The gallos the beginning, p.5
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       The Gallos: The Beginning, p.5

         Part #0.5 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  The bike picked up speed, and my heart thundered against his back. I gripped him harder, holding on for dear life, the sound of the engine drowning out everything else around me, except the two of us. He leaned into the bike, his ass moving snugly between my legs. I didn’t dare move. He was warm, comfortable, and I enjoyed every minute my body touched his. I closed my eyes, trying to not think about the movement of the bike underneath us—the slight shift and unevenness of the road made me feel off balance.

  The noise of the engine changed, and I finally peeked over his shoulder. The parking lot of the Neon Cowboy was packed with bikes and was the brightest thing for miles. I’d driven by it dozens of times, but never thought about stopping. This wasn’t the type of bar for kids on speedy, foreign-made bikes, but a place for tough bikers to hang out, drink beer, and pick up chicks.

  City backed the bike into an empty spot, and I could feel my body begin to tremble from the fear that finally began to seep through my veins. I did it. I rode on a motorcycle, and with a stranger, no less. My breath was harsh as I blinked slowly and tried to calm myself down.

  “You can climb off now, sugar.” His legs were straddling the bike and he held the handlebars, securing the bike for me. “Enjoy your first ride?”

  I released my hands from the security of his body and hoisted myself off on trembling legs. “It was the single most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced,” I said, thankful when my feet were firmly on the ground. I stood, trying to get my body to stop shaking and my heart to slow down before walking inside the bar with him at my side.

  “If that’s the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced, you need to get out more, sugar. I took it slow with you.” He grinned, and my stomach plummeted from his sinful smile. I wanted to see him above me naked and moving in and out of my body slowly, almost at a torturous pace. Everything about him made my body convulse and scream for attention. He wasn’t my type. I preferred a bookworm and a man that liked to spend an evening inside watching a movie or playing Scrabble, not riding like a bat out of hell on a Fat Boy to hang out at a bar. I wasn’t a barfly and never would be.

  The outdoor lights gave me a full view of the man that called himself City. His hair was darker than I originally thought, almost jet blackjet-black, and an inch long on the top, brushing against his forehead as he shook it out. It was a mess from the wind, with the front hanging over his forehead. I couldn’t tell the color of his eyes; they were still hidden behind the tinted lenses of his glasses.

  “Yeah, lucky me.” I chuckled and tried to play it cool, even though my body shook. If that was slow, I didn’t think I wanted to know what his idea of fast and hard were—or did I? Fuck me. He had my brain all jumbled.

  After removing the helmet, I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to straighten it after the wild ride. He laughed as he crawled off the bike, taking the helmet from my hands, and placed it on the seat. I watched, mesmerized, as he removed his glasses and put them inside a small bag hanging from the side of the bike. I wanted to see his eyes, and the entire man without a mask or veil.

  “Ready, babe?” He motioned toward the door.

  I wanted to scream no, but I didn’t have a choice. I could never walk into this sort of place on my own.

  “Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be.” I started walking toward the door and felt a hand on my arm, stopping me in my tracks. I looked at his fingers wrapped around my arm and turned toward him. “What are you doing?”

  “You can’t just walk into a place like this. You’re an outsider. They’ll eat you alive in there. I don’t want anyone giving you shit. We have to make them believe you’re with me so they leave you the fuck alone. Unless you want the attention?” he asked with a crooked eyebrow.

  “I don’t.” I didn’t mind the idea of making everyone in the bar think we were together. City was hot and seemed like a nice guy; he did stop to help me when he could’ve driven right by me.

  “Just stay by my side and follow my lead. I know these people and I don’t want them sniffing around you. They look for easy prey,” he said, giving me a smile that made my body tingle and my sex convulse.

  “Okay, I’ll stick to you like glue and follow your lead.” Jesus, I sounded like a dork. I’ve always been a bookworm. I was national honor society member, and when all my friends were partying, I stayed in my dorm to study.

  City nestled me against his side, tucking me between his body and arm. I moved with him, trying to keep up with his fluid movements, but my legs were so short I felt like I almost had to jog to keep time with him. He opened the door and I was immediately hit with a smoky smell, loud, twangy music, and a dozen set of eyes looking directly at us.

  Randomly people yelled out “City” throughout the bar, giving me a clue that he was a regular. I felt like I’d entered a seedy version of Cheers and City was Norm, only sexy and muscular. He leaned down, placing his mouth next to my ear. I felt his hot breath before I could hear his words.

  “Stick close and show no fear,” he whispered, causing goose bumps to break out across my skin. “Let’s say hello then we’ll call a tow for you.”

  City looked big enough to handle any man in this place, but I didn’t want to take that chance. I concentrated on breathing, keeping my chin up, and watching where I walked. The floor was filled with peanut shells and dust, and it made the walk in the stilettos even more treacherous than normal. I could barely walk when I bought them, but they looked too sexy to pass up.

  We walked to a table filled with men all wearing their leather vests, covered in patches. They were unshaven, as dangerously sexy as City, with mischievous smiles on their faces. “Who’s this lovely lady, City?” one man asked. His eyes raked up my body, stopping at my breasts before he looked at my face.

  “This is Sunshine. Don’t even fucking think about it, Tank, she’s with me,” City said with a smile on his face as he pulled me closer.

  Sunshine? I’d never told him my name and he never asked. I didn’t like the way Tank looked at me. Thank God he wasn’t the one driving by while I was stranded. He looked at me like I was a piece of meat, a meal for his enjoyment.

  Tank put his hands up in surrender. “Dude, I’d never. Chill the fuck out. I’m just enjoying the view,” he said, his eyes moving from City to me, and not being coy about his visual molestation.

  City squeezed my waist. “Sunshine, this is Tank, the asshole. This is Hog, Frisco, Sam, and Bear,” he said, pointing to each of the men.

  The nicknames didn’t seem to fit any of the men, except Bear. His arms were hairy and he was big, huge, in fact, with dark hair and a fuzzy face. He looked huggable and kind, with soft hazel eyes.

  “Hi,” I said, looking at each of them quickly, but I didn’t try to memorize their names.

  “I didn’t know you were bringing a woman tonight, City,” Bear said.

  “Wilder shit has happened, Bear,” City said, pulling me closer, leaving no space between us.

  “She doesn’t look like your usual taste, my friend.” Bear smirked. “I don’t mean that shitty, girl, I just mean you’re one fine piece of ass and too good for that low-life motherfucker. You should be sitting on my lap.” He patted his leg, and I wanted to find an exit. I looked down and studied my clothes. I didn’t wear the trashy clothes some of the women in here wore, but I looked classy, sexy even, with not a hint of nerd to be found.

  City moved toward Bear, and my heart sank as he began to speak. “Show some respect, you asshole. That’s not how you talk to a lady.” City stood inches from Bear’s face. “Apologize to the lady. Now.” City towered over him as Bear stayed rooted in his chair.

  Bear looked at me, and I could see him swallow hard before he spoke. “I’m sorry, Sunshine. I was just kidding around. I really am an asshole. Forgive me, please.”

  “No harm done, Bear,” I said with a fake smile, hoping to calm the situation.

  “We’re going to sit at the bar.” City looked at Bear, not moving his eyes.

  “Come on, du
de, sit with us. Don’t mind Bear. He’s a total dick. Make his ass go sit at the bar,” Sam begged.

  “Sunshine and I want to be alone. I’ll catch you guys another night,” City said, pressing his hand against my back, guiding me away from the table and the large bar area.

  “I’m sorry. They can be childish dicks. Bear doesn’t have a filter,” he said as he pulled out a chair for me. City had manners. Not many of the men I dated did something as simple as pull out a chair for a lady—it was a lost art. “He’s a good guy, but sometimes his mouth runs and he doesn’t think before he speaks.”

  “It’s okay, really…it is. Thanks for sticking up for me,” I said to him as I sat down, pulling my stool closer to the bar. “Why did you call me Sunshine?”

  “Well, I don’t know your name and you remind me of sunshine—your hair is golden and your smile glows. Just sounded right. I had to come up with something on the fly,” he said. “I hope you didn’t mind.” He shrugged and grabbed the menu lying nearby.

  “I didn’t mind, but my name is Suzy.”

  “What would you like, Suzy?”

  I wanted to say “you,” because somehow this man made me lose my grip on reality. “Virgin daiquiri, please.”

  “Virgin? Really?” His brows shot up and the corner of his mouth twitched.

  “I already had a drink tonight. I just want something sweet, no liquor.”

  “Do you want something to eat?” he asked. “You a vegetarian too?” He laughed.

  “Shut up.” I smacked him on the arm. “I’m good. I just want to call a tow truck.”

  “Gotcha.” He pulled out his phone and placed it on the bar. “Hey, darlin’, can you put in an order for a cheeseburger, a beer, and a virgin daiquiri?” he asked the bartender.

  “Sure thing, handsome,” she said, walking away, slowly swaying her hips to grab attention. I turned to City to see if he was watching her, but he was staring at me instead, and my mouth felt dry and scratchy.

  “You want to call Triple A or someone else?” he asked without taking his eyes off me. They were an amazing shade of blue, and I couldn’t look away. I’d always loved my blue eyes, but his were almost turquoise. I felt like he was staring through me, into me, seeing everything I hid under the surface. I wanted him, but I didn’t want to admit my attraction. I couldn’t admit it.

  “Triple A is good,” I said, reaching for my purse to find my membership card. I fumbled with my wallet, finding the card behind everything else inside. I could feel his eyes on me; he studied me and it made me nervous. What was he thinking? I dialed the number as I swiveled away from him, needing to avert his stare.

  “Hello, Triple A, how can I help you?”

  I could barely hear the tiny female voice above the loud classic rock that pulsed throughout the smoky bar. City chatted with the bartender as I tried to drown them out and give my location and details about my car. They wouldn’t be able to make it out to my car until morning. Fuck. I thanked her for helping me before hitting the end button.

  “What’d they say?” City asked with a sincere look as the bartender sashayed away from us.

  “They won’t make it out here until morning because they’re busy and we’re in the middle of nowhere. I’m to leave it unlocked so they can get in and put it in neutral or something. I don’t know how it works. I’ve never had my car towed before.” Now what the hell was I going to do? I was stranded at the Neon Cowboy with Mr. Sexalicious and my dirty thoughts.

  “I’ll bring you back to your car when I’m done eating. I guess you’ll need a lift home too?” he asked, sipping his drink as he eyed me.

  I smiled at him. Though I hated the thought of him going out of his way, and I wasn’t that comfortable with a stranger knowing where I lived, I couldn’t say no. “I’d appreciate it, if you don’t mind.”

  “Not at all, Suzy. I can’t just leave you here and walk out the door. I got ya, babe.” He turned his stool toward me and leaned into my space. “Where do you want me to take you after we leave? Home?” He quirked an eyebrow, waiting for my response, and held me in place with his hard stare.

  Home? Whose home was he referring to? City looked to be the type that had different women falling out of his bed every morning…or maybe he kicked them out before he fell asleep. His fingers brushed against the top of my hand and my internal dialogue evaporated.

  “Where. Do. You. Live?” The laughter he tried to hide behind his hand made it clear that I’d sat there longer in thought than I had realized.

  I cleared my throat. “I need to unlock my car then I need a lift home. I live about fifteen minutes north. Is that okay? I mean, I don’t want to—” He put his finger over my lips and stopped me mid-sentence.

  “Doesn’t matter, I’ll take you anywhere,” he said with a sly grin that made my pulse race and my body heat. He licked his lips, and I stared like an idiot. My sex convulsed at the thought of his lips on my skin. What the fuck was wrong with me? Every movement he made and word he spoke turned sexual, as if permeating my brain. I needed to get laid; this man was not hitting on me, was he?

  “You want some? I can’t eat it all,” he said as the plate was placed in front of him.

  I shook my head and picked up my drink, trying to cool my body off from the internal fire caused by City. The cool, sweet strawberry slush danced across my tongue and slid down my throat.

  I swirled the red straw in my mouth, trying to occupy my mind. His arms flexed as he lifted the burger to his mouth, forearms covered with tattoos. The left arm had various designs woven together—a koi fish, a tiger, and a couple of other nature-themed pieces that seemed to move across his skin, and his right arm had a city skyline. I wanted to touch his arms and run my fingers across his ink. He looked big everywhere, and my gaze drifted down his body and lingered at his crotch. I wondered if his motorcycle and tattoos made up for shortcomings elsewhere, but I couldn’t believe a man like him was tiny. There was no way in hell he had a party…


  I blinked and moved my eyes away from his crotch to his eyes. Pickle? He held it and motioned for me to take it.

  “No. Thanks, though. You eat it,” I said, feeling like he was reading my mind. God, I hoped he didn’t see me staring at his crotch. I sucked down the rest of my drink, wishing now that it did have alcohol in it. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so embarrassed. “I noticed your tattoos. What’s the one on your right arm?”

  “That’s the Chicago skyline,” he said, as he took another bite.

  “You from there?”

  “Born and bred, baby.” He grunted and continued to chew. I couldn’t take my eyes off his mouth. Watching him eat was erotic to me; his lips moved as he chewed, and he sucked each finger in his mouth to clean off the juices that flowed from the sandwich. Damn. It had been too long since I’d had sex—when eating becomes sexual. Houston, we have a problem.

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