Aliens did not destroy c.., p.3
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       Aliens Did NOT Destroy Chicago, p.3

           Chris Cherry
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I didn't know what specific city was being destroyed, and this choice is creative license. I have however based my choice of city on the most recent threatened false flags at the time of this writing (2015) that have been seeded into our media.

  As for the other elements in the story, such as interstellar commerce, secret space programs and the like, such things have been talked about for many years, and is not original to me or my thinking, though this story as I've written it, is. I credit all of the persons who have come forward in a spirit of sharing and truth-telling, who have tried to wake up humanity and been ridiculed for their trouble. The truth will win out. It always does, more so when we, individually and collectively, wake up to the reality that we are the ones we have been waiting for to make this world the paradise that has been promised since the beginning.

  Peace and harmony to all beings,

  Chris Cherry


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  Author’s note on the cover art:

  Title “Chicago Still Life”

  By Chris Cherry, 2015

  Media: Digital Photography

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