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         Part #6 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  trying to kill me?”

  Sophia laughed. “We went through a lot of trouble for tonight. It’s a surprise, so don’t ruin it.”

  “Fine,” I mumbled, and I didn’t know if I should be flattered or scared.

  “Good evening, Ms. Izzy,” a man with an unfamiliar voice said as soon as we stepped inside.

  The music wasn’t completely audible yet, but the bass from the song made my insides rattle. I pulled Sophia closer. “Where are we?”

  “Shh,” Sophia told me.

  “Good evening, ladies,” he greeted us and his voice said he liked what he saw.

  “These are my sisters, Master Kurt.”

  “I like sisters. I’ve always had this fantasy—”

  “They’re all married and off-limits,” Izzy told him.

  “Sure. My apologies. I’d hate to anger Master James.”

  Master James. I gnawed on my lip, trying to gauge my drunkenness, and trying to see through the blindfold but failed.

  “The entire top floor has been reserved for your party. The rest of your group is waiting for you, li’l one.”

  “Thanks, Master Kurt.”

  Where the fuck am I? My stomach began to knot as we started to walk again, this time toward the music and the wicked beat vibrating through my system.

  “We should go,” I said when we stopped walking. I knew exactly where we were—Hedonism—James and Izzy’s club. “I can’t be here without Joe.”

  “Oh, hush. This is going to be the night of our lives. One for the record books, in fact.” Max was somewhere in front of me, but I couldn’t tell exactly where.

  “There’s no turning back now,” Mia said as an elevator dinged and we began to move again.

  “Fuck,” I hissed and felt like I was about to expel the entire contents of my stomach, which consisted of exactly two martinis and nothing else.

  When we stepped inside, the walls were rattling from the sexual beat of the music. Instantly, I regretted wearing a sundress with no underwear. I’d thought I’d surprise Joe when I got home from one drink with the girls. I’d figured I’d attack him on the couch and show him just how much I loved him.

  Now, with nothing underneath, all I could think about were handsy men on a dance floor trying to cop a feel, getting more than either of us bargained for.

  When the doors opened, there was an unmistakable scent in the air—sex. I shuffled my feet, moving apprehensively, and ready to kill Izzy for whatever her pea brain had concocted. Everyone with me tonight was on my shit list. They went along with her plan, knowing full well I would flip my lid.

  A door creaked and Sophia led me inside. I swallowed down my fear, believing that my sisters wouldn’t put me in harm’s way or end my marriage.

  “You wait here,” Sophia said, pushing me downward.

  Putting my hands underneath me, I felt for a seat and tried to relax. “Okay. Blindfold?”

  “Leave it,” Izzy commanded from a distance.

  “Don’t move.” Sophia chuckled and patted me on the shoulder. “I promise it will be fine,” she whispered. “Trust me.” After giving me a light squeeze, the sound of her heels faded as she walked toward the door and closed it.

  Besides the sound of Nine Inch Nails’s “Closer” in the distance, the only thing I could hear was my heart beating wildly in my chest. My palms began to sweat and I tried to dry them on my sundress, smoothing it down in the process to cover as much of my body as I possibly could.

  Swallowing down my fear, I sat perfectly still and listened for the approach of someone but heard nothing. I couldn’t. The sound of my heart racing and the blood rushing through my ears drowned out everything around me except the erotic beat of the music.

  When the door opened and slammed closed, I gasped.

  Staking My Claim


  “I think there’s been some mistake,” Suzy said, looking pale and terrified as she sat on a stool in the middle of the dimly lit room, unaware that it was me who walked through the door. “I need to go.”

  “Shh.” I took a step closer and her body moved backward.

  “Please.” Her hands gripped her knees so tightly that her knuckles started to turn white.

  “I won’t hurt you.” I changed my voice just enough that I hoped I didn’t give myself away and took another step.

  “I’m married. I can’t be here.”

  When she started to stand, I moved quickly, placing my hand on her shoulder and holding her in place. She gasped again as her bottom touched the stool. “My husband will kick your ass.”

  I’d actually bury a man for doing far less to her than making her sit back down on a stool. She held down the edge of her dress, and I could see the tension in her jaw.

  “Why didn’t I wear panties?” she mumbled to herself, but not quiet enough that I didn’t hear. My poor Suzy—she always had a way of saying the worst thing at the most awkward time.

  “Ah,” I moaned.

  “No!” she shouted, shooting straight in the air.

  Before she could take a step, I grabbed her arm and our bodies collided. Without giving her a second to hit me, I pressed my lips to hers and tasted the remnants of her favorite martini—cupcake. She pushed me away, smacking me across the face with amazing aim for not being able to see.

  Just as her knee went up, about to get me right in the balls, I grabbed her leg. “Sugar!”

  “Joe?” she whispered and stilled with her leg still in my hand.

  “Yeah.” I chuckled and let her leg go.

  “What the hell? Why are you here?” Her finger looped into the side of the blindfold, ready to remove it, but I stopped her.

  “Leave it,” I told her, pulling her hand down to my lips. “I want you on edge tonight.” I brought her body closer to mine and let her feel my hard-on.

  Her lips found their way to mine, lingering just out of reach. “Thank God you’re here.”

  I kissed her mouth and held her tighter. “Of course.”

  Her lips vanished as her head jerked back. “I was scared.”

  “I’m sorry, sugar.”

  She gasped. “Wait! Oh my God! Can people see us?” Her head turned side to side as if she was trying to see her surroundings.

  I brushed a stray hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. “No one can. It’s just us in this room.”


  “I plan to violate you tonight.”

  Suzy wrapped her arms around me and touched the bristle on my cheek with her tiny fingertips. “Was this always the plan?”

  “Always. No more talking for you.” I dragged my finger down her jawline. “We’re going to do a little role-playing. You only speak when I tell you to, got it?”

  “Well, um, I don’t—”

  “Shh, just let me have a little fun with my beautiful wife.” She nodded and I kissed her again, happy that she didn’t have a reply.

  With our lips still connected, I moved backward until the back of her knees hit the lightly padded table in the middle of the room. “Don’t be scared,” I told her against her mouth. “I promise not to let anything bad happen to you. I’m going to make all your dirty fantasies come true tonight.”

  She didn’t speak—probably too fearful, or maybe her mind was in overdrive and filled with lust.

  My hands found the hem of her dress, pulling it slowly over her head. Noticing that she hadn’t worn panties made me smile. She’d planned on getting lucky tonight, but I’m sure this scenario never entered her mind. “Lean back and lie flat.” She slowly reclined, squirming a bit and fidgeting, while I helped her lie flat on her back. Surveying the room, I took in all the implements and toys that James had gone over with me before the ladies arrived. It made my stomach turn because I knew that kinky fuck had probably used half this shit on my sister. I tried to block it out and focus on their purposes and decide which ones I’d use on Suzy.

  The dim lighting of the room and the sound of the music thumping through the entire bui
lding had my adrenaline pumping. Maybe it was seeing Suzy naked, lying on a table and waiting for me to do with her as I wished. My cock was rock fucking hard, and I prayed I could hold out long enough to have a little fun before I had to sink myself deep into her.

  “Joe,” Suzy whispered, facing the direction I moved.

  “Just relax.” I could tell that she was nervous and that I’d have to do something to keep her from fidgeting through everything I had planned. Without hesitation, I grabbed the restraints from the wall. James had shown me how to secure them under the table and restrict her movement.

  I wasn’t new to them. We’d played at home. Suzy always loved them. Usually, we used handcuffs Thomas gave me, but being unfamiliar with Hedonism’s gear made it necessary to have a brief lesson. I wanted to make sure that if anything happened, I’d be able to free her easily.

  “I’m going to tie your hands up.” Her lips parted and she sucked in a breath as I walked closer. “It’s just like at home.”

  She nodded and placed her hands at her sides. One by one, I secured them in the black, fleece-lined cuffs before clipping them together under the table. Her feet were tied to the table legs, and her wrists were connected to pieces that tied in a loose knot under the table…just not loose enough for her to get out.

  She adjusted, testing her bindings before licking her lips. Her tits jutted out in that position, her legs far enough apart. The table wasn’t like any other I’d ever seen. The bottom half came apart, letting the person in charge spread their submissive’s legs for easy access. Plus—this was my favorite part—there was a latch under the head of the table that could adjust the person’s head position, which made “face-fucking”—James’s term, not mine—easy.

  Honestly, I could see the allure of all this shit. But instead of coming to a club, I’d love to have one of these in my bedroom. There were endless possibilities and fun that could be had with this piece of furniture.

  “Joe,” Suzy whispered when I reached for the flogger I had already set up on a rollaway tray next to the table.

  “Yeah?” I asked, fisting the leather handle and turning it to get a feel for the weight. The last thing I wanted to do was strike her flesh too hard.

  “Can we just do it regular?” she asked, catching me totally by surprise.

  “You can’t possibly mean that.” I shook my head. We went to a lot of trouble to set up this entire evening for Suzy and all of our women. We wanted to make their fantasies come true.

  I liked kink.

  Fuck, I loved everything that had to do with having sex with Suzy, but I wanted to go above and beyond.

  She loved her books, mostly the ones that dealt with BDSM. Over the years, we tinkered with role-playing and Master/slave in the bedroom. I’d never thought about bringing her to a club. I’m not into sharing, and I feared I’d have to pound someone’s face into the ground if they even looked at her wrong.

  “I mean,” she sighed and bit down on her bottom lip. “I want to look into your eyes tonight. I need that connection.”

  I knew what she wanted—she liked it deep. Wanted me to penetrate her to the point that I stole her breath. Sometimes she’d look into my eyes with so much intensity that I felt her love and need. “Anything you want, sugar.”

  This night wasn’t about me. No matter how much planning we put into it and cash we threw at it, this night was about her and only her.

  “You could leave me tied up, though, but I want to see your face.”

  I chuckled quietly to myself. Suzy always loved to be tied up. Without another word, I leaned forward and slid the blindfold off her head. She blinked slowly, letting her vision adjust to the lighting as she searched for my face.

  As soon as her eyes found mine, the biggest smile spread across her lips. “Hey.”

  “Hey yourself, sugar.”

  Her head turned and she surveyed the room, taking in all the implements sprinkled about until her eyes landed on the tray of goodies I had planned for the evening. “Oh my God! You were going to use all that?” she asked with wide eyes, looking between the toys and me.

  I rubbed the back of my neck and couldn’t hide my smirk. “That was the plan.”

  “Fuck,” she groaned, smacking her head onto the padded table. “That looks like a good time.”

  “I don’t need all that—” I used my chin to motion toward the tray of toys as I started to unbutton my jeans “—to have a good time.” Pulling my hardened cock from my pants, I fisted it, stroking it while I took a few steps toward Suzy. “Just you.” Before she could speak, I released the latch between her legs and spread the table, and her legs, wide open.

  “Oh my God!” Her head lifted off the table with wide eyes.

  “I know.” I couldn’t contain my excitement, or my cock, for the matter. There was nothing sweeter in this world than sinking into her and becoming one.

  Her pussy glistened in the light of the candles lining the walls. Ever since the babies were born, she hadn’t really been interested in sex. I didn’t push the issue either. We had enough shit on our plate, and she had enough going on in her mind that there was no way I’d push her into doing anything. When she asked for me to touch her, I did. Otherwise, I took care of myself and gave her time to heal.

  Before this moment, I wondered when her sex drive would come back. I didn’t know if it was the drink, the club, or me, but she was finally wet simply by my presence.

  My pants were a problem because of my boots, but I moved them far enough down my legs that they wouldn’t be in the way. “You want this?” I asked, stroking my cock through her wetness.

  “Yes.” She smiled and blinked slowly.

  “I’ve been dying to crawl inside you for months, sugar.” As I pushed inside of her, my eyes closed, the feeling of heaven almost overcoming my ability to think. “There’s no sweeter place in the world than being inside of you.”

  “Joe.” She moaned as I pushed deeper inside, her back arching off the table. She pulled on the restraints, trying to touch me, but she was trapped.

  “Just lie there. I want to remind you who owns your body.”

  “You do.” Her reply was swift.

  “I do. Look at me, Suzy.” I paused with my dick deep inside of her, swirling my hips to hit the one spot she loved. “Who owns mine?”

  “I do,” she said, gasping for air when my hips switched motion. “Oh God.”

  “That’s right, sugar. You like that, don’t you, dirty girl?” Resting my hands on her thighs, I spread her wide and gave myself more access…deeper penetration.

  She grunted, bearing down on my cock, and gasped, “I do.”

  At this rate, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I could count the number of times I’d been inside her the last few months on one hand. It was time to take matters into my own hands and get her off quickly before I let myself come. Leaning over her, I grabbed the small bullet vibrator that I brought from home off the tray.

  When I turned it on and placed it against her clit, her entire body jolted. Her legs strained against the restraints and she tried to straighten her legs, but it was no use. I wasn’t letting her out, and I wasn’t about to stop. She didn’t really want me to either.

  “Don’t stop!” she moaned, her hands contorting at her sides as her body grew rigid and her pussy clamped down against my cock.

  I grunted, unable to form words. I was lost in the pleasure of her beautiful pussy and craving the release I so badly needed. As I thrust deep inside of her, over and over again, her body began to shake and glisten in the light. When she started to suck in air in short, quick intervals, I knew she was about to come. Just as her mouth fell open and she held her breath, I let myself sink into the blissful abyss of ecstasy.

  Collapsing on top of her, I had reached…heaven.

  Life is Stranger than Fiction


  After we dressed and talked for a little while, we finally left the room. Before we walked out, I’d had an image of what Hedonism looked like in
my head, but it was completely and utterly wrong.

  It was nothing like I’d read in my books. There were no dungeons or dark corridors that led to salacious sex rooms. There were private rooms where couples could play. I had just had one of the best orgasms of my life inside one to prove it.

  Hedonism was more like a nightclub, with the loud music, women dancing on pedestals in the middle of the room without any clothing, and a bar in the middle of the room. “This is it?” I looked up at him after I took it all in.

  “Yeah, babe. Your books are bullshit.”

  “But… But…I pictured it differently.” Where were the whips and chains, the St. Andrew’s crosses, and the rest? There had to be more. “I refuse to believe this is it. There’s no way this place is just a nightclub with private rooms for screwing.” My eyes roamed over every inch of the space and honed in on Izzy, sitting at the bar with James. I grabbed Joe’s hand, dragging him with me, and headed straight for her.

  “Hey,” Izzy said with the biggest smile when she saw me.

  “Listen, this can’t be all there is.” I pushed back the few strands of hair that had settled on my shoulder. “I’ve been listening to you talk about this place for years. I’m a little let down, Izzy.”

  “That’s on another level.” She pointed down and smirked. “Jimmy and I rarely come up here. This is for the more vanilla crowd that just likes to watch.”

  Peering over my shoulder, I saw James and Joe giving each other that look…like I was asking for trouble. “Watch what?”

  “Have you looked around?”

  “Well, no.” I rolled my wedding band with my thumb.

  “Just look, Suzy.” She pointed toward a dark area in the corner. A crowd had gathered, but I couldn’t see a thing. “May I?” she asked James, and it caught me so off guard that my head snapped in her direction.

  “Yes, you may.” James had a different demeanor in this space. He wasn’t the sweet, playful man I had grown to love. There was a presence to him. Something had shifted between them inside this building. Izzy had explained their relationship to me many times. I’d read enough about Dominance and submission, but I could never picture Izzy being able to submit to anyone…even James.

  “Come on.” She yanked on my hand and led me toward the group in the corner. She leaned in, speaking quietly in my ear. “Look.”

  My eyes followed hers. On the other side of the crowd, there was a couple lying on a bed, surrounded by sheer curtains. But they weren’t having a drink. They were fucking each other’s brains out with everyone watching in fascination. The man had her on all fours and was pounding into her so hard I wondered how she’d be able to walk when it was over. We used to fuck like that, but with kids, it became not as common.

  “That’s enough for you,” Izzy said and touched my arm. “Breathe, little Suzy.”

  “Shut up, Iz. Give me a minute.” I was transfixed by the rhythm of the music and the movement of their bodies… It was like watching the best porn in the world.

  “I never would have taken you for a watcher.” She bumped her hip into mine and chuckled softly.

  I batted her away and took a step closer, shutting out the world. I don’t know how long I stood there watching before there was a tap on my shoulder. “Let’s go, sugar. That’s enough for you tonight.”

  “But, Joe, do you see this?” I pointed toward the man still pounding into her like a beast. I didn’t know what he was on, but there was no way any human could screw as much for as long as he did without dying.

  “I do.” Joe shook his head but smiled. He wasn’t judging me, and I wasn’t embarrassed at my gawking either. “Do you want to see the other floor?”

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