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           Chloe Mason
Don't Do It

  Don’t Do It

  Copyright 2017 Chloe Mason


  I rang the doorbell of my best friend Katy Lawson’s house. It was about ten seconds before she opened it, and when she did, I pulled her into a massive hug. I had my El Paso Tigers cinch-bag on my back, and in my left hand a gift bag with Katy’s birthday present inside.

  “Happy birthday, Katy,” I said to her as I handed her the gift bag. Just then, one of my other best friends, Jessa Regan, walked into the room. I rushed over to give her a hug, too. I hadn’t seen either of them since we had graduated from El Paso High School in El Paso, Texas. As I was about to say something to Jessa the doorbell rang again. It was the last of our group, Hanah Smith. When Katy opened the door to reveal Hanah, I sprinted to the door to hug her.

  “KAILEY!” screamed Hanah.

  “HANAH!” I screamed back. I gave her the biggest hug I had given any of them. Now we could finally begin the party.

  “My parents went to visit my grandparents up in Lubbock,” Katy said. “So we have the entire house to ourselves.” She smiled menacingly. Katy had no little brothers or sisters. Lucky her. I have one little sister, and she’s annoying as heck. Claire is twelve and a complete brat.

  “Ooh, yay!” said Jessa. We followed Katy up the stairs and into her room. Hanah closed the door behind her. Out of all of us, Hanah and Katy were the only single ones. I had a boyfriend, David, but lately he’d been getting into drugs and alcohol, and I’d heard from my other friends that he’d done some things with a couple of popular girls from high school, Ashley Martinez and Elisa Guzman. I hadn’t broken up with him yet, but my friends and I all knew that it was coming. I should just call him tonight and do it that way, I thought to myself.

  “Hey! Earth to Kailey!” Katy snapped at me.

  “Sorry, I was just thinking about David,” I replied anxiously. “I think I should break up with him…tonight.” Katy, Hanah, and Jessa were all silent with shock. Jessa had a boyfriend of her own, Victor. They had been happily dating since the seventh grade.

  “Why, Kailey? I mean obviously you’ve heard things, but those could all be rumors…” said Jessa.

  “Yeah, and you guys have been together for two years!” Hanah added. This was true; David and I had gone to both Junior and Senior Prom together. If I broke up with him, I’d be throwing away not only the memories but two very important parts of my high school years. But I knew what I had to do. I reached for my back pocket and pulled out my phone. I pressed the home button to check the time. Nine-thirteen PM. I decided that at ten I would call David and break up with him. I should probably also delete his contact information. I didn’t know where he was tonight, but hopefully he would pick up.

  “So?” Katy asked, as if she were waiting for me to answer a question. I looked around the room, attempting to stall.

  “Sooo…” I began. “So I’m going to call him at ten and do it. Im going to break up with David Rogers.”

  “Are you sure you want this?” Hanah stared at me with one eyebrow raised. I paused for a moment before I spoke. Did I? Did I really believe that I was no longer in love with David? He was a nice guy and all, but he wasn’t a very good quality man. I took a deep breath and followed it up with a sigh.

  “Yes. I do want this. I know it’s a choice that will affect my life, but I believe it to be positive.” I finally replied.

  “Okay,” Katy began. “Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

  I checked the time on my phone again. Nine-fifty-nine PM. It was time to call David. I went into the other room and Katy followed. She was going to stay with me while I talked to David. I had been practicing for the past forty-five minutes what I was going to say, and nothing was going to stop me now. I unlocked my phone and clicked the “contacts” button. I scrolled down to “D” and then “David

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