we are doing well and the areas we are not. So that we can adjust in order to live better. This is most importantly done by the end of the year so as to let us enter into New Year with new lives that is pleasing to God.

  Financially too we must check our spending habit so that we can manage our income very well. This is so because it is not what you earn that matters but how well you can utilize your income.

  On the physical aspect too, we must try to settle any difference or quarrels we might have had with our neighbours. It is very important to reconcile with God by going to confession, so as to have our sins forgiven and be purified before entering the New Year.

  Now if you are a servant, remember the story of the three servants in (Matthew 25:14-30) then emulate the two good and faithful servants to enable you have a disaster free December. But if you decide to behave like the unfaithful and wicked servant who went and buried his master’s coin, your December will be disastrous.

  Now the choice is yours.

  The scripture tells us that on the last day all of us shall stand before the judgment throne of God and give accounts of our lives.



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