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       Aliens Did NOT Destroy Chicago, p.1

           Chris Cherry
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Aliens Did NOT Destroy Chicago
Aliens Did NOT Destroy Chicago


  Chris Cherry

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  Copyright © 2015 by Chris Cherry

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


  Aliens Did NOT Destroy Chicago

  What follows is a transcription of a video titled “Aliens Did NOT Destroy Chicago”. Transcriber notes descriptive elements from video, including movements of speaker, in brackets.

  [Room where video is filmed is non-descript and has no windows. Door is not visible. All visible furniture is generic and does not indicate a place or style of origin. Speaker is caucasian female, approximately twenty-three years of age. Speech patterns indicate mid-western accent.]

  Today is Thursday, September 24th, 2015, about thirty-two minutes after midnight. I'm giving the day, date and time at the beginning of this vlog, because I am still in transit to a safehouse, and my life is in danger. But I also want my family to know I'm okay, and I'm sorry that I can't be there with you right now. I miss you all and I love you so much!

  [Speaker can be seen and heard to be crying. Wipes tears and blows nose. Continues speaking.]

  By now everybody has seen the video of the so-called alien destruction at the press conference in Chicago. I couldn't believe I was invited to the press conference. I mean...I'm just a blogger, right? Not to brag, but, okay, so I'm a really popular blogger and vlogger. So maybe that had something to do with it.

  There were one or two other bloggers on the guest list that I recognized—BobbyBrownShoes and AnaLytical, both great vloggers and Youtube stars. Most everyone else was just press, media types who work for Tribune or Fox or blah blah yawn. I heard they had a LiveStream video going in addition to the news camera guys who were filming for the networks. It's still hard to think about all of them being dead now.

  [Speaker's voice breaks. More crying.]

  So I found out that the bloggers and vloggers were contacted through Twitter. I know this because we contacted each other, even though we were told not to. I mean, they apparently don't understand how Twitter works! Hello! The Twitter account they used to contact us has been completely deleted and wiped, which is just more confirmation that this was not an alien job, guys. This was pure governmental inside job stuff. There are some big internet companies who are complicit in this. The information about that is being compiled as I record this, and will be made available for everybody really soon. And you know I wasn't a conspiracy blogger before all of this happened. That's probably why they contacted me – just another fluffy headed, popular vlogger, right? Just another pretty, innocent young casualty of the horrible aliens who are here to destroy our planet and steal our women! Gee, does that sound familiar? You'd think that by now they would have figured out a different scenario to scare the masses. But hey, we keep falling for it. Well not anymore. Not now. Not after you see all of this.

  The press conference was scheduled for 5 p.m., which at the time I thought was really stupid since it would be at the height of rush hour. But now I see that was deliberate, too—get the most people in the downtown area at once. Maximize that kill ratio! So sick.

  [Voice breaks. Wipes tears.]

  Why pick Chicago, though? I mean I couldn't figure it out. And then the other survivors and I were talking after we were dropped off—I'll get to all of that in a minute. Anyway. We were discussing it and realized that the largest collection of fresh water on the planet is right on our doorstep—the Great Lakes! So now, in a world where water is scarce, they've managed to irradiate the biggest source of freshwater available.

  [Speaker throws herself back in the chair. Throws her hands up and drops them.]

  What kind of evil, fucking people would do such a thing!? I'm sorry about the language—you know I don't normally curse, but I'm super raw right now. Not only kill thousands of people, but poison so much water, irradiate all of that beautiful land where so many crops are grown in the nearby area. But if they're wanting to start a war with yet another false flag, then, yeah. That is the sort of thing that they would do.

  [Speaker stops speaking. Looks into the camera, shaking her head and crying.]

  So I'm going to tell you exactly what happened. What you didn't see on the so-called “live feed”. What you saw was an “alien” talking, right? You saw an alien telling the audience that it was part of some galactic federation that had decided the Earth inhabitants were some kind of infection, and that they were going to destroy the planet to prevent our DNA from infecting other star systems. I don't need to repeat the whole thing to you, because the whole world has seen that footage by now. I couldn't post this sooner, because I was in transit from the heart of that whole thing. And I know that you won't want to believe me. You won't want to believe that I was there.

  But I'm not the only person who was rescued. So was Bobby and so was Ana. Sorry. BobbyBrownShoes and AnaLytical. We were all there together, and their videos talking about what happened are linked here.

  [Speaker leans forward and looks directly into camera lens.]

  And I just wanna say to the fuckers who made this happen, that we are sending this truth out there for everybody. We were dropped off at this guy's house where he had a completely secure and contained broadcasting hub, so you can't shut us down and you can't take this message out. Our friends who helped us escape planned this out even more carefully than your massacre of innocent people. They knew exactly where to take us so that we could share what really happened without you trying to silence the truth, like you've done so many times before. And guess what! They gave us information on that, too. You arrogant sons of assholes! You really believe that you are some kind of benevolent rulers “protecting the planet” and you justify murdering millions of people, starting wars, starving us, creating mass media to enslave our minds. I just can't even. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I need to finish this story for you.

  [Speaker sits back again.]

  Okay. So we—for those of us who were there, we know that what you were told on the news that this was some kind of alien holographic projection...? Well that was wrong. The “alien” looked like all of those 'little gray men' that we see on those programs. So we were all thinking, “wow! Here's the real thing live and in person! Isn't this amazing! Rahhhh! Finally the truth comes out!” Well that changed pretty damned quick.

  After the “alien” said that the planet was being destroyed, one of the...sort of janitor guys, rushed the stage and tackled the guy. I mean flat out, football tackled him. Threw him to the ground. And when he did, one of the arms just popped off! It wasn't like a robot, but definitely some kind of synthetic thing. And it was still talking and trying to move, like it was being driven by an operator.

  Well, we found out that's exactly what was going on. This wasn't an alien at all, but it was made to resemble a species that stopped visiting our planet back in the 90's. And that there are a whole lot of non-Earth people who are watching what's been going on down here. Oh—that “gray alien” species, they didn't tell us what they're actually called, but those guys stopped coming here because they found out that our government created these synthetic avatar things, or just “synthetics” I guess, and used them to kidnap our own people as part of a giant false flag operation to hide what they were doing to us.

  See, they want war. These guys who have appointed themselves as our rulers. They've always wanted war. And they are very successful in creating it. Look at how much war we've had in just the last 30 years—longer t
han I've even been alive! Everybody thinks they've been “trying to create world war three”, but they've been having World War Three for decades! And it's not just the Americans. It's the EU, too. And, yes, it's Israel. But of course it's not the people in these places—it's these men who run everything. It's all these high-powered elite guys—about 200 of them—I think only the one woman who runs Germany—all of them these men who think they are “enlightened” and that it's their job to rule the world and rule all of us “useless eaters”. Yeah, that's what they call us. Sick assholes! So they go around murdering hundreds of thousands of people trying to get us mad at each
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