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     ChiarOscuro Book Two - Episode Five - New Destinations

       ChiarOscuro Official / Fantasy / Actions & Adventure
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ChiarOscuro Book Two - Episode Five - New Destinations

ChiarOscuro Official Series
Copyright 2014 by ChiarOScuro

Book Two – New Destinations
Episode 5
XII – True Face Revealed

They stood looking at Sailem as he drew down his hood, each one of them tense and Isa had already reached for her dagger.

“There's no need for that” said Sailem looking towards her as he let the hood lay on his shoulders, the wind blew his hair about his face “I mean none of you any harm, quite the opposite in fact.”

“Then why have you brought us out here in the middle of nowhere? What the hell is going on?” said Dakar.

“I'm sorry about all of this, I wish it didn't have to come to this but what you guys saw up at the Sanctuary, what happened to Baruto...and what with Daygon, I had no other choice” said Sailem as he looked to each one of the group in turn.

“Sailem, what's going on? What are you going to do with us?” said Dasha, her lip trembling as she couldn't believe what was happening. First Baruto, then Lemekia and now this? Was she having a very long nightmare? She hoped at any moment she would wake up back in her room in Lemekia.

“I promise, on my body, I mean no harm. I promised your brother I'd get you all to safety...just not the way he thought it would be” said Sailem when he started to reach for his waist and they all tensed up only for him to pull a disk from his belt, which he held in his hand and raised up in the air for all to see.

“Do any of you know what this is?” said Sailem as he moved it so each one of them could get a clear view. It was a disk no bigger than the palm of his hand, a finger thick, a red heptagon gemstone lodged in the centre, running around the edges was a cursive writing in a language she couldn't recognise and running on the edges of the disk, were several images but they were too abstract to understand.

Dasha had no clue what she was supposed to gather from this disk and she turned to the others for support, all of them with equally as blank expressions on their faces, except for Wex, who's mouth was gaping open and he gasped.

“'re a..” he said pointing at Sailem.

“What is it Big Brain? What the hell is going on here?” said Dakar as he looked from Sailem to Wexell.

“He's...a Nephlin” said Wex, looking around the entire group and all eyes were back on Sailem.

“Very clever Wex” he said as he put away the disk with a smile which only made Wexell's pride grow “Akello said you were a bright mind, brighter than I ever imagined, that's for sure. It's sad the rest of you didn't recognise this immediately though I can't blame any of you. Everyone used to recognise that Disk up until ten years ago, it was our calling card and what identified all those in my order.”

“It can't be” said Isa shaking her head “The Nephlin have been gone for ten years now.”

“Yes, we have been gone, gone from under the sun but waiting and working patiently in the shadows” he proclaimed as he stepped forward and he clenched his fists.

“We've been around for five thousand years, it'll take more than false accusations and wrongful imprisonments to destroy us.”

“Don't step any closer” said Dasha as he was only a few steps from them now “You still haven't explained why you've taken us here and if you really are a do we know anything you've ever told us was the truth? Matter fact, you could have stolen that disk and used it to trick us.”

Sailem laughed out loud, clutching his sides as he did so and she glanced at the others, all of them unsure what to make of him.

“Oh Dasha” he said wiping his eye still chuckling “You really are your brother's sister. Yes, who's to say I didn't just kill the original owner of this disk, keep it for myself and bring you all here under false pretence? A Magi and smart, you'll do great things when your older.”

She shuffled on the spot, unsure what to feel after what he had just said.

“But no” he said turning serious in a flash “I truly have brought you all with me for your own safety and if you mistrust me, ask Daygon for yourself. I've been a constant visitor to Master Baruto's for years now, he would recognise me and vouch for the truth in my words.”

They turned to the carriage and Dasha told one of them to get Daygon and try to wake him up and bring him out here. Isa offered to do so, cautiously stepping around Sailem and climbed into the back of the carriage.

“What you guys saw up one your age should have had to encounter. I'm amazed that you all got out alive. Demons are ruthless creatures and relentless, when you told me what had happened, my heart leaped for joy. Joy that you all got out without as much as a scratch on any of you” he told them.

“So if your Nephlin” said Dakar “What have you been doing in our city all this time? And how do you know Baruto?”

“Well, the part about me coming from Omion is true. I was raised there and worked there as a Nephlin before I had to head east” he said “And I had to stay at Lemekia to look over and after Baruto, as well as one of our younger students, who you all had the pleasure to meet. Didn't you all ever wonder, why it was an elderly man had an entire sanctuary to himself up in the mountains?”

They all didn't have an answer and the question that they should have asked themselves seemed pretty obvious.

“It's because he was a Nephlin himself” said Sailem.

“What?” said Dasha “He was a Nephlin?”

“Indeed though not many drew up that fact after the war ten years ago. You know how it is these days, even mentioning the Nephlin is enough to be seriously questioned, nobody wanted another reason to anger Decabia” he replied.

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