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       Adam (Episode 5), p.1

           Chrif Elidrissi
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Adam (Episode 5)

  The series, Episode 5

  Flash fiction


  Chrif Elidrissi

  Copyright 2015 Chrif Elidrissi


  Episode 5

  Adam was finally on the other side, but before he could enjoy it, the mountain had something else waiting for him inside the tunnels.

  As the small group went adventuring in the rooms of the hall way, they ended up separated, and Adam was suddenly all alone in a small room, the walls were the same as the rest of the rooms and so was the floor, and like every room, the dark glass looking door was fixed to the wall and on its side, a sort of branch was coming from the corner of the wall, connecting it to the doorway tree.

  Adam wondered if the dark glass door was like the tree, if it was a way to another world, and if he could access it like he did before from his world to this place.

  And while he was standing like that in front of the glass door, a strange noise suddenly came from outside the room, and for a moment he thought it was one or all of his companions coming toward him, but to his surprise, the noise stopped, and a strange shadow started growing in the room.

  Stepping back away from the growing shadow, Adam accidentally touched the dark glass door that started glowing, then absorbed him to the opposite side of it.

  Adam woke up on the other side of the doorway and for a moment he thought that nothing happen, because the difference between the two rooms was slightly noticeable, but when he turned around, he discovered a bigger room than the one he came from, and more than that, the doorway was connected to two tree branches from two sides, and then he slowly became aware of the differences between the two rooms, while the first was small and almost empty, this one was bigger and well maintained with a larger entrance on the other side of the mirror doorway, and as he was looking around, something in the corner of the room caught his attention, and while he was focusing to see what is was, the little creature said "who are you?"

  "Hello, what is this place?" Asked Adam.

  "This is Inejar" responded the little one, then asked again "Are you him?"

  "Who?" said Adam.

  "The One... Oh! Never mind, tell me who you are and where did you come from" said the little creature, before adding "Oh! Where are my manners! my name is "Iguenfour" and I am the keeper of this place".

  "Nice to meet you! I am Adam.. and I come from... Euh..." Answered Adam before noticing how Iguenfour's eyes had widened up while listening to the name of Adam's city.

  "Well! Where do you come from?" Asked Iguenfour in his exited tone.

  While they were like that, suddenly the big door opened and another creature entered the room, Adam was surprised to see another one of Iguenfour's looking like but realized that like him, these creatures must see him the same way especially if his friends were with him at that moment.

  Adam was looking at this person who just came from outside the room realizing that he was bigger and wearing different clothes than Iguenfour, and after a moment of silence, the second creature said "This is a glorious day in our nation's history, and I am the most honored to meet you finally, it's been...".

  "I am not sure it is him we are waiting for Mister Assergho" said Iguenfour interrupting him.

  "What?" responded the surprised Assergho, before adding "Then who is he? didn't he come from the Glass-Door? doesn't he look like him?"

  "Look like who?" Asked Adam in an astonished tone.

  Assergho and Iguenfour looked at each other and then at Adam who was wondering what they expected him to do or say.

  "Well? why did you come here if you don't know" asked Assergho.

  "I..." said Adam before stopping himself, realizing the situation he was in, and that he couldn't reveal the secret of the tree to anyone from the branched worlds.

  "So? Where do you come from?" Asked Assergho.

  Adam was wondering about their intentions and the way they kept asking him for a specific information, so he decided to keep it to a minimum until they tell him what they expected from him.

  "I don't remember how or where; I just woke up here" said Adam in a confidant manner.

  "So you didn't come from the other side of the door tree? You must have! There is no other way!" Said the frustrated Assergho.

  "But tell me, who is this one you were expecting?" Asked Adam.

  "Well! you see. Long time ago, we were a peaceful race living on this land and enjoying our existence, but one day, a strange and powerful entity showed up and started killing and destroying everyone and everything, we were in despair and lost all hope, until he came and saved us" replied Assergho.

  "Who was he?" asked Adam.

  "You look exactly like him" said Iguenfour, before adding "his name was Halim".

  "Halim?" said Adam in a surprised tone.

  "Do you know him?" Asked Assergho.

  "Not really" replied the confused Adam.

  "We understand if you don't trust us at first, but we do trust you, that's why we told you our story and if you know him or his location, please do tell us, because we need him again" said Assergho.

  "But, I really don't know" replied Adam.

  "It's fine, we survived so far and we can't count on luck every time" said Assergho.

  "Why do you say that? did the creature reappeared again? I thought once bond or imprisoned, that's it" said Adam, before realizing the trick question he just answered, but it was too late, they were both looking at him and waiting.

  "So, you know about the binding?" asked Assergho.

  "Like Halim does?" added Iguenfour.

  "No! I just know about it, I don't know how to do it... Do you?" Said Adam, trying to save the situation.

  "Well! How do you know, if you claim not knowing Halim?" Asked Assergho.

  "I know about him, I don't know him, I never met the guy" Replied Adam.

  The situation started to get edgy until Iguenfour said "We don't mean to make you uncomfortable but we need Halim or somebody to fix our growing problem".

  "What problem is that?" Said Adam in an exhale, like he was relieved.

  "Here, come with me and see" replied Assergho.

  Then the two of them took Adam to the outside of the building to see the village and where the entity was sealed.

  Adam walked out of the room following them, amazed by the high structures and the way they had carved that mountain from the inside, he said "Who built all of this?"

  "Our people of course" Replied Assergho.

  "Almost two hundred years ago, nothing of this was here, only a cave leading to where the doorway is set, and when we discovered it, no one expected that it was a way to another place, until the day Halim came along and showed us everything" said Iguenfour.

  "Then the rest is history, we built, I mean our ancestors built around the doorway this great palace to be the pride and the glory of our people in the name of the savior Halim" Added Assergho.

  At that moment, they arrived at the big gate to exit from the mountain to the outside, and there he saw, down the hill, the village that stood between the two mountains, it was small and looked nothing like the insides of the mountain, like it was built by different people...

  At the village, there were more creatures looking like Iguenfour and Assergho walking around, and they all gathered to see Adam, thinking that he was Halim from the legend they all heard, but there was no time for socializing because Assergho rushed toward the other side of the village near the big hill, reaching their destination.

  Arriving there, Adam saw a little entrance where Assergho and Iguenfour were heading, then went through inviting him to follow them, inside a small cave he saw a melted rock that looked like it was stuck between the sealing and the wall, but the pressure over time made it heavier
and the wall was at the break of crumbling from it.

  "Here we are, can you see it?" said Assergho.

  "What is it?" Asked Adam.

  "This is it. This is the seal where the entity is imprisoned" replied Assergho.

  "We were hoping that you would know what to do" Added Iguenfour.

  Few instants later, everyone in the small cave heard a strange noise coming from the wall, then a voice said "Humm... what is this presence I feel? Is it you master Halim?"

  "What is this?" Asked the surprised Adam.

  "It is IT. We're all doomed" yelled Iguenfour in terror.

  "Calm down little one, it's still imprisoned and cannot escape" said Assergho.

  Adam then realized they were talking about the entity that Halim had sealed and left in this world, but couldn't understand how it was still speaking from within the seal.

  And at that moment, the entity said "Why aren't you talking to me master Halim?".

  "I am not Halim, who are you and what is your name?" said Adam.

  "I am Toska, the leader of the Belekhya family" Answered Toska.

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